Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Perfect Vagina?

The Perfect Pussy?!

Now, even if you don't know me I think it is pretty clear that I am very comfortable with my own body. How it looks, how it feels and what I can do with it and to it. But I have met a LOT of women over the years that aren't.

Last night I was surfing about the internet and came across the phrase "she had a perfect vagina!" and it made me stop and ask my self the question, "Is there a perfect vagina?" This is a job for Google!!!

Straight off I found a link to a film that was much more than I was expecting. This link right here as a matter of fact;

Turns out to be a very well done documentary for English TV, (and it surprised me by actually showing women's vaginas!) that is concerned with how women feel about their pussies and a cosmetic procedure called Labioplasty where the outer lips are reduced or removed.

I was astounded that women could feel so ashamed or embarrassed about what their pussy looked like that they would consider surgery an actual option! I cannot even imagine that!

This video isn't porn by any stretch of the imagination, it is a documentary and an absolute MUST watch for all women, even if you are comfortable with your girl parts. But in my own humble opinion all men should take the time to watch it as well. I think if more men knew what an intimate relationship we have with our vaginas they might actually understand us a bit more.

This video is nearly an hour long but it is well worth your time. Be brave, check it out. If you're really brave you'll watch it and then talk to someone about it. If you need an understanding ear to talk to drop me a line, I'll be happy to discuss it.

The lesson I took away from this film was, Every pussy is perfect!


  1. I haven't watched the film yet, but I wholeheartedly agree with the very last thing you said.
    The suspense and mystery and final beautiful surprise of wether you're about to kiss and caress two large delicious lips, a tight little mound, a very large mound... will she have some hair? None? Lots?
    It's as individual as the woman it belongs to and no matter what type I've had the pleasure of making love to (completely orally fixated as I am) I have absolutely cherished every one.... Especially if it's overflowing with liquid love ♥

    1. Welcum support my dear, thank you very much. Be sure to actually watch this film though I think even you might learn something, I sure did!

      Wet kisses. ;)

  2. God damn Mel, another great post. I can't wait till tonight when i can actually watch the video, although i can wholeheartedly agree with everything you said in this post. Also, as always, phenomenal pic you got up there, and i love the background change :) Lastly, i feel like it's been hella long since we've actually got to talk which sucks, but im glad to be seeing more from you and that it seems like you're doin good and havin fun! ;P

    1. Well we do try dear. Thank you for the support, but be sure to watch. ;)

    2. Oh don't worry, i have the link saved and open so i can watch it as soon as i get the time! I also plan on watching the one the article mentions also, "My Penis and Everyone Else's". Looks like I might have a night worthy of sharing the story with you instead of vice a versa for once :P speaking of stories, i also have a good one i wanna share with you not on a public page some time, so remind me next time we talk! ;P

  3. Watched it, itwas just mind blowing to hear some of the things the girl who had the surgery said, and about the hymen replacement surgery or whatever, wtf! anyways, watched it, loved it, and learned a lot from it