Tuesday, November 25, 2014


    It's cool outside but I have been sweating, my jeans feel like an oven and I have sweated through my shirt. My hair looks like hell since it's been under my hat all day getting just as damp as the rest of me. The day is finally done, the horses are fed and groomed and happy under their blankets, the tack is put away and the wash stall is tidy and clean. I have a cold beer on the table here next to me and a hot bath is in my immediate future.

    Have you ever worked hard? I mean through out the whole day so that at the end of it all it is shear bliss to sit back and drink that first beer? Doesn't it make you sort of tingle afterwards as your muscles begin to relax? Well that's how I get and when I have had to work that hard in clothes like today, then as each piece of clothing comes off at long last the body part it was covering sort of takes a deep breath.

    First off today were my boots. Boot jacks are very useful things but every time I use them it reminds me that there is no one here to help me take my boot off. I can almost hear my feet thanking me as first one boot then the other slides off! I pull off my socks and rub my tired tootsies until they feel less tight. Ahhh.

    Next off is my shirt, or really in this case shirts since I am wearing a flannel over my t-shirt to help ward off the chill outside. Of course the flannel is one of the reasons I have sweat through but it was windy here today and it couldn't be helped. My back has that delicious tingle as my t-shirt comes off and I use it to wipe sweat from my face and boobs. I notice that quite a lot of dirt comes off of my tits as I dry myself, I really do need that bath.

    I unbutton my jeans and give the same little wiggle that girls the world over use to slip out of tight pants. My legs have just given a gasp of joy at being freed from their cotton prison. Now only one thing remains, something I almost never bother with unless I am working or attending a fancy party. Panties! Oh my goodness does that feel wonderful to remove those! As I step out of them the cool of the room touches the warmth between my legs and for the briefest moment I catch a whiff of woman. Sweaty, dirty, wet woman!

    A quick rub between my legs confirms that I am indeed wet and that flash of excitement that runs up my back tells me that I am going to have to do one more thing before I can relax in the tub with my beer. I raise my hand to my face and breathe deeply of that aroma that is only a woman's, it makes me swoon and I have my hand on my mound before I can exhale. Rubbing the soft smooth skin above my clit, never actually touching the one spot I am aching to touch, the familiar joyful feelings begin to wash over me. This is a feeling I have known most of my life, a feel that no lover can produce within me. A feeling that only my own touch, my own warmth, my own pressure can provide me.

    I cover my pussy with my whole hand and allow the warmth build between my fingers and my glory hole. Rubbing in circles I can feel my juice coming through my fingers and making a puddle under my bottom. If I didn't need bath before I certainly do now! I lift my ass into the air so I can feel the warm pleasant feeling of my juice running down my back. I shift my hand so my fingers can spread my lips apart, so I might be able to slide a finger or two inside my self and put pressure on my clit from above so I might increase the explosion of pleasure I know is coming soon.

    "It has been long enough" I think, "it is time for the blast!" So pull back the hood above my clit and rub my warm slippery girl juice over it. The shiver, a shudder, a shake and I gasp aloud, I nearly always do, and a small fountain erupts from between my pussy lips! A shudder, another gasp, and another shower! I gasp again, then catch my breath and draw in deeply, two fingers still buried deeply inside myself I work at regaining my breath and to calm my wildly beating heart. It is predictable perhaps but that feeling is something I wish every woman on the planet could have at least once.

    Once I am clean and I have had some dinner I will surely be ready to experience it again myself.

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