Monday, January 14, 2013

A little self love

I woke up this morning after a wonderful dream that had made me very wet indeed and as I lay there remembering my left hand just sort of strolled it's way down to my mound. I think if you have read my blog you know by now how much I enjoy the feeling of my moist pussy, it's smooth lips, it's inviting opening, the hard little bud of my clitoris. Well this morning was no different and I found myself 3 fingers deep into myself almost before I knew what I was doing.

It is a soft, slippery delightful feeling that always sends little shivers up my back and causes my kitty to gush in great floods. I love the feeling of warm pussy juice on my hand and running down the crack of my ass, it makes me feel alive! And I was feeling very alive this morning!

When I cum a almost always will squirt. I know that some folks find that weird, I was even having sex with a guy once that was so shocked by it that he grabbed his pants and left. (Stupid fuck). Today I made a serious mess of my sheets and when I am done here telling you about it I am going to have to do some laundry. I tell you, for a girl that wear clothes as infrequently as I do I have more laundry than most! ;)

My pussy was relaxed this morning, very easy to enter I mean, and my hand was just having so much fun that I just couldn't stop my self. A pinch of my clit, a stroke of my lips, a twist of my hand, a rub of my palm, SQUIRT! I love it! I did it three times before I finally got up. The only down side was that there was no one there to lick my pussy for me, I would have loved that!


  1. Wow that was hot! You made me melt! I could see my hand been yours! I'd love to see you squirt! I missed your posts.
    Big hug!

  2. welllll, maybe you should have given me a call! jk, but for real its lovely as always to read about your exploits :)

  3. Beautiful as always Melody ♥
    You know this is one guy that would drink down every last drop of anything that's squirting form your delicious pussy.
    I'd make damn sure that the crack of your ass was squeaky clean too!!