Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Utter Crap!!

    I was cruising about on the internet today and I had searched for the phrase "Blowjob Contest". (I had been discussing a time a few years ago when I had participated in one and was looking for another opportunity but that is off the topic...)

    Anyway, I came across this article that I assume is written by a woman enumerating the reasons why we women should NOT give blowjobs! I thought WHAT?! Here's the link: http://totalsororitymove.com/why-girls-should-not-be-required-to-give-blow-jobs/

    She goes so far to say that blowjobs aren't fun, that's why they're called jobs! This woman needs to climb off of her marble pedestal sometime and actually HAVE sex! Blowjobs are a blast! No, they don't directly lead to my own orgasm but so what?!?! I love the feel of a mans hard cock in my mouth, the smell of him, the sensation when his cock begins to pulsate and that wonderful warm flavour when he finally squirts his juice into my eager mouth.

    Feeling his cum drip from my lips back down on to his softening meat is a trill I would not pass up ever!

    This simple minded virgin advocates NEVER giving a blowjob to a "random" which I guess is her term for a stranger. What the Fuck!!??!! Strangers are sometimes the best blowjobs! I mean, have you never been alone in say an airport terminal and wished you could have a "random" sexual encounter? I know I have!

    Once when on a trip with a friend we gave blowjobs to these two guys in the cable car with us. It was wonderful, and we never saw them again, which is also wonderful.

    It is clear from this article that this woman is not capable of actually giving a good blowjob and thinks that all women share her view. Well I'm here to tell you, we don't! I LOVE giving blowjobs and I hope I can keep giving them when I'm 90! Long live the blowjob!