Thursday, February 19, 2015

Settling In

    Moving east has been more traumatic than I ever expected it to be that is for sure! My new job is very much like my old one, up early in the mornings, exercise a few horses, give baths and groom, feed, attend to the needs of the various bits of equipment and tack, ordering the necessities, all of that sort of thing. All of this is the same as my last job except for two major differences; I have a small staff now so I can't work naked (Bummer) and I do all of these things without ever going outside!

    I mean it! This place is so fucking cold and we have so much fucking snow on the ground that the barn is connected to a completely enclosed arena. You could hold a small show in this place I swear, they even have some bleachers on one side of the arena so owners and various other folk can come and watch their horses being exercised. Un-friggin-believable!

    I have a little cottage on the grounds in what we call "The Village" just past the barn/arena. There are 7 of these little cottages out there like one of those old 1950's motels each with its own little carport and a patio area in sort of a circle facing out. Behind them all is a beautiful gazebo and deck with lots of space for chairs and such and right nice grill. Of course right now it's under about a foot and a half of snow so no one is using it. I am looking forward to the thaw though. My carport is empty of course because I don't have my own truck yet, but it won't be long now.

    Only three of our cottages have anyone in them right now, I have one to myself as the stable-master, the other two have two people each in them, one married couple and one pair of young ladies that are doing apprenticeships here. I am told that this may change in a few months but for right now, we're it. I have to say that while I miss running about in the buff I really do enjoy working with other people around. Besides I can (and do) run around naked in my little cottage.

    Not a lot has happened since I got here except work and trying to settle in. We share a community kitchen for lunch and dinner but we all have these tiny little kitchenettes in our places too so we don't have to always eat together. I find myself eating in the big kitchen a lot! I am a people type person after all.

    I also have been spending a lot of time masturbating like a wild woman! This morning before work I had 3 fingers buried in warm, wet pussy almost from the moment I awoke. I spent some time pinching my nipples and tugging on my pussy lips to get the juices flowing and then just filled myself with myself. I got to the point of no return in about 15 minutes and began rolling my clitoris between my fingers and thumb and in a few moments, BANG! I was squirting and squirming all over the place!

    This afternoon when I got home but before I began writing this I decided a warm bath was in order and my favorite Lelo vib plus my own gentle massaging of my mound made me squirt and splat against the wall of the tub. I am glad our little bungalows are not connected or someone would have heard me for sure!

    So here I sit, naked, clean and freshly shaved and wishing I had another warm and naked soul to share it with me. I am not concerned though, we are near a lovely town and I think one or possibly both of my neighbors might one day prove to be lively partners.

    See you soon.