Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

After the storms of late October, this beautiful November day is one of my favorites because my porch is finally repaired! The storm nearly tore my roof off and collapsed my porch completely and now it is all fixed and I am once more sitting naked in my glider, a lovely quilt from my grandmother wrapped warmly around my body as I write this to you.

The construction guys that came out to fix my house were really bummed that there were no naked people walking around while they were there. The guy that was in charge was soooo cute that when he told me that he and his crew were hoping to see nudity I just had to oblige them. They were working on my roof and my porch, I went back in the house and got naked!

When I went back outside the guys were thrilled! They hooted, they whistled, they cheered and then they went back to work and finished my house in only 3 days! I thought it was sweet and really funny that my walking around for 15 minutes in the buff motivated them to work so hard. They had said it would take 5 days to fix everything but they came early and stayed late just because I would walk around in the all together. I may have even convinced a couple of them of the fun of nudism. I do love proselytizing!

But the best part is that my roof does not leak and my porch has been rebuilt and I am back outside watching the birds and looking at our lake and seeing the trees blowing against the cloudy sky and just being thankful for horny carpenters. G'night y'all.