Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Diner Experience

     Recently while on the road I had to stop at a roadside establishment to refuel the truck as well as myself and I met a goddess in a pink dress behind the counter of this little place I had lunch in.

    She looked like a grown up Barbie doll. 40 or 45 years old, light red hair that was almost blonde, big tits the were probably enhanced, about 5'10" with the kind of long shapely legs that scream for attention when they come out from under a short dress and the sweetest southern accent I had heard in a very long time.

    She was working and we got to talking, about nothing at first, just the weather and stuff. Then she asked me about the monster I was driving, said she had seen me pull in.

    So I told her about the horse shows and what I do fro a living and we really hit it off. I had meant to eat lunch and get on to my campsite for the night but instead I spent a couple of spellbound hours flirting with my waitress. It was truly lovely.

    Anyway she and I got friendly and I told her I was going to be camped a little ways up the road and asked her if she would like to stop by for a glass of wine after she was done with work. She smiled real big and said she would.

    Personally I didn't think she would come but man was I ever wrong about that! Well I didn't want to scare her away so we chatted and had some wine and I made a salad and we chatted some more, quiet first date sort of stuff so we could both get comfy with each other.

    Well after a bit of wine and a bit of chat we were sitting really close together on this folding settee outside the trailer and I very carefully put my hand in her lap and reached over and kissed her. Well, I needn't have worried at all, she was warm to play too.

    She had come right from work so she was wearing her uniform dress and was looking so unbelievably adorable. She let me put her on the table in front of me and pull her panties off and eat her pussy right on the table under her waitress skirt! It was really great! One more secret fantasy checked off my list!!

    Her pussy was sweet and sweaty and salty and moist and oh so wonderful, I could have sat right there and eaten her until the sun came up! She had a very wet pussy, very how does one say it, fully formed labia. A very neatly trimmed triangle of soft red hair above her clit but below that was shaved smooth. I just love women with full lips; more to kiss and lick and caress and shaved pussy is the best kind in my opinion. It must remind me of someone I know.

    When finally she stopped shuddering from her orgasm it was my turn to be on the receiving end. She asked me to strip completely off and to lie back on the settee. Since we were still outside I asked if she was sure. As an answer she looked straight into my eyes, unzipped and gave a little wiggle, her little pink waitress uniform fell in a heap on the ground and she stood before me wearing only a almost non-existent bra and a huge smile.

    I was naked and on the settee before she could draw her next breath. She played with my nipples for a bit but you could tell that her mind was on my own baby smooth kitty rather than my boobs, so I gave her a gentle push down and she all but dove straight in! When she came across my rather substantial clit she gave a tiny cry and went to town.

    I gave my own not so tiny cry very soon afterwards and gave her a small flood for her trouble. We had been carrying on outside for sometime when it occurred to me that there were toys inside so I suggested that we retire to my abode where other pleasures would surely await us.

    We shared my double ended dildo with our labia pressed firmly against one another, sharing the warm wonderful juices that flow from each of our love spots. She had me fuck her in the ass with my strapon while she cried out for me to go faster and faster. And finally we lay together, mouths to each others pussy, fingers eagerly exploring each other until we could go no more.

    It was a unbelievable bit of serendipity that I went into her diner when I did, that she had to work that shift, and that we both were so horny we could have made our own porn movies. I have kept her number and the next time I am in her town I won't need to rely on luck to get lucky. Wow!

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  1. Great story, loved it,got so hot picturing you to had to find some of your pics and masturbate several times... Great story.. made my day