Monday, February 27, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What I Like

You know, I love to suck cocks. To feel the firm hardness of a man's meat between my thighs and to experience the warm releasing payoff of a man's orgasm. So don't take this badly boys when I say that when it comes to porn, women rule the roost!

I have always loved the shape, the curves, the sensual flow of a female body. The incredible way that a woman curves from knees to her shoulders like a beautiful car it is impossible to prevent your hands from reaching out and following the lines.

I remember as a girl watching the women around the ranch as they walked about nude and thinking that I must be wired wrong. Don't get me wrong now, naked men do make me warm and want to do wonderful nasty thing to them, but a naked woman makes me get all squishy in a most delightful way. The wonderful thing about it is that I can take that squishy feeling and transfer it to a man if I choose.

I grew up in a family of nudists, so naked people were nothing new to me, I had been seeing naked people my entire life, but the first time I felt a sexual stirring was after I had found a porn mag of my brothers. I know it sounds odd to need porn when everyone you see is already naked but there is a difference I swear. It was an old copy of a mag called Cheri and it was the firs time I had seen a girl with cum on her. Since the mag was only girls though I didn't know where the lovely frosting had come from. After a while I had to ask someone to explain it to me and I was off to the races.

Porn is a favorite pastime of mine and I am as fascinated by the images today as I was that very first time. But it is with out a doubt the pics of girls that will get my juices bubbling. Naked guys are great to be sure, but nothing beats a great naked lady!