Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Journey

    Well I didn't want to do it but circumstance has forced me into it. For a third time some one I have met on-line has turned out to be an asshole of epic proportions. I have no idea how he did it because I never tell anyone where I live, but this goober figured out where I lived and began trying to force his way into my life all the while professing his undying love for me. Well a few calls to the local police, the addition of the FBI and a restraining order later he is sitting in jail in Sacramento and I am on my way home and then on to a new job in a undisclosed portion of our country.

    I will miss California. I'll miss this ranch and my boss, the wonderful weather and the ability to do my job naked! I'll miss Kim most of all though. I hope to see her sometimes but it won't be like it has been, just a phone call away. I'll miss the girls I have giving lessons to, I hope they go on to safe and exciting sexual lives.

    That's right, as part of my relocation and my personal safety the FBI has recommended that I sever my internet presence. Oh my that's going to be hard to do. It's been my ability to share with you the cyber world these past few years that has kept me sane on those long trips. I love to be able to share my stories and well, my family is no longer shocked at what I do so I have to share with strangers to achieve the thrill of relating a particularly exciting sexual adventure.

    So, here's the reality of what's happening; I am giving up the chat rooms. It is a shame but it is something I must do. I am keeping this blog and my private blog as well and I am keeping my Yahoo account. BUT... I will not be adding any new friends to any of these site for a long time to come. I also am strengthening my personal rules of communication, you ready? Ok, here we go...

Melody's Internet Rules

1) I will never give you my phone number. Ever. And I won't call you or text you either.

2) I will NOT share my web cam or my microphone with you, EVER!

3) I will never tell you where I am, where I am going or where I have been.

4) I will never post pictures of myself or my family, so don't ask. Any pictures I do post will ALWAYS be random porn.

5) I will NEVER meet with you in the physical world EVER. There is NO chance of it, zero, zippo, nada. Got that?

6) I will only give two chances. If you ask me for any of the above mentioned items, the first time I will remind you of the rules. The next time you violate the rules I WILL block you forever. No exceptions. If you are clever and come back after being blocked under a different screen name and I find out I will block you at once. Promise.

    Look, I hate rules. If it were up to me I would gleefully meet every one of my online friends for a no strings attached boink! But when I was doing that I got put into the hospital twice because I got beat up. This most recent problem was the scariest of all. So you see I am not trying to be a hard assed bitch here, I am just trying to stay safe. So if you'll live by these few simple rules we will get along wonderfully.


  1. Hey hun, I really hate to hear that this sort of bullshit keeps happening to you and that you have to move to get away from it! I hope that all the moronic jackass guys who caused you trouble or hassled you get whats coming to them (in prison preferably) and that you dont wind up having anything like that happen in your new life! I know you'll find fun and adventure wherever you are I just hope to keep in contact with you on occasion and hear about all your shenanigains. Anyway, keep yourself safe and naked and full of fun and sorry again for the disgrace that is my gender! :P

    1. LOL! Thanks hun, I appreciate that. And please believe me when I say that I know that the dumb-fucks are the minority, but you understand my self preservation position too. I will not be going to anymore online chat rooms, sadly enough, but I will be here on my blog and my friends can still find me on Yahoo from time to time.

      My Daddy was not happy to hear of this latest little problem and said that he ever gets his hands on someone that would do this sort of shit to his little girl, well I bet you can fill in the rest can't you?

      I was flattered and gob-smacked at the same time! I have never seen my Daddy get quite that angry before. I swear you could see the steam coming out of his ears! :D

      Well I'm home and I'm safe and my new job starts with the new year so I have lots of time to relax before I begin again.