Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free at last!

I am HOME! (Well almost, I'm at Kim's house in Lodi.) I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be out and safe and sound after all of that shit! I spent literally all of today "processing" to get out of there.

And before I go any further and HUGE wet kiss and a bear hug goes to the people at the Prometheus Group in San Francisco! If you are ever in trouble in S.F. and in need of an attorney I HIGHLY recommend them, this time last week I was looking at still being in jail for my 29th birthday and today I'm out! Granted I am on probation for 2 friggin' years but I would rather that than the hell hole I have spent the last 3 weeks in!

I was in a "dorm" that was built for twenty people, there were 38 of us in there and there were 10 toilets, with no doors or anything. I'm a naked person but there are some things I want a bit of privacy for ya know? I have never liked the term "Skank" before, but now I know what it REALLY means. YUCK!

A great big wet kiss to all of you out there that were concerned about my troubles. I think I have learned yet another painful lesson, shame it has to eliminate another of my favorite things from my life. (At least for a couple of years. ) :) I am thrilled that my job and my home still awaits me, that my family has understood even if it did scare the living shit out of my niece Becky. Maybe that's best.

A seemingly unrelated decision I made while in jail is that I am going to be removing all photos of me from my sites and won't be sharing them again except with good friends. I still have lots of porn pics I'll post just none that show me. Sorry. This seems unrelated to my troubles until you meet some of the women I have spent some time with. One had even seen my blog and wanted me to go down on the entire room. Eeewww! So safety is important. I still have my Yahoo account and will chat there but I have dumped my Babblesex and other chat forum accounts. We'll have to see what happens for a while.

Any way, it's time to go get naked, lay about the house and love with my friends. Good night all.

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