Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two More Weeks and HOME!!!

I can hardly wait! Just one more stop to make in Oklahoma to pick up a new horse and then I get to go home! I can hardly remember how log it's been since I slept in my own bed or been able kiss my own girlfriend!

These last several weeks have been tough on me, not enough time to pursue any partners nor time enough to sit on line and chat with all of my dirty-minded friends. (You know who you are!) Just work, sleep, eat, repeat. All work and no play makes Melody a VERY horny girl. I almost feel sorry for Kim when I finally do get to see her because I am going to attack the poor girl!  ;)

I did find something that describes how I feel right now very well...

And then this morning I came across this one and I must say that it is very true too..

And of course thinking of that made me do this...

I can't wait to get home!!!

1 comment:

  1. Mmm, cant wait for you to get back! Also, love the new background :)