Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Campers

Well here we are at the KOA in ********* Wyoming, on the way to the next show. After having a win last week I am still high as a kite and looking forward to next weekend. The boss' daughter is scheduled to catch up with me and we will both be riding, though in different divisions.

But let me tell you about last night. I was at another campground, sitting in my "Living room" in my usual state of evening attire, when I happened to look up out of my window. What I saw stopped me, I was looking through the big picture windows of the camper next to me and they had not bothered to draw the shades. Sitting on the sofa bench is this reasonably attractive couple in their 40s or 50s, partly undressed and making out like sex starved teenagers!

This got my attention!

I quick like a bunny shut off the light and opened my own curtains a bit more so I could see better. Now I am not normally a voyeur especially in campsites because it is far to easy to be caught, but these people almost looked like they were on a huge TV screen just outside my window I was OBLIGATED to watch. Right?

Well they weren't porn stars but they were into each other very much and I was having a good time watching them. She was rubbing her naked body all over this guy as they kissed and then she hopped up and plopped herself in front of him and started giving his cock a good tongue lashing! The look on his face said how well she was performing, he was having a great time!

Well by this time of course my left hand was two fingers deep inside me as I worked my little kitty into a lather. She stood up from her oral ministrations, leaned against the table and spread her legs. He wasted no time and simply slipped his hard cock right in side her ass just as smooth as you please! My pussy convulsed and my hand was suddenly soaking wet!

Now I know I have said that I am not into anal sex in the past but let me just clarify something here, I never said I didn't like WATCHING anal sex, just that it hurts too much for me to partake of it. (Except when I'm with you Scotty, you can fuck my ass any time you want. But I think you already know that huh?)

Well he is plowing her ass at this point and I am rubbing my clit with the heel of my hand, pressing hard while my fingers dip inside my hole every now and then when I see his whole body go rigid and he bucks into her ass over and over again. She looks like she is having a good time as he pumps his load into her ass. Then he stops for a second and pulls out of her and goes bac to the sofa. For just a moment or two she is bent over the table, ass more or less pointed at me, with a large amount of goo beginning to leak out of her asshole.

Then she goes over to the sofa, straddles his head and plants her ass right on his face! I squirted on the window right then!!! He was sucking his cum out of her ass and I LOVE that!!! I knocked my glass off the table, empty thank god! And then shook again as I came one more time, god I love that feeling.

Well after he had suck his cum from her bung they went back to kissing like horny teens, I can just imagine the taste of his kiss, ass cum and all! After a while she mounted him and rode hime to what looked like a hell of a nice orgasm, but I could not see much and I basically just softly rubbed my mound and the outsides of my pussy as I watched them have a good time for the next half an hour or so. I buzzed myself to a smashing orgasm before I went to sleep and had some great dreams of having sex on TV with an older couple.

By the time I was packed up and ready for the road this morning my older couple had packed up and gone their way. They waved on their way out, I wonder if they know I watched last night. I hope so.


  1. I bet they knew you were watching, you did say they were next to you and had their blinds open and the lights on, i gotta imagine they wanted you watching and I bet they had got a peek or two at you too ;)

    1. Well now, that IS possible...

    2. Specially with YOU across the way, who wouldnt wanna give a show to remember? ;P

    3. I doubt they knew who I was hun or what my proclivities might be. Still, I would love to thank them personally if you get my meaning. ;)

  2. well i think that your thank you might earn you a little you're welcum :P