Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello All

Good evening everyone from a naked campsite in northern Oregon!

OK, so it's not so naked because it's damned chilly outside and raining so I have on warm socks and fleecy PJs, but I'm naked in my soul!

It is a wonderful thing that the show season has begun again and I can go back to living on the road with the horses and working my biscuits off instead of lounging about and being bored.

This weekend's horse show will be wonderful because I am going to win a few this year, (How's that for positive thinking?) and I am going to impress judges and make no faults. I also want to try and form a grooms masturbation club where all of us hard working horse people and get together after all the tack is put away and knock back a beer and have some shared self pleasure. There's gotta be at least a few takers for that right?

And I want to be telling more adventures here in my little journal so others can share in the erotic and the perverse along with me. After all it's no fun to not tell people when you have had a nice solid orgasm that ruined the sofa cushions and knocked books off the shelves.

Speaking of that, before I signed on here I was enjoying a bit of a rub myself. I had shaved this morning before departing California and had spent quite some time rubbing the smooth skin of my mound and thrilling to the feel of my naked smooth skin pressed against the inside of my jeans. After I had reached this camp site and had everyone ready for the night I slipped my favorite kegle balls in and sat back and rocked my self to a soaker of an orgasm! I think I woke up the old folks in the next campsite. :)

Now I have a warm, wet feeling of yum between my thighs and that flush that runs down my chest and wraps around me like a warm hug. The only thing I wish I had was a fireplace so I could watch the flames and listen to the rain and just purr. Oh my I feel wonderful! I think I'll do that again!

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  1. Well well well, sounds like somebody is having fun! Hope to talk to ya soon and cant wait to hear about all your new stories :P