Monday, July 20, 2015

It Has Finally Begun

                Well, now that the rain has backed off and the summer visitors are streaming in I am really having a wonderful time. The job is so much easier than working the show tour I think I might begin having tons of spare time. Which is really good because the place is beautiful, and filled with people who have the same desire to live life la vida naked! I can shop for my groceries without putting any clothes back on. I get to live, work and play in the buff and it makes me gloriously happy. The other staff that I have met so far are really wonderful people, and we tend to gather around after work and share drinks and talk about what we did and who we saw that day.
                There are no organized sexual events but there are lots of interesting things that have happened since the rain stopped. I came across a pair or young men by the docks that were experimenting with touching each other for the first time. I apologized for interrupting them and they apologized for embarrassing me. If you can imagine that. I laughed and told them that nothing they did could embarrass me. It made me laugh, as we were all standing on the docks naked two of them with cocks in their hands and me a big smile. They went back to touching and I sat down to watch.
I watch such things and my body reacts instinctively, I sat watching to guys slowly stroking each other and my kitty began to flush. I was quickly sitting in a puddle of my own juice, my thighs becoming wet and slick and shiny. They were clearly enjoying themselves, closed eyes, shallow breathing, more rapid movements I was not surprised at all to see them both squirt almost at the same time. It was amazing the amount of cum these two produced! And I was swollen soaking and squishy and I hadn’t even touched myself! It was a lovely sharing moment.
Another day I was working, teaching basic riding to some guests which is always fun for me because it can be a very “hands-on” sort of task. I like being able to stand next to a horse with a naked rider on it. If it’s a man then his cock hangs out onto the animal’s withers where I could reach up and touch it. If it is a girl you can see her lips spread open against the horse and if you get a girl excited while she is naked on a horse, the horse’s neck often gets very, very wet indeed. At least it does when I sit naked on a horse! Well the group was a wonderful collection of young and old and I had a great time playing touchy feely with one and all and there turned out to be a wonderful woman who I just could not get enough of.
We really hit it off early and she told me that she really liked my smoothly shaved pussy. She said she had watched me and really wanted to see me up close. I made some joke about showing her up close and she said “Really? I would love that!” So we spent the next hour pressing our pussy lips against each other’s faces! She didn’t shave and was eager to see and taste smooth. I love pussy of all kinds so her lovely full bush just made my night. I have always loved simply being able to get up afterwards and continue being naked, it is a wonderful relaxed way to have sex.
Sitting around after work, beer in hand it is a lot of fun to fall into sharing blow jobs and pussy eating. Bending over hay bales to have a bit of a fuck, oh and I had a love smooth fucking in the lake, yes I said in the lake, it was a real blast!
A lot of my on-line friends have been asking me if I had found playmates since I moved here and I am happy to say I have indeed. I can’t begin to say how incredible it has been to change my life completely. Thank you every one who has been so supportive and understanding, and I hope to sit my little naked ass down and finish writing my experiences down so I can share them with my friends. I love you all. Big wet kisses!

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