Thursday, June 22, 2017

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a really wet weekend here by the lake so we didn't spend loads of time outside, but since the summer season has begun in earnest there are lots of guests and lots to do. Last Saturday for instance we were having a great cook out when the rain came and drove us all under cover so instead of playing in the lake and on the shore everyone was grouped under the big ramada. Well when you get 30 or 40 naked wet people all pressed together in one space something is bound to come up.

Well it wasn't really very long at all before there were a lot of hard cocks milling around and some enterprising soul, goddess bless her, suggested we have a handjob contest, see who could last the longest. So we got the boys up on the picnic tables and us girls all sat in front of a guy. The agreed rules were simple, Everyone started at the same time, you had to keep stroking the cock in front of you, no stopping. The one who came last won. Oh and you could not use your mouth, this was a handjob contest.

All those guys sitting on the tables having their meat stroked was awesome, especially since we were all trying to not have our guy cum, it must have been tough on the guys I must say. There was some good natured cheating that went on trying to get someone to cum faster by pinching nipples or stroking legs and that sort of thing. but mostly we were kinda serious about it. The first guy to cum was an younger guy, 30ish, shot jizz over 5 or 6 people. There was much giggling at that and she simply kept stroking his now softening but well lubed cock as the contest went on.

After 3 or 4 guys had cum and the place was beginning to spunked up was when the blowjobs began. There was one table with three guys on it and all of them were having their cocks polished by the women in front of them. Once my guy squirted I just gobbled his cock right away so I could get as much of his cum as I could. The entire contest was over in less than 20 minutes to be honest but because of the blowjobs it wasn't too long before some of our contestants had hard-ons again and the the fucking got under way.

That was a great impromptu gang fuck, all of us on tables or the floor or in a few cases in the rain and mud, it was debauchery at its very finest. When everyone was spent and we could fuck no more we stepped out into the rain and rinsed the cum from our bodies and our hair. Kisses were exchanged, nipples licked, bottoms groped, flaccid packages softly squeezed and we all said good night. It was a great time, I hope it happens again!!!

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