Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Hunting Trip

    Let me preface this entry by saying in my defense that it has been nearly a month since I have been with a man and that yesterday I was on a chat room with a bunch of horny folks posting pictures of girls sucking cocks and holding cocks and being splashed with cum. A girl can only take so much stimulation before she cracks!

    So I made the announcement in the chat room that I was going hunting and that I was going to get a man no matter what! So after scrubbing and shaving I dressed for success. I cowgirled myself up with my best western boots, a comfy tan denim skirt that falls below my knees but buttons all the way from bottom to top, (I didn't button very many of them), and a soft blue silk top that I must say fits me rather well.

    I went to this little place called Mo's or Mel's or something like that that had a lot of pick up trucks in the gravel lot and a flashing neon sign that proudly proclaimed it was air conditioned. Right away I knew I was in a target rich environment and when I sat on the bar stool and my skirt fell off of my legs I noticed I was getting a lot of  attention.

    I drank much more than I should have, I know that. I remember dancing with a guy named Francis, swear to god and in a country western bar too! I know he stood next to me while I sat on my bar stool, my legs spread and his hands wandering around up my skirt while we kissed.

    I seem to remember something about sitting on the bar, my skirt completely unbuttoned and my naked pussy being eaten by all comers. I also remember clearly sucking someone's cock while stroking two others and being cheered. The rest of the night is a complete blur.

    I woke up this morning, this afternoon really, in a hotel room with two naked men asleep in chairs and a slightly chubby but very cute naked girl curled up against me. We were covered in much more dried cum than these two guys could reasonably be expected to produce in their lifetimes let alone one night. I found another sleeping naked man in the bath tub.

    Well after a couple of pots of coffee and some food at the diner in the parking lot of the hotel I learned some of my missing details, as well as discovering that my truck was 10 miles away still at the bar.

    It seems that after dancing a few times with Francis I had announced to the room my actual intention for being there and had asked for volunteers to help me with my needs. There was a pause, I guess they didn't believe me, so I apparently stood on my bar stool and removed my top, revealing my boobs to god and everyone in the room! There were a few hoots and hollers and someone said that he loved that I didn't wear a bra. To which I apparently said that I wasn't wearing panties either and repeated my request for volunteers.

    This is where things got out of hand I guess because I am told I regaled the bar with the story of the blowjob contest I was in once in Key West where the participants took on all "cummers" as it were until they could go no further. Someone thought that this was a great idea. Two other girls joined in I am told, I don't recall. We got completely naked and went to town the saying goes.

    At some point one of the girls nearly passed out and it was then that the events moved to the hotel. I have had to be told EVERYTHING about what happened there, because I don't remember any of it my self. A gang bang to write home about was the result with the finale this young lady and I locked in a serious 69 while the guys that still could were jerking off around us.

    From the condition of the two of us they must have been shooting their loads on us, on our asses or in our hair and trying to shoot into our pussies while we ate each other. It must have been a blast, really is a shame I don't recall it.

    I have given my lady friend a number to reach me at and have made a mark on my map that I keep of places I have had great sex. I want to come back and try it again sober so I remember more.

    Some of the surprises we had this morning; while we were sorting out everyone's clothes we came up with two lacy bras. Two ladies, two bras right? Except that I didn't wear a bra so where did the extra come from?! Turns out that the woman from the check-in desk joined us at some point and no one remembered it until she came up to us in the cafe and asked if we had found her bra! Oh my we laughed then!

    Also while we were having our meal a policeman came over to our table and sat down. He advised me that the next time I visited their town that I would be well advised to actually wear clothes. You see he saw us leaving the bar and I was in the buff, except for my boots which must have looked odd. He followed us to the hotel and was a add on to the party as well but only in that he was fucking the girl the girl that joined us. He apparently told us to hold the noise down and went on his way after having had his way with her.

    All in all I would say it was a successful hunt, but I don't think I'll have another drink anytime soon. I prefer to remember my escapades!

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