Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barn Sweet Barn

Oh my goodness is it ever good to finally be back home! I can't tell you how hard it has been to be having to work all day in jeans. ;) Although I must admit that I am not running around my own barn much now in the buff as it has been down right frigid here. I have worked the horses a few times in the nude while it was sunny but there has been rain and clouds here too and that makes for stiff nipples and cold toes. But the moment I am back inside I am out of clothes, in front of the fire and comfy.

I have managed to see my Kim a few times now since I have been home. The first night, when I thought we would be making crazy wet love together we actually ended up curled up naked in front of the fire, me leaning on her hubby and her leaning on me. We just lay there and enjoyed the warm press of our naked flesh and relished being together after almost eight months!

The hot, wet, sloppy, sticky, drippy sex came the next day. That was fun too! :)

My riding lessons have begun again as well and that is something I am beginning to rethink. I mean it is one thing to be available for masturbation lessons to family members in a family as open and nude as ours is, but is it really a good idea to be spreading my own views of sex and nudity to people I don't really know? I wonder. And I am beginning to wonder if my current masturbation group can be trusted to keep it to them selves.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two More Weeks and HOME!!!

I can hardly wait! Just one more stop to make in Oklahoma to pick up a new horse and then I get to go home! I can hardly remember how log it's been since I slept in my own bed or been able kiss my own girlfriend!

These last several weeks have been tough on me, not enough time to pursue any partners nor time enough to sit on line and chat with all of my dirty-minded friends. (You know who you are!) Just work, sleep, eat, repeat. All work and no play makes Melody a VERY horny girl. I almost feel sorry for Kim when I finally do get to see her because I am going to attack the poor girl!  ;)

I did find something that describes how I feel right now very well...

And then this morning I came across this one and I must say that it is very true too..

And of course thinking of that made me do this...

I can't wait to get home!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Middle American Beauty

Wow, I guess I just always assumed that the girls I would meet in the small towns in the center of our great country would be kind of old fashioned, June Cleaver sorts. Boy was I wrong last night!!!

I had stopped at a campground outside a little town in a mid-west state north of Texas, ;) and a couple of campsites away was this group of folks that turned out to be really nice people but one in particular was VERY nice if you follow me. They were from another part of this state and were on vacation and noticed me and the horses as we had pulled in. Every one came over to say hello and to ask me about my horses.

One girl though wasn't asking many questions but was following me around as I let the horses out of their confinement. Once the rest of the crowd had thinned out she started chatting me up, asking what events I rode in, what it was like to travel like I was doing, that sort of thing. She was very friendly, was a plain girl, the sort you always saw at high school but paid no attention to, (Right boys? You only notice the pretty ones.) but she had a stunning smile that when it flashed across her face made her truly beautiful. Her whole body was involved in that smile! It got my attention.

I wasn't thinking anything would happen here, she was from a small town in a mid-west state and she was here with her family and she was at most 17. So I was very friendly back to her, chatted and flirted while I groomed the horses and they happily munched alfalfa, it was a lovely couple of hours after being stuck with only the horses to talk to for several days. Her mom came back over to retrieve her for dinner and to my shock I received a dinner invite! Wow, how cool is that!

I said Yes, please and hopped back into my trailer for a quick scrub-up grabbed a bottle of wine and dashed off to my new friend's campsite. Dinner was simple but wonderful and I didn't have to cook or clean up, what luxury! Was ate and drank and gabbed and played Uno into the wee small hours then said our good nights and my new friend walked me back to my campsite (A whole 50 yards away.) so I wouldn't get lost in the dark. Her mom just laughed.

She told me they were staying a few days and I would be welcome when ever I wanted to stop by. (Did I mention these were really nice people?) then she did what I wasn't expecting, she reached out and gave me a good night kiss. A soft, welcoming sort of kiss that tells you in no uncertain terms that this person fancies you. So what could I do? I kissed her back, deeply and with gratitude so she knew that I understood her. Then she pulled away, said good night and sort of skipped back to her camp. (And yes, I watched her the entire way!)

Next morning, yesterday, I was up early like always feeding horses and picking up horse poop when my new friend came skipping back over to see me. Talking about how her whole family had such a good time the night before and I really just had to come back. Then she got quiet and said she was a bit embarrassed about kissing me the night before and had hoped it had not upset me. I said it hadn't and suggested we go inside for some coffee and talk.

Well we went in and as she closed the door behind her I was slipping my dirty horsey smelling shirt off so when she turned around what she saw was me naked from the waist up. I put my arms around her, and kissed her. "No, I didn't mind" I said and went to pull my clean shirt on. A hand on my naked back stopped me.

I turned around and she was naked in the same manner I was, waist up. Her breasts were so softly curved, small and almost perfectly round and her skin practically glowed. She was indeed 17 but only just, and her girl friends at school had all been talking about sex. They had all touched each other, but there their courage flagged and no one had kissed anyone, I was her first kiss. I felt my pants become instantly wet, I was in trouble.What if her parents came and knocked on my door? What would I say? Oh well, she kissed far to wonderfully to worry about it.

The smooth, softness of her pressed against my naked chest made me very light headed indeed. I took a deep breathe of her soft red hair and when I let it out we were both totally naked lying in each others arms on the sofa kissing like teenagers. (Well d'uh) It was actually kind of weird how quickly and easily we had become naked but we just seemed to fall into it.

She said she had never been with another woman but the way she caressed me, the way she kissed and licked and sucked and stroked me you would never have thought she was inexperienced. But the naive way she approached things, the way she hesitated before she touched made it very clear that it was all new to her. She waited for me to touch her and then repeated what I had done to her almost exactly.

When I finally got between those soft, pale legs I found a girl that was nearly completely shaved, just a thin strip of soft red hair leading me down to her sublime pussy. She was soft and sweet and smelled gently of perfume. "So," I thought, "she had something in mind from the beginning, how cool is that?!"

She was surprised at how much she enjoyed having her pussy licked, she arched her back and pressed in on me. We played for about an hour, me licking her, she licking me. My climax startled her a bit, she didn't know that women could squirt but she was eager to experience it again so I obliged her. :)

After more than an hour of rolling about and getting very wet indeed we were both just basking in the glow of each other when there was a light knock at my door. Her mother called to her from outside that breakfast was ready now and that I could join them if I wanted to. (Hell yes I wanted to.) We got dressed and as she ran a comb through her hair I asked her how her mother knew she was here and she looked at me like I had just asked her the dumbest question on earth and said "I told her where I was going."

Breakfast was wonderful, simple like the night before but simple can be wonderful. I was sitting next to her mother and while her father and her cleared the table her mother turned to me with a beautiful smile, rested her hand very high on my thigh and said thank you to me. Huh?

"I wanted to say thank you for being so sweet to our daughter, we could tell she was attracted to from the very first moment we met." Huh?, My brain said again. I must have had that WTF? look on my face because she became very frank and said "Well didn't the two of you just make love together?" I was at a total loss of what to say, all that came out was a feeble "Um, uh" and she started laughing very sweetly. "Melody, we knew she wanted to make love to a woman, she and I have talked about it. My husband and I are both bisexual and we have encouraged this in our children. We are very open."

So much for being small town stodgy.

"After you left last night she talked to us and asked if she might ask you, since she didn't come right back from your trailer we figured you said yes." all the while smiling that beautiful mid-west mom smile at me. I finally found my voice and started laughing and wrapped mom in a big hug! We talked about what her daughter and I had just done and as we were talking her daughter rejoined us at the table. Her brothers and their father had found something else to go and do, I have no idea what.

We talked for quite a while both of us telling her mother what it had been like to be together earlier that morning. When she told her mother about the way I had squirted while she was eating my pussy her mother's eyes got a bit wide and she looked me in the face and said "Really?" I admitted it was true and that it was very easy to do. My new friend pipped up and said "You really should see it mom." HUH?

I was already startled by her mother's open attitude now here she was basically inviting her mother to watch me cum. I was dazed. For about 4 seconds. I looked her mom right in the eye and said, "Would you like too?" Everyone stood up at once, I guess that's a yes. We walked straight back to my trailer, past the horses I was ignoring this morning, up the steps and inside.

The door had barely shut when both mom and daughter were out of their pants and sitting on the sofa watching me. They acted like they had done this before and I learned later that they did indeed masturbate together though there was no incestuous relationship there, they merely masturbated together. (Actually this should be practiced in all household in my opinion but I digress.) I bent down and kissed them both then I knelt between her mother's legs and began to have a good time.

In no time at all I had her mom squirming and she had gone behind me and was licking me for all she was worth. When it was clear I could take no more before squirting I moved to the chair and spread my legs wide and began massaging my clit so they could both see clearly. They were sitting together both furiously fingering themselves when it hit me... I arched and squirted and actually hit mom with my juicy pussy nectar.

They both enjoyed the show I could tell but it was mom who came over to lick my pussy while her daughter masturbated in front of me. It was a lot of fun. I squirted again into mom's mouth because she had licked me into a friggin' frenzy! Her daughter came over and was kissing me like mad as her mom continued to lick and suck on my very swollen labia, I was having a very good morning.

After another couple of hours of sexual wonderland we all got our clothes back on and went over to their camp for lunch, being prepared by the boys. As we came walking back Dad turns to his wife and daughter and asked if they had a nice time. 3 very large grins answered him! Well lunch was wonderful and we talked about a lot of things including sex. The boys listened, asked some questions and basically were very well behaved, this family was amazing! But they were leaving in a few hours, I nearly cried.

We exchanged contact information, (something I never do), and made plans to "run into" each other in a few weeks. Hugs were exchanged with the boys and kisses with everyone else. As dad was saying goodbye to me he gave me a hug and a wonderful kiss then whispered that he hoped he might get to watch us next time. I reached down and gave his cock a squeeze and promised him he could do more than watch if he wanted to.

I told them I would be writing about this wonderful encounter and they asked that I not use any names, so I haven't. They pulled out of the campsite 4 hours ago and I miss them already. In telling you all this long drawn out story I have had to stop and pleasure myself twice. I have never met more wonderful, warm and open people outside of the nudist community back home. I am hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

By folks, I'll see you in three weeks. Kisses!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have just seen a great documentary (I love documentaries!!!) on the sex industry and it is proof why I would never become a whore despite the draw of the money. They don't enjoy sex any more. Every time I have sex whether it's with my lover Kim or some stranger at a campground in Wyoming that I will never see again, I enjoy the act!

I write here and masturbate with people online because I enjoy it and I cannot imagine getting up in the morning and saying, "Ugh, I have to have sex today." I wake up and ask, "I wonder if I'll get to have sex today?" Sex is a blast for me, I hope it is for you too.

In case you're interested here's the link for the show I was watching...

Monday, June 3, 2013


You know this weekend sucked. Didn't meet anyone to play with all weekend, and I ended the weekend with 32 faults so I was nowhere even close to scoring points. It just sucked and I couldn't! So another day or two of rest here then back on the road.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Perfect Vagina?

The Perfect Pussy?!

Now, even if you don't know me I think it is pretty clear that I am very comfortable with my own body. How it looks, how it feels and what I can do with it and to it. But I have met a LOT of women over the years that aren't.

Last night I was surfing about the internet and came across the phrase "she had a perfect vagina!" and it made me stop and ask my self the question, "Is there a perfect vagina?" This is a job for Google!!!

Straight off I found a link to a film that was much more than I was expecting. This link right here as a matter of fact;

Turns out to be a very well done documentary for English TV, (and it surprised me by actually showing women's vaginas!) that is concerned with how women feel about their pussies and a cosmetic procedure called Labioplasty where the outer lips are reduced or removed.

I was astounded that women could feel so ashamed or embarrassed about what their pussy looked like that they would consider surgery an actual option! I cannot even imagine that!

This video isn't porn by any stretch of the imagination, it is a documentary and an absolute MUST watch for all women, even if you are comfortable with your girl parts. But in my own humble opinion all men should take the time to watch it as well. I think if more men knew what an intimate relationship we have with our vaginas they might actually understand us a bit more.

This video is nearly an hour long but it is well worth your time. Be brave, check it out. If you're really brave you'll watch it and then talk to someone about it. If you need an understanding ear to talk to drop me a line, I'll be happy to discuss it.

The lesson I took away from this film was, Every pussy is perfect!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Campers

Well here we are at the KOA in ********* Wyoming, on the way to the next show. After having a win last week I am still high as a kite and looking forward to next weekend. The boss' daughter is scheduled to catch up with me and we will both be riding, though in different divisions.

But let me tell you about last night. I was at another campground, sitting in my "Living room" in my usual state of evening attire, when I happened to look up out of my window. What I saw stopped me, I was looking through the big picture windows of the camper next to me and they had not bothered to draw the shades. Sitting on the sofa bench is this reasonably attractive couple in their 40s or 50s, partly undressed and making out like sex starved teenagers!

This got my attention!

I quick like a bunny shut off the light and opened my own curtains a bit more so I could see better. Now I am not normally a voyeur especially in campsites because it is far to easy to be caught, but these people almost looked like they were on a huge TV screen just outside my window I was OBLIGATED to watch. Right?

Well they weren't porn stars but they were into each other very much and I was having a good time watching them. She was rubbing her naked body all over this guy as they kissed and then she hopped up and plopped herself in front of him and started giving his cock a good tongue lashing! The look on his face said how well she was performing, he was having a great time!

Well by this time of course my left hand was two fingers deep inside me as I worked my little kitty into a lather. She stood up from her oral ministrations, leaned against the table and spread her legs. He wasted no time and simply slipped his hard cock right in side her ass just as smooth as you please! My pussy convulsed and my hand was suddenly soaking wet!

Now I know I have said that I am not into anal sex in the past but let me just clarify something here, I never said I didn't like WATCHING anal sex, just that it hurts too much for me to partake of it. (Except when I'm with you Scotty, you can fuck my ass any time you want. But I think you already know that huh?)

Well he is plowing her ass at this point and I am rubbing my clit with the heel of my hand, pressing hard while my fingers dip inside my hole every now and then when I see his whole body go rigid and he bucks into her ass over and over again. She looks like she is having a good time as he pumps his load into her ass. Then he stops for a second and pulls out of her and goes bac to the sofa. For just a moment or two she is bent over the table, ass more or less pointed at me, with a large amount of goo beginning to leak out of her asshole.

Then she goes over to the sofa, straddles his head and plants her ass right on his face! I squirted on the window right then!!! He was sucking his cum out of her ass and I LOVE that!!! I knocked my glass off the table, empty thank god! And then shook again as I came one more time, god I love that feeling.

Well after he had suck his cum from her bung they went back to kissing like horny teens, I can just imagine the taste of his kiss, ass cum and all! After a while she mounted him and rode hime to what looked like a hell of a nice orgasm, but I could not see much and I basically just softly rubbed my mound and the outsides of my pussy as I watched them have a good time for the next half an hour or so. I buzzed myself to a smashing orgasm before I went to sleep and had some great dreams of having sex on TV with an older couple.

By the time I was packed up and ready for the road this morning my older couple had packed up and gone their way. They waved on their way out, I wonder if they know I watched last night. I hope so.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wow, What a weekend!

I WON!!!!!

That's right, I won an event, 5 clear rounds! It was the best high I've had in a long time and my first perfect weekend since my accident. Well I was stoked pretty hard so I just HAD to go out and celebrate! It might be a while before Denver recovers!

I was at the bar closest to the event site, no idea what it was called but it was dark and crowded and I drank and danced and drank and danced and drank some more and pretty soon I was in a dark corner in a chair with some guy standing in front of me while I sucked his cock and played with his balls. Shaved balls, I just love that! (I tell you guys, more of you need to be shaving your balls, it makes sucking on them so much more fun!) Well he was a nice guy, I had been dancing with him and I could see this raging hard on in his jeans so we went to the corner and I softened his cock for him. ;) Yummy!

Well after I savored his load, cleaned up his meat for him and tucked him neatly back in his jeans I gave him a big kiss and ordered another drink. I am very drunk by this time, so I just leaned back and was having a lovely time watching all the lovely people when the waitress brought my drink. She sets it down on the table and smiling in a conspiratorial way says that the girl at the end of the bar sent it to me. Cool I say, and smile and wave at the brunette at the bar who hesitatingly waves back.

The waitress, who's name was Nicole sits down across from me and says she was sorry but she had fibbed, the brunette didn't send me the drink, she had wanted to meet me and could think of no better way. This made me laugh pretty hard and I told her I found that dreadfully cute and that no one had tried to chat me up that way before. Well it seems that Nicole had seen my exchange with the young man from the dance floor and was very aroused by my ability to be such an open slut. Yes she said that word, "slut". She asked if I ever played with women and I said oh hell yes I do!

Well she found my public display had made her wet and was wondering if I might like to meet up with her after her shift at 1am. I thought "Wow, I am just too fucking lucky!" So I said sure, it was only a couple of hours and I asked her for a coke so I wouldn't be too hammered to get her off when she got off. She grinned and said "sure sweetie" and went and got me my soda. I can't recall ever getting a date because someone saw me blowing someone else. And then a wonderfully dirty idea hit me...

She said that seeing me suck off my dance partner really turned her on, so I got up to find a new dance partner a wicked grin on my lips. A couple of songs later I was back at my corner table, sitting very close to this boy, my hand resting gently on his leg just below his manhood. I knew he was on the point of asking me to leave with him so I placed my hand on his warm bulge, leaned in close to him and whispered that I wanted to suck his cock right here, right now and gave him a little squeeze.

He couldn't believe his luck but said "Here?!?" I said sure, just stand in front of me and unzip and I would do the rest. Well after a brief consideration he stood up and unzipped. (Not to be too arrogant but I have never been turned down yet.) I played with him, licked him like a Popsicle, massaged his balls and sucked every drop I could from him all the while glancing around to see if I could see Nicole, I never could. Well I licked him clean and wiped him dry with a napkin and tucked him back inside his pants and then kissed him full on the mouth, his cum still on my lips. "Thanks a lot." was all he manage to say.

No sooner had he walked away from my table than there was my sexy waitress Nicole sitting next to me. Where the hell had she come from?! "That was sexy as fuck hun! I loved watching that!" I told her how much I loved doing it and she just smiled. "Another coke?" Sure I said. I was thinking of maybe dancing some more when a young man with a glass was at my table. He said kind of nervously "Hi, Nicole said that if I brought you this I might get something too."  "Did she?" I asked, "well lets see what you've got there hun." and I took the glass from him and sat him across from me.

"What did Nicole tell you about me" I asked him and he blushed. (How fucking charming is that?) He said she had told him that he was sure to get a nice blowjob if he brought me a drink. So I leaned across and put my hand in his lap, he was good and hard already! So I told him what to do, stand in front of me so no one could see what we were doing and unzip his pants. He had a rather small dick but it was very hard and he tasted of cilantro for some reason and I had a very good time sucking his whole cock and his balls into my mouth. When he came he had to steady himself on the table, and I had the pleasure of a huge and I mean HUGE load of cum from his small dick. Oh, heaven! I had to take a breath to swallow it all, and even then some leaked out the corners of my mouth.

We got him put away, I kissed him and he went away grinning. I had a sip of my coke and suddenly there was another guy standing at my table. This guy was ahead of the curve, he was standing in front of my chair with a very large erection sticking out of his open pants and a shit-eating grin on his face. "Nicole said you would take care of this for me." Did she? I saw her behind the bar looking at me and laughing. So I took Mr. Big Dick into my mouth and sucked him until he moaned and shot his wad down my throat.

When he walked away there was another, then another and another. At some point I recognized the first boy I had sucked off standing there, his hard pecker poking out of his jeans asking if he could go again like I was a carnival ride! :) I said " Yes you can, give me a second." I peeled off my now very wet jeans, pulled his down so I could access his hard on properly, sat him in a chair with his back to the room and I mounted him just like a horse, easily slipping his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Now that felt good! I ordered him to sit still and I rode him the way I wanted, rocking and bouncing and twisting. I guess he liked it because in very little time I felt that warm wet sensation as he filled my pussy with his second load of the evening.

I knew I couldn't go back to sucking cocks alone at this point, I had to had to had to have hard cock inside me now. I was situated so that unless you looked under the table there was no way you could tell I was naked from the waist and as Nicole kept sending men my way I just kept sitting on their cocks and letting them fill me. Nine I think, maybe it was only eight, but it was a major blast! I had my last cock inside my dripping pussy when I heard Last Call. There weren't many people left in the place but I could see a table of two guys and three women across the dance floor trying not to look in my direction as I sat on some guy's meat. I felt him tense and the urgency told me that I was about to take one more loads' worth inside my hungry pussy.

I let him up and then licked him clean, tucked him all away and had just kissed him when the whole table that had NOT been watching me get fucked were suddenly standing around my table. I'm FUCKING NAKED! The single woman asks the guy I was just fucking "All done hun?" He smiles and says simply "uh huh" and they all are getting ready to leave when one of the women turns to me and says, "Thanks, that was a lot of fun to watch." and she kissed me on the cheek.

What was this girl talking about? So I asked her that, "I'm sorry, what are you talking about?" "Your performance" she says. "Didn't you know we could see you?" And I'm thinking Well no! Then she giggles and tells me how her good friend Nicole had told them all what was going on and that, after the bar had closed more than an hour ago by the way, she had turned the cameras on and I had been preforming on the televisions for everyone to watch! I had thought I was being covert and my new friend was using me as her own private porn channel! For about 2.7 seconds I was pissed! Then I smiled and ask if she had enjoyed what she saw. "Yes we did, very much" she said smiling.

She kissed me again and the group said good night leaving me sitting half naked on a vinyl chair, copious amounts of pussy juice and sperm leaking out of me and dripping on to the floor while I wore a rather bewildered look. Nicole came over to me after saying her good nights and having locked the doors, she looked like the cat that had eaten the canary AND the goldfish. "You might have told me I was a TV star" but she said that it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun for her and her customers. I laughed, we kissed, we kissed some more, then she sat me up on table and sat in the soaking wet chair I had just occupied and proceeded to lick and suck my pussy until I was squirming like a landed fish.

After about 40 minutes of this we dressed and went back to her place and had a right jolly time! She has this magnificent double-ended dildo that we made great use of as well as a few creative devices for the restraint and pleasure of her guests. It was 4 in the morning before we got any sleep and I woke up around 9, completely entwined with her. Wow it was fun! She promises me that while I was on TV I was not being recorded, I don't know if that's true or not, I would like to believe it is. But if you see a dark video of someone that looks like me fucking in a bar let me know, if it is me I'll let you know and we can share it together.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello All

Good evening everyone from a naked campsite in northern Oregon!

OK, so it's not so naked because it's damned chilly outside and raining so I have on warm socks and fleecy PJs, but I'm naked in my soul!

It is a wonderful thing that the show season has begun again and I can go back to living on the road with the horses and working my biscuits off instead of lounging about and being bored.

This weekend's horse show will be wonderful because I am going to win a few this year, (How's that for positive thinking?) and I am going to impress judges and make no faults. I also want to try and form a grooms masturbation club where all of us hard working horse people and get together after all the tack is put away and knock back a beer and have some shared self pleasure. There's gotta be at least a few takers for that right?

And I want to be telling more adventures here in my little journal so others can share in the erotic and the perverse along with me. After all it's no fun to not tell people when you have had a nice solid orgasm that ruined the sofa cushions and knocked books off the shelves.

Speaking of that, before I signed on here I was enjoying a bit of a rub myself. I had shaved this morning before departing California and had spent quite some time rubbing the smooth skin of my mound and thrilling to the feel of my naked smooth skin pressed against the inside of my jeans. After I had reached this camp site and had everyone ready for the night I slipped my favorite kegle balls in and sat back and rocked my self to a soaker of an orgasm! I think I woke up the old folks in the next campsite. :)

Now I have a warm, wet feeling of yum between my thighs and that flush that runs down my chest and wraps around me like a warm hug. The only thing I wish I had was a fireplace so I could watch the flames and listen to the rain and just purr. Oh my I feel wonderful! I think I'll do that again!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Little Announcement

Sorry folks but it looks like my e-mail account was hacked recently. If you have been receiving spam emails from my address I am very very sorry, it wasn't me. I may change my email address because of this, if I do I'll post the new address here.


More pics

I haven't been on line in a while so I thought I would share some more random porn with my friends. I hope you like them...

Monday, March 4, 2013


It is nice to have the power back on. Finally.

There are some advantages to living closer to a decent sized city. Shame I don't.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I had promised myself never to delete any post from this blog but when I posted the other night about being lonely I was embarrassed the next morning when I had no replys. So I deleted the post.

But like a dumb blonde I forgot to check my e-mail! I was all bummed because no one had written to me and now I have some really wonderful e-mails that would have pumped my night if I had just thought to look for them.

I want to thank you all for the exciting stories, I really enjoyed them.

Oh and by the way, I'll never delete a post again. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


Has anyone ever heard of this?

I was surfing porn today and came across this video and it kind of fascinated me. Especially since the guy seemed to cum a bucket full!

Please share what you know with me. And check out this video...

Monday, February 11, 2013

What a weekend!

Well we had one hell of a great first weekend back in the free world! First it was just an immense pleasure to be able to walk around naked again with no fear of being beaten up!

Next to be in the arms of a girl I love deeply and to be able to have her thighs pressed to my ears as I please her was joy beyond words. And when we were finished pleasing each other and laying back in that beautiful suffused radiance of women that have been well slaked, we were joined in bed by Cory, Kimberly's husband, who has never in the past joined us.

He came into our bed and after kissing Kim most passionately took me in his arms and held me for what seemed forever. My head softly cradled in his arms, my warm breasts pressed against his side and one leg thrown around him we lay in a slowly rocking embrace. It was a very, very comforting position to be in, the warmth of his body against mine, the feeling of his manliness growing between us, I didn't really want it to ever end.

Then he kissed me.

I have kissed Cory many times before, but never before has he kissed me like this. It was a soft, warm, deep kiss that my entire being felt all at once. A tingle like electricity running up and down my spine reaching down to my toes and up to my head, which swam with the heady feeling of it. He pulled me into him as he kissed me and I felt a gush of warm liquid between my thighs as it flooded out onto his leg that I was wrapped around.

I knew what was coming next but was still unprepared when he very deftly pulled me on top of him as he rolled onto his back. There was a brief pause in his motions and his arms were around me tightly, I could feel both of his hands on my naked back and rump when they were joined by a third that quickly and expertly moved aside to allow his hard cock to slip inside me. I had been so entranced in my feelings that I had actually forgotten that Kim was there, naked in bed next to us, as I was being absorbed into her husband of more than 10 years.

He slipped his cock all the way inside my eager pussy and just laid there, not moving, only breathing. I wanted him to move, to feel him thrust his tool deep inside me over and over and over, but he didn't move. I could feel him inside me, stretching me, I felt the warm rush as juices from my pussy began to seep out around his shaft and puddle between us and I ached for him to move. And just when I thought I could take no more of the waiting, he slowly began to make circular motions with his hips. This started a feeling inside of me that I just cannot describe, I pulled myself onto him as hard as I could and shuddered.

The wave went completely through me a couple of times and nothing existed for me in the world but his arms around me and his dick inside of me. I shook like an earthquake was tearing through me and then the wave settled into my pussy and pushed out as a gusher of pussy cum forced its way past his hard cock inside me and soaked him. I could feel wetness on my ass and my tummy but I held onto him and then he began to thrust into me. I actually screamed! I never scream.

His motions were slow at first, making me ride my wave, but it wasn't long before they took on the pace of a man on his way to orgasm. He was faster and stronger than he had been, building and building. He was bouncing me on top of him to a point where I thought I might actually fall off. Just then he was thrusting and pushing against me, relaxing, pushing, relaxing, pushing, I knew that he was delivering his cum inside my already soaking wet pussy and I loved it!

After pushing against me for several moments his entire body relaxed underneath me and I collapsed against his chest. His arms were still around me, one hand in my hair the other in the small of my back when that third hand returned, scooping up the mingled juices flowing from me and rubbing them on my ass and Cory's balls. She came around where we could see her grinning like the cat that ate the canary, three fingers in her mouth which she removed with a loud slurping sound.

"Didn't I tell you he was wonderful" she asks me as she strokes my hair with the same hand she was just mopping up cum with. She touched her husbands cheek and smiled and he slowly started to roll me off of his chest and onto my back. Kimberly slipped a wonderful pillow under my hips  and then she and Cory take turns licking my pussy, sucking out all of him cum and my own slippery juices. I am in heaven when Cory reappears by my head, his dripping, softening cock inches from my face, I reach out and slip his cum covered tool into my mouth and begin my own clean-up procedure.

He tastes of pussy and cum and somehow chocolate just ever so slightly. I greedily gobble his cock, my own sexual desire rising again as he begins to firm up. When he is hard enough to penetrate me he moves between my legs and begins a slow but deliberate fucking of my now gaping and dripping pussy. But since I am on my back, Kim comes up from the other direction and straddles my head, slowly lowering her delicious pussy on to my waiting tongue! Oh my! I gush as soon as I can smell her delectable gash and I reach up to insert a finger inside her, drawing out her slippery, tasty pussy lube.

I moved my now very slick finger from her pussy so I might have better access and I reach around her and slip it up her ass. I know this makes her cum instantly so I guess I am cheating but I wanted her juice. After some time like this Cory announces that he is going to cum again and Kim hops off of my face so she can be between her hubby's hard cock and my dripping pussy. He must have made one hell of a mess on my legs and in my pussy because she is licking and slurping like a woman crazed! When I figured she must be about finished I felt her touch my swollen clit and I exploded again all over her face!

We slipped into a wonderful mode of kissing and touching and woke up Saturday morning with renewed energy and desire. Cory's cock got quite a workout but then so did my pussy. My god it is good to out of the hell hole, I don't think I would have lived through 9 months of no sex. Yes it was a wonderful weekend!