Thursday, January 24, 2013


Kim here again folks.

Well yesterday was ugly and well, things don't look good. The prosecutor is a peckerwood and is wanting to pretty much hang all four of them out to dry. The boy with his pants mostly zipped will likely not have to do much time, 30 days they said. The two boys who had their pants off and their cocks wet are in for 180 days.

Melody on the other hand is up for a minimum of 8 months. She had gotten arrested once before in S.F. for masturbating at a cafe in the Castro so they are using that against her in this case too. What the hell is wrong with playing with yourself in the open for gods sake?! I do it!

Well, she has been moved, I don't know where to yet and she cannot have any visitors for a week. I don't know how the living arrangements will be where she's going but she said where they had her there was 20 women in the same big cell area. I don't think I have to tell you that she is scared shitless!

I don't know if I can stand it having to wait a week before I can talk to her again! Arrrrggggghhhh!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Important Message

Morning friends of my dear friend Melody. I am Kim, and Mel and I are lovers and friends. She asked me to post something here so you all would not wonder or worry about her. It seems our dear friend will be having an extended stay as a guest of the City of San Francisco, California and won't be able to chat with you for some time.

You see, last night Melody and I were in San Fran to have dinner and to do some boy hunting when she ran afoul of the authorities. We were in a club in the Castro and had latched onto the three nice young men and were busy kissing and dancing and drinking and generally whooping it up when I had to excuse my self to go potty. As I came back out I could see Melody bent over a table, no big surprise that, but instead of our young men lined up to fuck her she had 4 police officers around her and was in handcuffs! WTF?

As I came up to this group another officer stops me and says in his best "I'm a tough bastard" voice "Stand back ma'am." I can see that two of the boys are still standing there handcuffed, pants open, peckers hanging out and looking very upset. I tell Mr.Macho that they have my friend and that my purse is sitting on the table, I am immediately detained!

After a very long time my purse is returned to me and I am allowed to go but Melody and our two boys are hustled off to jail on a variety of charges including prostitution, (which is bullshit by the way), public nudity and lude behavior in public, (which are true), and a whole mess of other things as well.

So after quite some time again my phone rings and it is Melody telling me what's going on. Seems that after I went to the ladies room she had flashed our three boys by lifting her skirt and since she was wearing some very sexy underthings it got their attention. In short order she was on her knees giving two of them blow jobs / hand jobs while the third watched and rubbed his cock. It was at this point that fate stepped in.

Seems this club has a bit of a reputation around town for being a place to meet and to have very public sex, (the exact reason we were there in the first place!), and they have been raided by the police several times. Last night being the most recent. It was simply bad luck that she chose that moment to begin sucking our two friends. As the cops came in several people inside the club turned out to also be cops and it so happened that one was at the table next to us. They had the three of them red handed in the very act. (The third boy who's name I don't know managed to slip out without being arrested, the little fuck.

Well because this is not the first time Melody has been arrested for this she was not released this morning and is facing a max penalty of almost 2 year in jail if they convict her of all the charges against her. I have seen to it that she has a good lawyer, but at this point it doesn't look good and all we can really do is hope the judge like her. She will at the very least spend 90 days in jail and have to pay a $2000 fine. You can probably imagine how she reacted to that, it's every penny she has saved and more. I will do what I can to help her of course, the money is no problem. Her niece Becky is coming out to work her job until it all blows over and her boss has been very understanding. Nice to have friends.

Well she wanted me to tell you all what had happened because at the very least she won't be able to leave any posts here until April and she thought some of you might be concerned. So there it is, the whole nasty business. I hope you all think happy thoughts for our Melody and pray that she is back with us as soon as possible. I will let you all know how things go, now I must get some sleep, it has been a very long night.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A little self love

I woke up this morning after a wonderful dream that had made me very wet indeed and as I lay there remembering my left hand just sort of strolled it's way down to my mound. I think if you have read my blog you know by now how much I enjoy the feeling of my moist pussy, it's smooth lips, it's inviting opening, the hard little bud of my clitoris. Well this morning was no different and I found myself 3 fingers deep into myself almost before I knew what I was doing.

It is a soft, slippery delightful feeling that always sends little shivers up my back and causes my kitty to gush in great floods. I love the feeling of warm pussy juice on my hand and running down the crack of my ass, it makes me feel alive! And I was feeling very alive this morning!

When I cum a almost always will squirt. I know that some folks find that weird, I was even having sex with a guy once that was so shocked by it that he grabbed his pants and left. (Stupid fuck). Today I made a serious mess of my sheets and when I am done here telling you about it I am going to have to do some laundry. I tell you, for a girl that wear clothes as infrequently as I do I have more laundry than most! ;)

My pussy was relaxed this morning, very easy to enter I mean, and my hand was just having so much fun that I just couldn't stop my self. A pinch of my clit, a stroke of my lips, a twist of my hand, a rub of my palm, SQUIRT! I love it! I did it three times before I finally got up. The only down side was that there was no one there to lick my pussy for me, I would have loved that!