Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Trip Home

Not long ago I was home in Katy, Texas visiting my family and letting the horses relax for a few weeks between shows. It was good to sleep in a real bed, to bathe in a real tub with lots of hot water, (and for that matter to have some one that would wash my back!) and to not have to rise with the sun for a while.

Now I grew up in Katy so I still have lots of friends to visit and one day I got to go shopping with one of my best friends in the wide world, Michelle. We have been friends since 6th grade so we've been down the path once or twice if you get my meaning, but no matter how hard I have tried over the years (and believe me I've tried) I have never managed to get her to have sex with just me.

We have had sex together many times at parties and on double dates but she has some odd hang up about she'll "become gay" if she has sex with another woman and there are no men present. Go figure, but what can you do?

Well we went on a shopping frenzy the other day at the local mall, I think we tried on every friggin' dress we could find. We tried on swim suits and jeans and shorts and of course lingerie! Well we were changing in the same rooms because it saves time. I mean I want her to see my stuff and she wants me to see her stuff and sometimes we want to try the same stuff so it's just simpler to share the same rooms, right? Well after a very full morning of laughing and admiring and trying to find the right something we were ready to eat.

We had lunch at this little place near the mall that has great carnitas and Chelle and I were making goo-goo eyes at the waiter because he was having a problem not looking down our tops. Seems in the rush of all those changes of clothes we neglected to put some things back on and Michelle is what you'd call "blessed"! She has 40FF boobs! Oh yeah they come that big I promise. Her tits were the size mine are now when I met her, in 6th Grade!!!

Well we played with our young friend a bit during lunch, making sure that our tops were available for peeking, quickly changing the subject back to sex when ever he came by so he thought that was all we were discussing, you know teasing him mercilessly! I had him sit next to me as  we ordered lunch and I rested my hand on his thigh just to rattle him. I noticed Michelle had unbuttoned another button on her shirt so her cleavage was even more noticeable. I know it got my attention. She sat very close to me in the booth and we cooed at each other and played at being teenagers on a date.

While we waited for lunch to be served we giggled and kissed and pressed against each other like we were serious lovers and I was having a terrific time. I figured we would keep this act up and continue to tease our waiter then ask him if he wanted to join us for some fun later on. I was mildly surprised to find Chelle's hand on my thigh under my skirt but certainly not upset by it. I scooted over a bit and opened my legs a little trying to be encouraging and my goodness did she get the hint.

She slid her hand all the up my leg until she found my kitty, put her whole hand over it as if her hand were my panties, and gave me a little squeeze! Any guesses how my pussy reacted to that?! Oh yeah, instant gush! She'd remove her hand when our waiter or someone else came by our table but when they were gone her hand was back on my pussy mound in a flash! I am beginning to image how we are going to flash our waiter so he can have an eyeful of what is going on under the table. But each time he came back by close enough to see she would remove her hand go back to being a tease.

We had an awful lot of fun teasing or poor waiter and the food was really good, but in the end when lunch was over we got up and just left. Oh she gave our waiter a nice hug, pressing her huge boobs against him, but no numbers were exchanged and no plans were made to meet. I was stunned. We got in the car and I just had to know what was up so I asked her, "I thought we were going to do that nice waiter together, what's up?" For the first time in a while I was surprised completely by her answer. "Well", she says, "I wanted you all to my self for a change."

For two beats I was speechless then I threw my arms around her and gave her the deepest, wettest, longest kiss I could muster! "Michelle," I said, "You take my breath away! I am all yours!" We stood there kissing in the parking lot for a while, long enough for a few people to walk by and stare anyway. Katy Texas may not be a backwards town, but it's not San Francisco by a long shot! Two women kissing like that is still unusual.

We got back to her place, tossed our shopping bags on the table and turned to each other and just smiled. I told her that I had always wanted her and I to be together, she said she was always just a bit too chicken until she was talking with Becky recently. I guess that Becky told her that I had been her favorite lover and that she missed me tons. They talked about all the times Michelle and I had shared men together and that I had seemed like a "fully involved" lover but she had never had the courage to be with just me. They talked and talked and I guess Becky changed her mind a bit about making love to another woman.

Then she shocked me a second time by telling me that she and Becky had been lovers on several occasions and that she saw now that it was not going to make her gay simply because she was enjoying herself. I was flabbergasted! Then my wonderful friend simply striped off  her shirt and shorts and stood before me completely naked for the 30th time that day, but this time she told me she loved me and wanted to be with me.

I didn't hesitate even half a second! I was naked faster than I could even imagine and had my arms wrapped this beautiful woman for maybe the millionth time in my life but for the first time in my life as well. Because this time I didn't have to share her and I knew that everything that she did was to please the two of us alone. Her kisses were sweeter, her breasts softer, her pussy more fragrant than ever before in our lives because we were for each other Finally! She spent a long time between my thighs, slowly kissing and licking and sucking my pussy into a thousand spectacular orgasms. Her hands were everywhere and some how her lips always followed very closely behind them.

I have very little memory of what I did for her. I know I ate her pussy for what seemed like hours welcoming the waves of warm sweet wetness that followed every shudder of her body. I remember that her kisses were succulent, soft, teasing things that made me have goose flesh and produce huge puddles of wetness. I know that at some point we were scissored, pussies pressed firmly against each other, swapping wetness directly as our labia shared their own wet kisses, lips teasing lips.

It was the single most fulfilling, most satisfying sexual experience of my entire life!


I know that Michelle and Becky and all of my family read my blog so I would like to pass on  few notes of thanks.

Mom, Cloe thank you for everything you have done and shared with me over the years. It has gone a long way to making me the woman I am today and I have never been happier with that woman than I am now.

Becky, Thanks for all the love you give me when ever we are together and just let me say in my opinion you should NOT have the breast enlargement thing done. You are fucking gorgeous the way you are!

Kim, thanks for understanding that this changes nothing between us. I love you and you can come sit on my face whenever you want to.

Michelle, OMG I love you! Thanks for finally coming out of your shell. I hope that you will be with Cloe and Mom now too we have always missed having you over for the family stuff. I am looking forward to being with you again over 4th of July. We'll make fireworks fly for sure! Thanks for the video too by the way. You might be interested to know that is my number one masturbation visual!

I am sorry I took so long to post this, but I wanted it to be just right, you know? Love you all.

xoxoxoxoxo Melody


  1. Melody my dear, you never fail to make me smile! And I love you very much too. We are looking forward to seeing you in July. Keep having fun dear.