Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I had promised myself never to delete any post from this blog but when I posted the other night about being lonely I was embarrassed the next morning when I had no replys. So I deleted the post.

But like a dumb blonde I forgot to check my e-mail! I was all bummed because no one had written to me and now I have some really wonderful e-mails that would have pumped my night if I had just thought to look for them.

I want to thank you all for the exciting stories, I really enjoyed them.

Oh and by the way, I'll never delete a post again. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


Has anyone ever heard of this?

I was surfing porn today and came across this video and it kind of fascinated me. Especially since the guy seemed to cum a bucket full!

Please share what you know with me. And check out this video...


Monday, February 11, 2013

What a weekend!

Well we had one hell of a great first weekend back in the free world! First it was just an immense pleasure to be able to walk around naked again with no fear of being beaten up!

Next to be in the arms of a girl I love deeply and to be able to have her thighs pressed to my ears as I please her was joy beyond words. And when we were finished pleasing each other and laying back in that beautiful suffused radiance of women that have been well slaked, we were joined in bed by Cory, Kimberly's husband, who has never in the past joined us.

He came into our bed and after kissing Kim most passionately took me in his arms and held me for what seemed forever. My head softly cradled in his arms, my warm breasts pressed against his side and one leg thrown around him we lay in a slowly rocking embrace. It was a very, very comforting position to be in, the warmth of his body against mine, the feeling of his manliness growing between us, I didn't really want it to ever end.

Then he kissed me.

I have kissed Cory many times before, but never before has he kissed me like this. It was a soft, warm, deep kiss that my entire being felt all at once. A tingle like electricity running up and down my spine reaching down to my toes and up to my head, which swam with the heady feeling of it. He pulled me into him as he kissed me and I felt a gush of warm liquid between my thighs as it flooded out onto his leg that I was wrapped around.

I knew what was coming next but was still unprepared when he very deftly pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. There was a brief pause in his motions and his arms were around me tightly, I could feel both of his hands on my naked back and rump when they were joined by a third that quickly and expertly moved aside to allow his hard cock to slip inside me. I had been so entranced in my feelings that I had actually forgotten that Kim was there, naked in bed next to us, as I was being absorbed into her husband of more than 10 years.

He slipped his cock all the way inside my eager pussy and just laid there, not moving, only breathing. I wanted him to move, to feel him thrust his tool deep inside me over and over and over, but he didn't move. I could feel him inside me, stretching me, I felt the warm rush as juices from my pussy began to seep out around his shaft and puddle between us and I ached for him to move. And just when I thought I could take no more of the waiting, he slowly began to make circular motions with his hips. This started a feeling inside of me that I just cannot describe, I pulled myself onto him as hard as I could and shuddered.

The wave went completely through me a couple of times and nothing existed for me in the world but his arms around me and his dick inside of me. I shook like an earthquake was tearing through me and then the wave settled into my pussy and pushed out as a gusher of pussy cum forced its way past his hard cock inside me and soaked him. I could feel wetness on my ass and my tummy but I held onto him and then he began to thrust into me. I actually screamed! I never scream.

His motions were slow at first, making me ride my wave, but it wasn't long before they took on the pace of a man on his way to orgasm. He was faster and stronger than he had been, building and building. He was bouncing me on top of him to a point where I thought I might actually fall off. Just then he was thrusting and pushing against me, relaxing, pushing, relaxing, pushing, I knew that he was delivering his cum inside my already soaking wet pussy and I loved it!

After pushing against me for several moments his entire body relaxed underneath me and I collapsed against his chest. His arms were still around me, one hand in my hair the other in the small of my back when that third hand returned, scooping up the mingled juices flowing from me and rubbing them on my ass and Cory's balls. She came around where we could see her grinning like the cat that ate the canary, three fingers in her mouth which she removed with a loud slurping sound.

"Didn't I tell you he was wonderful" she asks me as she strokes my hair with the same hand she was just mopping up cum with. She touched her husbands cheek and smiled and he slowly started to roll me off of his chest and onto my back. Kimberly slipped a wonderful pillow under my hips  and then she and Cory take turns licking my pussy, sucking out all of him cum and my own slippery juices. I am in heaven when Cory reappears by my head, his dripping, softening cock inches from my face, I reach out and slip his cum covered tool into my mouth and begin my own clean-up procedure.

He tastes of pussy and cum and somehow chocolate just ever so slightly. I greedily gobble his cock, my own sexual desire rising again as he begins to firm up. When he is hard enough to penetrate me he moves between my legs and begins a slow but deliberate fucking of my now gaping and dripping pussy. But since I am on my back, Kim comes up from the other direction and straddles my head, slowly lowering her delicious pussy on to my waiting tongue! Oh my! I gush as soon as I can smell her delectable gash and I reach up to insert a finger inside her, drawing out her slippery, tasty pussy lube.

I moved my now very slick finger from her pussy so I might have better access and I reach around her and slip it up her ass. I know this makes her cum instantly so I guess I am cheating but I wanted her juice. After some time like this Cory announces that he is going to cum again and Kim hops off of my face so she can be between her hubby's hard cock and my dripping pussy. He must have made one hell of a mess on my legs and in my pussy because she is licking and slurping like a woman crazed! When I figured she must be about finished I felt her touch my swollen clit and I exploded again all over her face!

We slipped into a wonderful mode of kissing and touching and woke up Saturday morning with renewed energy and desire. Cory's cock got quite a workout but then so did my pussy. My god it is good to out of the hell hole, I don't think I would have lived through 9 months of no sex. Yes it was a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free at last!

I am HOME! (Well almost, I'm at Kim's house in Lodi.) I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be out and safe and sound after all of that shit! I spent literally all of today "processing" to get out of there.

And before I go any further and HUGE wet kiss and a bear hug goes to the people at the Prometheus Group in San Francisco! If you are ever in trouble in S.F. and in need of an attorney I HIGHLY recommend them, this time last week I was looking at still being in jail for my 29th birthday and today I'm out! Granted I am on probation for 2 friggin' years but I would rather that than the hell hole I have spent the last 3 weeks in!

I was in a "dorm" that was built for twenty people, there were 38 of us in there and there were 10 toilets, with no doors or anything. I'm a naked person but there are some things I want a bit of privacy for ya know? I have never liked the term "Skank" before, but now I know what it REALLY means. YUCK!

A great big wet kiss to all of you out there that were concerned about my troubles. I think I have learned yet another painful lesson, shame it has to eliminate another of my favorite things from my life. (At least for a couple of years. ) :) I am thrilled that my job and my home still awaits me, that my family has understood even if it did scare the living shit out of my niece Becky. Maybe that's best.

A seemingly unrelated decision I made while in jail is that I am going to be removing all photos of me from my sites and won't be sharing them again except with good friends. I still have lots of porn pics I'll post just none that show me. Sorry. This seems unrelated to my troubles until you meet some of the women I have spent some time with. One had even seen my blog and wanted me to go down on the entire room. Eeewww! So safety is important. I still have my Yahoo account and will chat there but I have dumped my Babblesex and other chat forum accounts. We'll have to see what happens for a while.

Any way, it's time to go get naked, lay about the house and love with my friends. Good night all.