Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barn Sweet Barn

Oh my goodness is it ever good to finally be back home! I can't tell you how hard it has been to be having to work all day in jeans. ;) Although I must admit that I am not running around my own barn much now in the buff as it has been down right frigid here. I have worked the horses a few times in the nude while it was sunny but there has been rain and clouds here too and that makes for stiff nipples and cold toes. But the moment I am back inside I am out of clothes, in front of the fire and comfy.

I have managed to see my Kim a few times now since I have been home. The first night, when I thought we would be making crazy wet love together we actually ended up curled up naked in front of the fire, me leaning on her hubby and her leaning on me. We just lay there and enjoyed the warm press of our naked flesh and relished being together after almost eight months!

The hot, wet, sloppy, sticky, drippy sex came the next day. That was fun too! :)

My riding lessons have begun again as well and that is something I am beginning to rethink. I mean it is one thing to be available for masturbation lessons to family members in a family as open and nude as ours is, but is it really a good idea to be spreading my own views of sex and nudity to people I don't really know? I wonder. And I am beginning to wonder if my current masturbation group can be trusted to keep it to them selves.

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