Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Journey

    Well I didn't want to do it but circumstance has forced me into it. For a third time some one I have met on-line has turned out to be an asshole of epic proportions. I have no idea how he did it because I never tell anyone where I live, but this goober figured out where I lived and began trying to force his way into my life all the while professing his undying love for me. Well a few calls to the local police, the addition of the FBI and a restraining order later he is sitting in jail in Sacramento and I am on my way home and then on to a new job in a undisclosed portion of our country.

    I will miss California. I'll miss this ranch and my boss, the wonderful weather and the ability to do my job naked! I'll miss Kim most of all though. I hope to see her sometimes but it won't be like it has been, just a phone call away. I'll miss the girls I have giving lessons to, I hope they go on to safe and exciting sexual lives.

    That's right, as part of my relocation and my personal safety the FBI has recommended that I sever my internet presence. Oh my that's going to be hard to do. It's been my ability to share with you the cyber world these past few years that has kept me sane on those long trips. I love to be able to share my stories and well, my family is no longer shocked at what I do so I have to share with strangers to achieve the thrill of relating a particularly exciting sexual adventure.

    So, here's the reality of what's happening; I am giving up the chat rooms. It is a shame but it is something I must do. I am keeping this blog and my private blog as well and I am keeping my Yahoo account. BUT... I will not be adding any new friends to any of these site for a long time to come. I also am strengthening my personal rules of communication, you ready? Ok, here we go...

Melody's Internet Rules

1) I will never give you my phone number. Ever. And I won't call you or text you either.

2) I will NOT share my web cam or my microphone with you, EVER!

3) I will never tell you where I am, where I am going or where I have been.

4) I will never post pictures of myself or my family, so don't ask. Any pictures I do post will ALWAYS be random porn.

5) I will NEVER meet with you in the physical world EVER. There is NO chance of it, zero, zippo, nada. Got that?

6) I will only give two chances. If you ask me for any of the above mentioned items, the first time I will remind you of the rules. The next time you violate the rules I WILL block you forever. No exceptions. If you are clever and come back after being blocked under a different screen name and I find out I will block you at once. Promise.

    Look, I hate rules. If it were up to me I would gleefully meet every one of my online friends for a no strings attached boink! But when I was doing that I got put into the hospital twice because I got beat up. This most recent problem was the scariest of all. So you see I am not trying to be a hard assed bitch here, I am just trying to stay safe. So if you'll live by these few simple rules we will get along wonderfully.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


    It's cool outside but I have been sweating, my jeans feel like an oven and I have sweated through my shirt. My hair looks like hell since it's been under my hat all day getting just as damp as the rest of me. The day is finally done, the horses are fed and groomed and happy under their blankets, the tack is put away and the wash stall is tidy and clean. I have a cold beer on the table here next to me and a hot bath is in my immediate future.

    Have you ever worked hard? I mean through out the whole day so that at the end of it all it is shear bliss to sit back and drink that first beer? Doesn't it make you sort of tingle afterwards as your muscles begin to relax? Well that's how I get and when I have had to work that hard in clothes like today, then as each piece of clothing comes off at long last the body part it was covering sort of takes a deep breath.

    First off today were my boots. Boot jacks are very useful things but every time I use them it reminds me that there is no one here to help me take my boot off. I can almost hear my feet thanking me as first one boot then the other slides off! I pull off my socks and rub my tired tootsies until they feel less tight. Ahhh.

    Next off is my shirt, or really in this case shirts since I am wearing a flannel over my t-shirt to help ward off the chill outside. Of course the flannel is one of the reasons I have sweat through but it was windy here today and it couldn't be helped. My back has that delicious tingle as my t-shirt comes off and I use it to wipe sweat from my face and boobs. I notice that quite a lot of dirt comes off of my tits as I dry myself, I really do need that bath.

    I unbutton my jeans and give the same little wiggle that girls the world over use to slip out of tight pants. My legs have just given a gasp of joy at being freed from their cotton prison. Now only one thing remains, something I almost never bother with unless I am working or attending a fancy party. Panties! Oh my goodness does that feel wonderful to remove those! As I step out of them the cool of the room touches the warmth between my legs and for the briefest moment I catch a whiff of woman. Sweaty, dirty, wet woman!

    A quick rub between my legs confirms that I am indeed wet and that flash of excitement that runs up my back tells me that I am going to have to do one more thing before I can relax in the tub with my beer. I raise my hand to my face and breathe deeply of that aroma that is only a woman's, it makes me swoon and I have my hand on my mound before I can exhale. Rubbing the soft smooth skin above my clit, never actually touching the one spot I am aching to touch, the familiar joyful feelings begin to wash over me. This is a feeling I have known most of my life, a feel that no lover can produce within me. A feeling that only my own touch, my own warmth, my own pressure can provide me.

    I cover my pussy with my whole hand and allow the warmth build between my fingers and my glory hole. Rubbing in circles I can feel my juice coming through my fingers and making a puddle under my bottom. If I didn't need bath before I certainly do now! I lift my ass into the air so I can feel the warm pleasant feeling of my juice running down my back. I shift my hand so my fingers can spread my lips apart, so I might be able to slide a finger or two inside my self and put pressure on my clit from above so I might increase the explosion of pleasure I know is coming soon.

    "It has been long enough" I think, "it is time for the blast!" So pull back the hood above my clit and rub my warm slippery girl juice over it. The shiver, a shudder, a shake and I gasp aloud, I nearly always do, and a small fountain erupts from between my pussy lips! A shudder, another gasp, and another shower! I gasp again, then catch my breath and draw in deeply, two fingers still buried deeply inside myself I work at regaining my breath and to calm my wildly beating heart. It is predictable perhaps but that feeling is something I wish every woman on the planet could have at least once.

    Once I am clean and I have had some dinner I will surely be ready to experience it again myself.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Yoga Pants

I love my yoga pants! What can I say, they are the next best thing to being naked in public! <wicked grin>
So when I tore my favorite pair the other day I was sort of pissed. But I quickly went on line and went shopping! Now I usually get my yoga pant from places like Kohl's and Target, in fact this pair I just bought I got from Old Navy for a whopping $9 plus shipping and they look very much like the picture above.

But the yoga pants in the picture are NOT from Old Navy, or Kohl's or any place else I have ever heard of before; They're from someplace called Lululemonand the cost $108!!! I said What the FUCK!?! Who in their right fucking minds would pay that much for what are basically disposable pants?! I mean really, have any of you ever done yoga? Yoga pants do NOT last long. You're rubbing on the floor and twisting your legs about and such. Inside of a year it's time for new yoga pants.

I swear, some people have more money than brains.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Utter Crap!!

    I was cruising about on the internet today and I had searched for the phrase "Blowjob Contest". (I had been discussing a time a few years ago when I had participated in one and was looking for another opportunity but that is off the topic...)

    Anyway, I came across this article that I assume is written by a woman enumerating the reasons why we women should NOT give blowjobs! I thought WHAT?! Here's the link: http://totalsororitymove.com/why-girls-should-not-be-required-to-give-blow-jobs/

    She goes so far to say that blowjobs aren't fun, that's why they're called jobs! This woman needs to climb off of her marble pedestal sometime and actually HAVE sex! Blowjobs are a blast! No, they don't directly lead to my own orgasm but so what?!?! I love the feel of a mans hard cock in my mouth, the smell of him, the sensation when his cock begins to pulsate and that wonderful warm flavour when he finally squirts his juice into my eager mouth.

    Feeling his cum drip from my lips back down on to his softening meat is a trill I would not pass up ever!

    This simple minded virgin advocates NEVER giving a blowjob to a "random" which I guess is her term for a stranger. What the Fuck!!??!! Strangers are sometimes the best blowjobs! I mean, have you never been alone in say an airport terminal and wished you could have a "random" sexual encounter? I know I have!

    Once when on a trip with a friend we gave blowjobs to these two guys in the cable car with us. It was wonderful, and we never saw them again, which is also wonderful.

    It is clear from this article that this woman is not capable of actually giving a good blowjob and thinks that all women share her view. Well I'm here to tell you, we don't! I LOVE giving blowjobs and I hope I can keep giving them when I'm 90! Long live the blowjob!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Hunting Trip

    Let me preface this entry by saying in my defense that it has been nearly a month since I have been with a man and that yesterday I was on a chat room with a bunch of horny folks posting pictures of girls sucking cocks and holding cocks and being splashed with cum. A girl can only take so much stimulation before she cracks!

    So I made the announcement in the chat room that I was going hunting and that I was going to get a man no matter what! So after scrubbing and shaving I dressed for success. I cowgirled myself up with my best western boots, a comfy tan denim skirt that falls below my knees but buttons all the way from bottom to top, (I didn't button very many of them), and a soft blue silk top that I must say fits me rather well.

    I went to this little place called Mo's or Mel's or something like that that had a lot of pick up trucks in the gravel lot and a flashing neon sign that proudly proclaimed it was air conditioned. Right away I knew I was in a target rich environment and when I sat on the bar stool and my skirt fell off of my legs I noticed I was getting a lot of  attention.

    I drank much more than I should have, I know that. I remember dancing with a guy named Francis, swear to god and in a country western bar too! I know he stood next to me while I sat on my bar stool, my legs spread and his hands wandering around up my skirt while we kissed.

    I seem to remember something about sitting on the bar, my skirt completely unbuttoned and my naked pussy being eaten by all comers. I also remember clearly sucking someone's cock while stroking two others and being cheered. The rest of the night is a complete blur.

    I woke up this morning, this afternoon really, in a hotel room with two naked men asleep in chairs and a slightly chubby but very cute naked girl curled up against me. We were covered in much more dried cum than these two guys could reasonably be expected to produce in their lifetimes let alone one night. I found another sleeping naked man in the bath tub.

    Well after a couple of pots of coffee and some food at the diner in the parking lot of the hotel I learned some of my missing details, as well as discovering that my truck was 10 miles away still at the bar.

    It seems that after dancing a few times with Francis I had announced to the room my actual intention for being there and had asked for volunteers to help me with my needs. There was a pause, I guess they didn't believe me, so I apparently stood on my bar stool and removed my top, revealing my boobs to god and everyone in the room! There were a few hoots and hollers and someone said that he loved that I didn't wear a bra. To which I apparently said that I wasn't wearing panties either and repeated my request for volunteers.

    This is where things got out of hand I guess because I am told I regaled the bar with the story of the blowjob contest I was in once in Key West where the participants took on all "cummers" as it were until they could go no further. Someone thought that this was a great idea. Two other girls joined in I am told, I don't recall. We got completely naked and went to town the saying goes.

    At some point one of the girls nearly passed out and it was then that the events moved to the hotel. I have had to be told EVERYTHING about what happened there, because I don't remember any of it my self. A gang bang to write home about was the result with the finale this young lady and I locked in a serious 69 while the guys that still could were jerking off around us.

    From the condition of the two of us they must have been shooting their loads on us, on our asses or in our hair and trying to shoot into our pussies while we ate each other. It must have been a blast, really is a shame I don't recall it.

    I have given my lady friend a number to reach me at and have made a mark on my map that I keep of places I have had great sex. I want to come back and try it again sober so I remember more.

    Some of the surprises we had this morning; while we were sorting out everyone's clothes we came up with two lacy bras. Two ladies, two bras right? Except that I didn't wear a bra so where did the extra come from?! Turns out that the woman from the check-in desk joined us at some point and no one remembered it until she came up to us in the cafe and asked if we had found her bra! Oh my we laughed then!

    Also while we were having our meal a policeman came over to our table and sat down. He advised me that the next time I visited their town that I would be well advised to actually wear clothes. You see he saw us leaving the bar and I was in the buff, except for my boots which must have looked odd. He followed us to the hotel and was a add on to the party as well but only in that he was fucking the girl the girl that joined us. He apparently told us to hold the noise down and went on his way after having had his way with her.

    All in all I would say it was a successful hunt, but I don't think I'll have another drink anytime soon. I prefer to remember my escapades!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Diner Experience

     Recently while on the road I had to stop at a roadside establishment to refuel the truck as well as myself and I met a goddess in a pink dress behind the counter of this little place I had lunch in.

    She looked like a grown up Barbie doll. 40 or 45 years old, light red hair that was almost blonde, big tits the were probably enhanced, about 5'10" with the kind of long shapely legs that scream for attention when they come out from under a short dress and the sweetest southern accent I had heard in a very long time.

    She was working and we got to talking, about nothing at first, just the weather and stuff. Then she asked me about the monster I was driving, said she had seen me pull in.

    So I told her about the horse shows and what I do fro a living and we really hit it off. I had meant to eat lunch and get on to my campsite for the night but instead I spent a couple of spellbound hours flirting with my waitress. It was truly lovely.

    Anyway she and I got friendly and I told her I was going to be camped a little ways up the road and asked her if she would like to stop by for a glass of wine after she was done with work. She smiled real big and said she would.

    Personally I didn't think she would come but man was I ever wrong about that! Well I didn't want to scare her away so we chatted and had some wine and I made a salad and we chatted some more, quiet first date sort of stuff so we could both get comfy with each other.

    Well after a bit of wine and a bit of chat we were sitting really close together on this folding settee outside the trailer and I very carefully put my hand in her lap and reached over and kissed her. Well, I needn't have worried at all, she was warm to play too.

    She had come right from work so she was wearing her uniform dress and was looking so unbelievably adorable. She let me put her on the table in front of me and pull her panties off and eat her pussy right on the table under her waitress skirt! It was really great! One more secret fantasy checked off my list!!

    Her pussy was sweet and sweaty and salty and moist and oh so wonderful, I could have sat right there and eaten her until the sun came up! She had a very wet pussy, very how does one say it, fully formed labia. A very neatly trimmed triangle of soft red hair above her clit but below that was shaved smooth. I just love women with full lips; more to kiss and lick and caress and shaved pussy is the best kind in my opinion. It must remind me of someone I know.

    When finally she stopped shuddering from her orgasm it was my turn to be on the receiving end. She asked me to strip completely off and to lie back on the settee. Since we were still outside I asked if she was sure. As an answer she looked straight into my eyes, unzipped and gave a little wiggle, her little pink waitress uniform fell in a heap on the ground and she stood before me wearing only a almost non-existent bra and a huge smile.

    I was naked and on the settee before she could draw her next breath. She played with my nipples for a bit but you could tell that her mind was on my own baby smooth kitty rather than my boobs, so I gave her a gentle push down and she all but dove straight in! When she came across my rather substantial clit she gave a tiny cry and went to town.

    I gave my own not so tiny cry very soon afterwards and gave her a small flood for her trouble. We had been carrying on outside for sometime when it occurred to me that there were toys inside so I suggested that we retire to my abode where other pleasures would surely await us.

    We shared my double ended dildo with our labia pressed firmly against one another, sharing the warm wonderful juices that flow from each of our love spots. She had me fuck her in the ass with my strapon while she cried out for me to go faster and faster. And finally we lay together, mouths to each others pussy, fingers eagerly exploring each other until we could go no more.

    It was a unbelievable bit of serendipity that I went into her diner when I did, that she had to work that shift, and that we both were so horny we could have made our own porn movies. I have kept her number and the next time I am in her town I won't need to rely on luck to get lucky. Wow!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Trip Home

Not long ago I was home in Katy, Texas visiting my family and letting the horses relax for a few weeks between shows. It was good to sleep in a real bed, to bathe in a real tub with lots of hot water, (and for that matter to have some one that would wash my back!) and to not have to rise with the sun for a while.

Now I grew up in Katy so I still have lots of friends to visit and one day I got to go shopping with one of my best friends in the wide world, Michelle. We have been friends since 6th grade so we've been down the path once or twice if you get my meaning, but no matter how hard I have tried over the years (and believe me I've tried) I have never managed to get her to have sex with just me.

We have had sex together many times at parties and on double dates but she has some odd hang up about she'll "become gay" if she has sex with another woman and there are no men present. Go figure, but what can you do?

Well we went on a shopping frenzy the other day at the local mall, I think we tried on every friggin' dress we could find. We tried on swim suits and jeans and shorts and of course lingerie! Well we were changing in the same rooms because it saves time. I mean I want her to see my stuff and she wants me to see her stuff and sometimes we want to try the same stuff so it's just simpler to share the same rooms, right? Well after a very full morning of laughing and admiring and trying to find the right something we were ready to eat.

We had lunch at this little place near the mall that has great carnitas and Chelle and I were making goo-goo eyes at the waiter because he was having a problem not looking down our tops. Seems in the rush of all those changes of clothes we neglected to put some things back on and Michelle is what you'd call "blessed"! She has 40FF boobs! Oh yeah they come that big I promise. Her tits were the size mine are now when I met her, in 6th Grade!!!

Well we played with our young friend a bit during lunch, making sure that our tops were available for peeking, quickly changing the subject back to sex when ever he came by so he thought that was all we were discussing, you know teasing him mercilessly! I had him sit next to me as  we ordered lunch and I rested my hand on his thigh just to rattle him. I noticed Michelle had unbuttoned another button on her shirt so her cleavage was even more noticeable. I know it got my attention. She sat very close to me in the booth and we cooed at each other and played at being teenagers on a date.

While we waited for lunch to be served we giggled and kissed and pressed against each other like we were serious lovers and I was having a terrific time. I figured we would keep this act up and continue to tease our waiter then ask him if he wanted to join us for some fun later on. I was mildly surprised to find Chelle's hand on my thigh under my skirt but certainly not upset by it. I scooted over a bit and opened my legs a little trying to be encouraging and my goodness did she get the hint.

She slid her hand all the up my leg until she found my kitty, put her whole hand over it as if her hand were my panties, and gave me a little squeeze! Any guesses how my pussy reacted to that?! Oh yeah, instant gush! She'd remove her hand when our waiter or someone else came by our table but when they were gone her hand was back on my pussy mound in a flash! I am beginning to image how we are going to flash our waiter so he can have an eyeful of what is going on under the table. But each time he came back by close enough to see she would remove her hand go back to being a tease.

We had an awful lot of fun teasing or poor waiter and the food was really good, but in the end when lunch was over we got up and just left. Oh she gave our waiter a nice hug, pressing her huge boobs against him, but no numbers were exchanged and no plans were made to meet. I was stunned. We got in the car and I just had to know what was up so I asked her, "I thought we were going to do that nice waiter together, what's up?" For the first time in a while I was surprised completely by her answer. "Well", she says, "I wanted you all to my self for a change."

For two beats I was speechless then I threw my arms around her and gave her the deepest, wettest, longest kiss I could muster! "Michelle," I said, "You take my breath away! I am all yours!" We stood there kissing in the parking lot for a while, long enough for a few people to walk by and stare anyway. Katy Texas may not be a backwards town, but it's not San Francisco by a long shot! Two women kissing like that is still unusual.

We got back to her place, tossed our shopping bags on the table and turned to each other and just smiled. I told her that I had always wanted her and I to be together, she said she was always just a bit too chicken until she was talking with Becky recently. I guess that Becky told her that I had been her favorite lover and that she missed me tons. They talked about all the times Michelle and I had shared men together and that I had seemed like a "fully involved" lover but she had never had the courage to be with just me. They talked and talked and I guess Becky changed her mind a bit about making love to another woman.

Then she shocked me a second time by telling me that she and Becky had been lovers on several occasions and that she saw now that it was not going to make her gay simply because she was enjoying herself. I was flabbergasted! Then my wonderful friend simply striped off  her shirt and shorts and stood before me completely naked for the 30th time that day, but this time she told me she loved me and wanted to be with me.

I didn't hesitate even half a second! I was naked faster than I could even imagine and had my arms wrapped this beautiful woman for maybe the millionth time in my life but for the first time in my life as well. Because this time I didn't have to share her and I knew that everything that she did was to please the two of us alone. Her kisses were sweeter, her breasts softer, her pussy more fragrant than ever before in our lives because we were for each other Finally! She spent a long time between my thighs, slowly kissing and licking and sucking my pussy into a thousand spectacular orgasms. Her hands were everywhere and some how her lips always followed very closely behind them.

I have very little memory of what I did for her. I know I ate her pussy for what seemed like hours welcoming the waves of warm sweet wetness that followed every shudder of her body. I remember that her kisses were succulent, soft, teasing things that made me have goose flesh and produce huge puddles of wetness. I know that at some point we were scissored, pussies pressed firmly against each other, swapping wetness directly as our labia shared their own wet kisses, lips teasing lips.

It was the single most fulfilling, most satisfying sexual experience of my entire life!


I know that Michelle and Becky and all of my family read my blog so I would like to pass on  few notes of thanks.

Mom, Cloe thank you for everything you have done and shared with me over the years. It has gone a long way to making me the woman I am today and I have never been happier with that woman than I am now.

Becky, Thanks for all the love you give me when ever we are together and just let me say in my opinion you should NOT have the breast enlargement thing done. You are fucking gorgeous the way you are!

Kim, thanks for understanding that this changes nothing between us. I love you and you can come sit on my face whenever you want to.

Michelle, OMG I love you! Thanks for finally coming out of your shell. I hope that you will be with Cloe and Mom now too we have always missed having you over for the family stuff. I am looking forward to being with you again over 4th of July. We'll make fireworks fly for sure! Thanks for the video too by the way. You might be interested to know that is my number one masturbation visual!

I am sorry I took so long to post this, but I wanted it to be just right, you know? Love you all.

xoxoxoxoxo Melody

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Masturbation Heaven!

Well I was searching for some pic or vids of other girls masturbating today to get me a little deeper in the mood when I came across another blog that fit the bill very nicely indeed. It's called "Girls Caught Masturbating" (clever name huh?) and it appears to be a collection of videos of girls doing chats and masturbating for their customers. It also seems to be very heavy on the young girls which of course was more than fine by me.

The actual address is http://girlscaught.blogspot.com and I hope you go check it out and enjoy what you find there.

As an aside, if anyone finds a similar site of boys masturbating would you please share it with me? I love to watch boys jerk off!

Monday, March 17, 2014

To Hell With Facebook, Again!!!

Hello again folks, Melody here. As many of you know I started this blog because the bastards at Facebook had deleted my profile. Not because I was posting naked pics but because I was talking dirty. Can you fucking believe that? Well I couldn't, it really offended me but since there was not a damned thing I could do about it I came here where I can be as nasty as I care to be AND post nudie pics when I choose. It's posted as an adult content site, so if you're reading this and you're not 18 years old then I say again, go the fuck away until you are old enough. If you are 18 or older then I will gladly welcome you.

Well, I was missing the interaction of the social media site so a few months ago I opened a new Facebook account. I know, I know, I should have known better. I mean I am still me and all of my stories are of an ADULT nature, (meaning I like to talk about having sex!) It is after all my favorite recreational activity. But tell one story about sucking a cock or eating a pussy and you get the boot! (OK, bunches of stories like that but still it's supposed to be a page for me and my friends right?)

Hell, I got reported for the picture I had at the top of my page if you can believe that. She wasn't even naked! (I posted said picture with this post. You tell me, is it porn) Then a few days later I was locked out of my account for 24 hours for having posted pictures of women in swim suits. (Swear to god, swim suits!) Then this morning I went to log-in and was told that I had been deleted because the content of my posts were offensive. OMG! I really should have known better.

Again, I like to talk about having sex! So let's review shall we? Topics you might see discussed on this bolg include but will in no way be limited to, masturbation both male and female, blow jobs, fucking and being fucked, pussy licking, group sex and so on. If these things offend you then go the fuck away! Don't waste your time and mine, I am here to have fun, if you don't think sex is fun then this is defiantly not the page for you.

I hope that is finally clear enough for all of you small minded, tight assed, bible thumping, brain dead censors types out there! Alright then, I will NEVER return to Facebook, I swear it.

(I personally don't think this is porn, but hey whatever.)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just a Horny Day

I have just had a horny day today and I felt the need to post some dirty pictures for you all to enjoy. I hope you like this selection. Any requests?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Day in the Park

No offense boys but I have to say that we girls have the advantage over you when it comes to public masturbation! I mean, our clothing can offer easy access to our happy places, we can cover ourselves quickly and completely and we can still have a great deal of fun even while remaining concealed to the rest of the world. If we want to anyway.

I was in a beautiful park in San Fransisco this morning that is listed on-line as being a great place for gay men to "cruise". Being the incredibly curious sort of girl that I am I was on the look out for any thing that might resemble guys playing with each other.

Well I got lucky this morning when I felt the call of nature and stepped into a convenient restroom. Seems I interrupted two nice young men who were caught up in the act of sex with one another. At first I was sort of shocked and actually apologized for bothering them, but then I asked if they would mind if I watched. They were fine with that and went right back to what they were doing.

I am a porn fan in a major way and lets face it, quite the tramp when it comes down to it so what they were doing was nothing new to me, but I have never had the pleasure of seeing it live and in person in such a public fashion so I was very interested! And I have to admit that I was very wet very quickly indeed. I could feel my dampness running down the inside of my thighs and I lifted my skirt (See, ease of access!) and began rubbing my smoothly shaved mound.

Once the first guy came in his partner's ass he slipped his now soft and wet cock out and turned around and his friend took his turn. It really was a very sexy display and I cannot tell you at what point I had given myself over to the scene before me, but I found myself standing there two fingers buried completely inside my pussy while two guys fucked each other right in front of me!

Well it wasn't long before I had a huge squirt all over the bath room while these two boys fucked like teenagers on prom night. I was really impressed with the stamina of the second boy, I had cum twice more and still he hadn't shot his first load into his friends ass. Well I washed off in the sink, and dried my very wet thighs and simply dropped my skirt back into place like nothing had ever happened.

Meanwhile that second load of cum had finally been deposited and my mysterious boys were 69ing each other trying to collect up every drop when I simply said "Thanks" and went on my way. They were still going at it when I closed the door. I think I have found a place to live out a fantasy or two, what do you think?