Thursday, June 6, 2013

Middle American Beauty

Wow, I guess I just always assumed that the girls I would meet in the small towns in the center of our great country would be kind of old fashioned, June Cleaver sorts. Boy was I wrong last night!!!

I had stopped at a campground outside a little town in a mid-west state north of Texas, ;) and a couple of campsites away was this group of folks that turned out to be really nice people but one in particular was VERY nice if you follow me. They were from another part of this state and were on vacation and noticed me and the horses as we had pulled in. Every one came over to say hello and to ask me about my horses.

One girl though wasn't asking many questions but was following me around as I let the horses out of their confinement. Once the rest of the crowd had thinned out she started chatting me up, asking what events I rode in, what it was like to travel like I was doing, that sort of thing. She was very friendly, was a plain girl, the sort you always saw at high school but paid no attention to, (Right boys? You only notice the pretty ones.) but she had a stunning smile that when it flashed across her face made her truly beautiful. Her whole body was involved in that smile! It got my attention.

I wasn't thinking anything would happen here, she was from a small town in a mid-west state and she was here with her family and she was at most 17. So I was very friendly back to her, chatted and flirted while I groomed the horses and they happily munched alfalfa, it was a lovely couple of hours after being stuck with only the horses to talk to for several days. Her mom came back over to retrieve her for dinner and to my shock I received a dinner invite! Wow, how cool is that!

I said Yes, please and hopped back into my trailer for a quick scrub-up grabbed a bottle of wine and dashed off to my new friend's campsite. Dinner was simple but wonderful and I didn't have to cook or clean up, what luxury! Was ate and drank and gabbed and played Uno into the wee small hours then said our good nights and my new friend walked me back to my campsite (A whole 50 yards away.) so I wouldn't get lost in the dark. Her mom just laughed.

She told me they were staying a few days and I would be welcome when ever I wanted to stop by. (Did I mention these were really nice people?) then she did what I wasn't expecting, she reached out and gave me a good night kiss. A soft, welcoming sort of kiss that tells you in no uncertain terms that this person fancies you. So what could I do? I kissed her back, deeply and with gratitude so she knew that I understood her. Then she pulled away, said good night and sort of skipped back to her camp. (And yes, I watched her the entire way!)

Next morning, yesterday, I was up early like always feeding horses and picking up horse poop when my new friend came skipping back over to see me. Talking about how her whole family had such a good time the night before and I really just had to come back. Then she got quiet and said she was a bit embarrassed about kissing me the night before and had hoped it had not upset me. I said it hadn't and suggested we go inside for some coffee and talk.

Well we went in and as she closed the door behind her I was slipping my dirty horsey smelling shirt off so when she turned around what she saw was me naked from the waist up. I put my arms around her, and kissed her. "No, I didn't mind" I said and went to pull my clean shirt on. A hand on my naked back stopped me.

I turned around and she was naked in the same manner I was, waist up. Her breasts were so softly curved, small and almost perfectly round and her skin practically glowed. She was indeed 17 but only just, and her girl friends at school had all been talking about sex. They had all touched each other, but there their courage flagged and no one had kissed anyone, I was her first kiss. I felt my pants become instantly wet, I was in trouble.What if her parents came and knocked on my door? What would I say? Oh well, she kissed far to wonderfully to worry about it.

The smooth, softness of her pressed against my naked chest made me very light headed indeed. I took a deep breathe of her soft red hair and when I let it out we were both totally naked lying in each others arms on the sofa kissing like teenagers. (Well d'uh) It was actually kind of weird how quickly and easily we had become naked but we just seemed to fall into it.

She said she had never been with another woman but the way she caressed me, the way she kissed and licked and sucked and stroked me you would never have thought she was inexperienced. But the naive way she approached things, the way she hesitated before she touched made it very clear that it was all new to her. She waited for me to touch her and then repeated what I had done to her almost exactly.

When I finally got between those soft, pale legs I found a girl that was nearly completely shaved, just a thin strip of soft red hair leading me down to her sublime pussy. She was soft and sweet and smelled gently of perfume. "So," I thought, "she had something in mind from the beginning, how cool is that?!"

She was surprised at how much she enjoyed having her pussy licked, she arched her back and pressed in on me. We played for about an hour, me licking her, she licking me. My climax startled her a bit, she didn't know that women could squirt but she was eager to experience it again so I obliged her. :)

After more than an hour of rolling about and getting very wet indeed we were both just basking in the glow of each other when there was a light knock at my door. Her mother called to her from outside that breakfast was ready now and that I could join them if I wanted to. (Hell yes I wanted to.) We got dressed and as she ran a comb through her hair I asked her how her mother knew she was here and she looked at me like I had just asked her the dumbest question on earth and said "I told her where I was going."

Breakfast was wonderful, simple like the night before but simple can be wonderful. I was sitting next to her mother and while her father and her cleared the table her mother turned to me with a beautiful smile, rested her hand very high on my thigh and said thank you to me. Huh?

"I wanted to say thank you for being so sweet to our daughter, we could tell she was attracted to from the very first moment we met." Huh?, My brain said again. I must have had that WTF? look on my face because she became very frank and said "Well didn't the two of you just make love together?" I was at a total loss of what to say, all that came out was a feeble "Um, uh" and she started laughing very sweetly. "Melody, we knew she wanted to make love to a woman, she and I have talked about it. My husband and I are both bisexual and we have encouraged this in our children. We are very open."

So much for being small town stodgy.

"After you left last night she talked to us and asked if she might ask you, since she didn't come right back from your trailer we figured you said yes." all the while smiling that beautiful mid-west mom smile at me. I finally found my voice and started laughing and wrapped mom in a big hug! We talked about what her daughter and I had just done and as we were talking her daughter rejoined us at the table. Her brothers and their father had found something else to go and do, I have no idea what.

We talked for quite a while both of us telling her mother what it had been like to be together earlier that morning. When she told her mother about the way I had squirted while she was eating my pussy her mother's eyes got a bit wide and she looked me in the face and said "Really?" I admitted it was true and that it was very easy to do. My new friend pipped up and said "You really should see it mom." HUH?

I was already startled by her mother's open attitude now here she was basically inviting her mother to watch me cum. I was dazed. For about 4 seconds. I looked her mom right in the eye and said, "Would you like too?" Everyone stood up at once, I guess that's a yes. We walked straight back to my trailer, past the horses I was ignoring this morning, up the steps and inside.

The door had barely shut when both mom and daughter were out of their pants and sitting on the sofa watching me. They acted like they had done this before and I learned later that they did indeed masturbate together though there was no incestuous relationship there, they merely masturbated together. (Actually this should be practiced in all household in my opinion but I digress.) I bent down and kissed them both then I knelt between her mother's legs and began to have a good time.

In no time at all I had her mom squirming and she had gone behind me and was licking me for all she was worth. When it was clear I could take no more before squirting I moved to the chair and spread my legs wide and began massaging my clit so they could both see clearly. They were sitting together both furiously fingering themselves when it hit me... I arched and squirted and actually hit mom with my juicy pussy nectar.

They both enjoyed the show I could tell but it was mom who came over to lick my pussy while her daughter masturbated in front of me. It was a lot of fun. I squirted again into mom's mouth because she had licked me into a friggin' frenzy! Her daughter came over and was kissing me like mad as her mom continued to lick and suck on my very swollen labia, I was having a very good morning.

After another couple of hours of sexual wonderland we all got our clothes back on and went over to their camp for lunch, being prepared by the boys. As we came walking back Dad turns to his wife and daughter and asked if they had a nice time. 3 very large grins answered him! Well lunch was wonderful and we talked about a lot of things including sex. The boys listened, asked some questions and basically were very well behaved, this family was amazing! But they were leaving in a few hours, I nearly cried.

We exchanged contact information, (something I never do), and made plans to "run into" each other in a few weeks. Hugs were exchanged with the boys and kisses with everyone else. As dad was saying goodbye to me he gave me a hug and a wonderful kiss then whispered that he hoped he might get to watch us next time. I reached down and gave his cock a squeeze and promised him he could do more than watch if he wanted to.

I told them I would be writing about this wonderful encounter and they asked that I not use any names, so I haven't. They pulled out of the campsite 4 hours ago and I miss them already. In telling you all this long drawn out story I have had to stop and pleasure myself twice. I have never met more wonderful, warm and open people outside of the nudist community back home. I am hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

By folks, I'll see you in three weeks. Kisses!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have just seen a great documentary (I love documentaries!!!) on the sex industry and it is proof why I would never become a whore despite the draw of the money. They don't enjoy sex any more. Every time I have sex whether it's with my lover Kim or some stranger at a campground in Wyoming that I will never see again, I enjoy the act!

I write here and masturbate with people online because I enjoy it and I cannot imagine getting up in the morning and saying, "Ugh, I have to have sex today." I wake up and ask, "I wonder if I'll get to have sex today?" Sex is a blast for me, I hope it is for you too.

In case you're interested here's the link for the show I was watching...

Monday, June 3, 2013


You know this weekend sucked. Didn't meet anyone to play with all weekend, and I ended the weekend with 32 faults so I was nowhere even close to scoring points. It just sucked and I couldn't! So another day or two of rest here then back on the road.