Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wow, What a weekend!

I WON!!!!!

That's right, I won an event, 5 clear rounds! It was the best high I've had in a long time and my first perfect weekend since my accident. Well I was stoked pretty hard so I just HAD to go out and celebrate! It might be a while before Denver recovers!

I was at the bar closest to the event site, no idea what it was called but it was dark and crowded and I drank and danced and drank and danced and drank some more and pretty soon I was in a dark corner in a chair with some guy standing in front of me while I sucked his cock and played with his balls. Shaved balls, I just love that! (I tell you guys, more of you need to be shaving your balls, it makes sucking on them so much more fun!) Well he was a nice guy, I had been dancing with him and I could see this raging hard on in his jeans so we went to the corner and I softened his cock for him. ;) Yummy!

Well after I savored his load, cleaned up his meat for him and tucked him neatly back in his jeans I gave him a big kiss and ordered another drink. I am very drunk by this time, so I just leaned back and was having a lovely time watching all the lovely people when the waitress brought my drink. She sets it down on the table and smiling in a conspiratorial way says that the girl at the end of the bar sent it to me. Cool I say, and smile and wave at the brunette at the bar who hesitatingly waves back.

The waitress, who's name was Nicole sits down across from me and says she was sorry but she had fibbed, the brunette didn't send me the drink, she had wanted to meet me and could think of no better way. This made me laugh pretty hard and I told her I found that dreadfully cute and that no one had tried to chat me up that way before. Well it seems that Nicole had seen my exchange with the young man from the dance floor and was very aroused by my ability to be such an open slut. Yes she said that word, "slut". She asked if I ever played with women and I said oh hell yes I do!

Well she found my public display had made her wet and was wondering if I might like to meet up with her after her shift at 1am. I thought "Wow, I am just too fucking lucky!" So I said sure, it was only a couple of hours and I asked her for a coke so I wouldn't be too hammered to get her off when she got off. She grinned and said "sure sweetie" and went and got me my soda. I can't recall ever getting a date because someone saw me blowing someone else. And then a wonderfully dirty idea hit me...

She said that seeing me suck off my dance partner really turned her on, so I got up to find a new dance partner a wicked grin on my lips. A couple of songs later I was back at my corner table, sitting very close to this boy, my hand resting gently on his leg just below his manhood. I knew he was on the point of asking me to leave with him so I placed my hand on his warm bulge, leaned in close to him and whispered that I wanted to suck his cock right here, right now and gave him a little squeeze.

He couldn't believe his luck but said "Here?!?" I said sure, just stand in front of me and unzip and I would do the rest. Well after a brief consideration he stood up and unzipped. (Not to be too arrogant but I have never been turned down yet.) I played with him, licked him like a Popsicle, massaged his balls and sucked every drop I could from him all the while glancing around to see if I could see Nicole, I never could. Well I licked him clean and wiped him dry with a napkin and tucked him back inside his pants and then kissed him full on the mouth, his cum still on my lips. "Thanks a lot." was all he manage to say.

No sooner had he walked away from my table than there was my sexy waitress Nicole sitting next to me. Where the hell had she come from?! "That was sexy as fuck hun! I loved watching that!" I told her how much I loved doing it and she just smiled. "Another coke?" Sure I said. I was thinking of maybe dancing some more when a young man with a glass was at my table. He said kind of nervously "Hi, Nicole said that if I brought you this I might get something too."  "Did she?" I asked, "well lets see what you've got there hun." and I took the glass from him and sat him across from me.

"What did Nicole tell you about me" I asked him and he blushed. (How fucking charming is that?) He said she had told him that he was sure to get a nice blowjob if he brought me a drink. So I leaned across and put my hand in his lap, he was good and hard already! So I told him what to do, stand in front of me so no one could see what we were doing and unzip his pants. He had a rather small dick but it was very hard and he tasted of cilantro for some reason and I had a very good time sucking his whole cock and his balls into my mouth. When he came he had to steady himself on the table, and I had the pleasure of a huge and I mean HUGE load of cum from his small dick. Oh, heaven! I had to take a breath to swallow it all, and even then some leaked out the corners of my mouth.

We got him put away, I kissed him and he went away grinning. I had a sip of my coke and suddenly there was another guy standing at my table. This guy was ahead of the curve, he was standing in front of my chair with a very large erection sticking out of his open pants and a shit-eating grin on his face. "Nicole said you would take care of this for me." Did she? I saw her behind the bar looking at me and laughing. So I took Mr. Big Dick into my mouth and sucked him until he moaned and shot his wad down my throat.

When he walked away there was another, then another and another. At some point I recognized the first boy I had sucked off standing there, his hard pecker poking out of his jeans asking if he could go again like I was a carnival ride! :) I said " Yes you can, give me a second." I peeled off my now very wet jeans, pulled his down so I could access his hard on properly, sat him in a chair with his back to the room and I mounted him just like a horse, easily slipping his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Now that felt good! I ordered him to sit still and I rode him the way I wanted, rocking and bouncing and twisting. I guess he liked it because in very little time I felt that warm wet sensation as he filled my pussy with his second load of the evening.

I knew I couldn't go back to sucking cocks alone at this point, I had to had to had to have hard cock inside me now. I was situated so that unless you looked under the table there was no way you could tell I was naked from the waist and as Nicole kept sending men my way I just kept sitting on their cocks and letting them fill me. Nine I think, maybe it was only eight, but it was a major blast! I had my last cock inside my dripping pussy when I heard Last Call. There weren't many people left in the place but I could see a table of two guys and three women across the dance floor trying not to look in my direction as I sat on some guy's meat. I felt him tense and the urgency told me that I was about to take one more loads' worth inside my hungry pussy.

I let him up and then licked him clean, tucked him all away and had just kissed him when the whole table that had NOT been watching me get fucked were suddenly standing around my table. I'm FUCKING NAKED! The single woman asks the guy I was just fucking "All done hun?" He smiles and says simply "uh huh" and they all are getting ready to leave when one of the women turns to me and says, "Thanks, that was a lot of fun to watch." and she kissed me on the cheek.

What was this girl talking about? So I asked her that, "I'm sorry, what are you talking about?" "Your performance" she says. "Didn't you know we could see you?" And I'm thinking Well no! Then she giggles and tells me how her good friend Nicole had told them all what was going on and that, after the bar had closed more than an hour ago by the way, she had turned the cameras on and I had been preforming on the televisions for everyone to watch! I had thought I was being covert and my new friend was using me as her own private porn channel! For about 2.7 seconds I was pissed! Then I smiled and ask if she had enjoyed what she saw. "Yes we did, very much" she said smiling.

She kissed me again and the group said good night leaving me sitting half naked on a vinyl chair, copious amounts of pussy juice and sperm leaking out of me and dripping on to the floor while I wore a rather bewildered look. Nicole came over to me after saying her good nights and having locked the doors, she looked like the cat that had eaten the canary AND the goldfish. "You might have told me I was a TV star" but she said that it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun for her and her customers. I laughed, we kissed, we kissed some more, then she sat me up on table and sat in the soaking wet chair I had just occupied and proceeded to lick and suck my pussy until I was squirming like a landed fish.

After about 40 minutes of this we dressed and went back to her place and had a right jolly time! She has this magnificent double-ended dildo that we made great use of as well as a few creative devices for the restraint and pleasure of her guests. It was 4 in the morning before we got any sleep and I woke up around 9, completely entwined with her. Wow it was fun! She promises me that while I was on TV I was not being recorded, I don't know if that's true or not, I would like to believe it is. But if you see a dark video of someone that looks like me fucking in a bar let me know, if it is me I'll let you know and we can share it together.


  1. Damn it babe! Why don't you ever come to my bar?! ;P

  2. Hey guys, don't ever fucking leave your shitty ass advertisements on my blog page again, got it? We're here for fun, you want to advertise go buy space some where. Do it on my page again and I'll get all if my readers report your ass. Understand? Good.

  3. Luv ya babe!!
    Reading about your escapades always leaves me soaked with precum... without even touching myself!!! Luckily I love the taste... no waste ;~)
    Lenoir ♥