Friday, April 28, 2017

Perfect Nudist Weather

Wow! Today is PERFECT! Absolutely perfect! It is in the middle 80s, with a bit of a breeze, lovely clouds keeping away the bright sunshine and promising rain in the morning, it's just lovely. A perfect day to be outside and naked, nothing like it on earth!

I have the added bonus that I am here on my porch, enjoying this awesome weather with my ice tea next to me as I play little games with myself and watch naked people walk past my house on their way to someplace. I have been imagining having sexual adventures with some of my neighbors, remembering those that I actually have had adventures with, and touching the smooth, soft, warm dampness that is my pussy.

Playing with my self here on the porch is one of my favorite things because it satisfies two of my favorite things in life at once; masturbating and being in public while I do it so that other might see me doing it. I have to admit that more than once my fingering myself on this porch has led directly to an unplanned sexual adventure that have all been worth the effort to be sure.

So today I am going to continue to drink my tea and bask in this glorious weather while I publicly play pussy part and push. ;) Perhaps I might gather in a partner or two to have fun with yet but even if I don't I can still have a wet good time, I like that most of all.


  1. Nice to see you back and hear about your wonderful adventures. I've missed reading about the fun you've had, always a sexy read. hope to see them more frequently

    1. Thanks, it is nice to be able to share and it is wonderful to see that people still like to read my blog. Makes me smile. :)

    2. tried sending you a message on yahoo, not sure if you're still using the messenger or not.