Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Lovely Evening Out or Is It In?

    You know, I really am loving living here! Last night I had dinner in our own diner which is good for a couple of reasons; First the food is terrific and second it's on the property of the club so we can go to the diner in our birthday suits. Always a good thing! Well I had dinner with Angie who I work with at the stables and Miguel who is one of the lifeguards. We had a really great time playing trivia (We have that BuzzTime thing in the diner which is wicked cool) and drinking. Dinner finally came I had this awesome chicken pasta dish that was just oh my good!
    Any concerns I had when I moved here about finding friends to play with have been completely dispelled since the rains have ended. All of the people that work here are really supper friendly and I have made some great friends since I moved in. Even with that being said I am still surprised when someone pays attention to me. We're sitting at dinner and suddenly I jump because under the table something has brushed along my leg. Scared the crap out of me actually, but when i looked up Angie was smiling and giggling. Miguel asked what was that so Angie fessed up to playing a bit of footsie with me, he laughed pretty hard.
    After dinner and beers and trivia and gabbing it was time to call it a night. We walked out together and strolled down the hill  and we stopped at Miguel's house and spent another 30 minutes saying good night, we were having far too much fun I think. Hugs all around and we started walking towards my place and I thought that Angie would turn and head home but instead she walked me to my porch. We waited around a bit talking and then I invited her on to the porch.
    Do you all know about Porch Rules? In the south there are definite rules about a person's porch. If you walk up to a person's house and they are outside, you may sit on the porch steps without being asked, but if they are sitting on the porch you can only walk up to the steps and talk from there, perhaps with one foot on a step but it is a major insult to just assume you are welcome on a person's porch. You have to wait to be asked onto the porch. It sounds ridiculous but it's a fact and a lot of folks don't know or don't care.
    Angie waited to be asked onto my porch. I have this great glider on my porch that is big enough to sleep on, well it is for me anyway, and I love to lay there and watch the ducks on the lake or the stars or whatever. Angie and I sat on my glider together and talked some more, then she moved over next to me, then we were kissing. Soft, deep, slow, communicating kisses that warm you all over and make you feel more beautiful than you really are. We kissed and cuddled and touched and caressed until I was a hot, soaking wet mess. She touched my breasts with such soft, gentle caresses that you could almost believe it was only the breeze except for the warmth that was left behind. She touched my pussy only briefly, just enough to know it was warm and sopping wet.
    Her breasts are large and soft and pillow like and I was lost in the feeling of my head lying on them, between them. Her pussy has a lovely landing strip of blonde hair that is as soft and silky as her head and her skin is incredibly smooth inviting you to touch it all. I think I might have.
    We kissed and played high school like this for at least an hour, probably longer. Around 4:30 I woke up curled tightly in her arms, a blanket tossed over us both, still on the glider. My neighbors must think I am a major tramp, always necking on my porch. Oh well, beats the hell out of TV.

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