Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A New Life At Last!

I know that it has been a very long time since I have posted anything here, but please forgive me I have been a very busy girl. It was a huge thing to pack up and move across country to a place I had only visited briefly previously. Tennessee has proven to be a very tough place for someone like me, it is very difficult to live such a restricted life after the overpowering freedom I was used to in Valley Springs. Instead of living alone on a small ranch in the California back country this place is a huge operation in comparison. I am unable to work in the buff, indeed I can barely be naked in the confines of my own tiny cabin as they all face a common yard and there is a lot of community here.
Don’t get me wrong, these people are wonderful and I have been having a great deal of fun. Evenings are an especially fabulous time in our tiny town, when all the work is done and everyone is back home and relaxing. Beer is common and conversation is free flowing and friendly. Almost anyone would be thrilled to have this sort of camaraderie and I do enjoy it but, I can’t live my life. I haven’t had sex with anyone since I arrived here except the pizza guy, and I almost got caught on that one. The bible belt is pulled very tight indeed here.
So after doing a bit of research, saving a bit of coin and making a few deals with my family I have made a decision. I have purchased a home in a closed community near my hometown of Katy, Texas. It is part club, part resort and part home situated on a lovely lake surrounded by what passes for woods in Texas. It is not far from town but has its own general store and a couple of restaurants all within the borders of its fences. You may have guessed that this is a nudist community and you would be very right!
I am looking forward to moving into my own home where I can spend all of my time in the nude, where I can go outside my front door naked, indeed go to the store or even out for dinner and never have to wear more than my sandals. It is going to be a freeing experience I am sure of it and I can hardly contain myself! What’s more I have landed a job on site caring for the community’s horses and giving lessons to residents and visitors. I think I shall fit right in, don’t you?
It’s going to be awesome and I can hardly wait for Monday!

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