Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Don't you wish this is what Santa left under your tree?

Wet kisses dears,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Pizza But Plenty of Toppings

Kim took me to a strip club in Lodi after dinner to get the night really running, have you ever seen what happens when two single girls walk into a strip club on a Saturday night? We got a lot of attention from both dancers and patrons right from the moment we walked in.

Yesterday I told you what I was wearing but I had no idea how Kim would be dressed. She was wearing this top that was basically a satin and lace bustier with a short skirt and these great black stockings that looked like zebra stripes and the sexiest black open toes I have seen in some time. When she cam to the door before we left I seriously just wanted to throw her down, rip off her panties and go to town on her! (I learned later that she was also sans panties so there was one step I need not have thought of. ) ;)

Every place we went yesterday we got looks, and if they were thinking"Jeeze those two are hot!" or Jeeze look at theos two sluts" I don't really fucking care, they were still looking! :)

Well when we came into the strip club and sat down near the stage, Kim reaches into her purse and pulls out this huge stack of one dollar bills and places them on the table between us. Inside of a minute we had a waitress and a dancer next to us! The place is huge as strip clubs go with three different stages for the girls to work, bunches of tiny tables with soft, comfy chairs that swivel and three different "upgrade" rooms; Naughty, More Naughty and Very Naughty. Although their Very Naughty room is not quite Melody and Kim Naughty.

Kim and I are sitting in these great chairs and you can plainly see that my crotch is gaining some attention because my pants are basically glowing in the black light and you can clearly see the outlines of my pussy. Kim keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs and finally I ask her what the fuck she's doing so she turns her chair to face me and then crosses her legs. For just the briefest moment I catch sight of her freshly shaved pussy before it is once again hidden under her skirt. "You dirty slut you!" I laugh at her, "You could have said, I would have worn one too." She laughed too and said that "No, what you're wearing is doing just fine."

Well Kim is tossing dollar bills on the stage for every dancer, but some girls get more than others and a good sized crowd of guys has gathered near our table both to enjoy the parade of girls but also to enjoy the private show that is Kim and I. After an hour or so of chatting with dancers and buying lap dances and drinks and having drinks bought for us by the swarm of boys in this place we have picked our favorites both dancer and patrons and Kim tells our dancer that we want to go to the Very Naughty room with her and one other girl so she bounces off to bring the other girl back. (Sorry folks, I can't remember either of their names to save my bacon.)

While that was going on Kim sat on the lap of this guy next to us and put her arms around his neck and started whispering to him. I am sitting there thinking "Oh god, now what?" Now come to find out this guy and the 5 guys he's there with are all having a birthday party for one of their members so the 6 of them decided that post steak dinner that naked girls and booze was the right follow up. When the two dancers come back to our table we are now a party of 8 going to the V.N. room. I gather that this is the common way this is done because no one blinked an eye at 8 people going to this special room that was actually up a short flight of stairs and had tinted windows looking back out on to the main room. Presumably so we could look out at the action but they could not look in at us.

Well all of the guys produce credit cards and give them to our hostess as well as drink orders for everyone including the dancers. I noticed that Kim kept her purse tucked under her arm during this part. Drinks arrived, a timer on the wall was set at 2 hours and the hostess withdrew. Now this club, like so many others is a topless club where the girls wear only the slightest of panties but are not allowed to be full nude. Apparently in the V.N. room that rule is lifted because our two dancers were naked in moments and the guys were all drooling as they went from chair to chair to rub their now naked pussies on each person in turn. Heaven! We could touch almost everything, except the girls glory holes themselves, rub titties, massage asses and so on.

Everyone was getting into it in a major way when I noticed that we suddenly had an extra dancer. Kim had stripped naked and was rubbing her self all over who ever was closest and she wasn't following the rules, taking the dancers and the guys hands and guiding them to her wet pussy. Well I'm not about to be left out! I pulled my top off and was dancing with one of our dancers right in front of one our party goers when two very large men came thru the door and the music in the room stopped. One had picked up Kim's clothing and was pushing it at her saying, "Ma'am we have warned you about this sort of thing before, I am afraid you and your friends will have to leave."

We were being thrown out of a strip club for being naked! But what really threw me was the warned you before stuff. My horny little Kimberly had been warned about this before?! I wanted details! I slipped my top back on and apologized a couple of dozen times. The guys were all trying to rearrange their hard-ons so they could move and Kim was giggling as she dressed saying "Yeah I know." It was at this point when her purse came out, she gave each dancer a hundred dollar bill and said she hoped that they would not get in to trouble because of her. Then we were all escorted out of the building.

Now the guys were a bit miffed, they had spent a fair chunk of change inside and had been thrown out with no refund. The guy that had been right next to Kim before was a bit apart talking with her, I assumed trying to get at least some his money back when she leaned into him and kissed him and ran her hand over his crotch a couple of times. A big smile on his face he went to his friends and then back to Kim, then she came over to me and said, "come on let's go have some fun!" Well all right then!

We followed them back to a hotel and went in in pairs. Kim with the guy she had been talking to, (Apparently his hole room), two guys, me and the birthday boy, then the last two all a few minutes apart and in different elevators. No need to be thrown out of a second place was there. By the time I came in the door with the birthday boy Kim and the three guys ahead of us were all naked and Kim had a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and another in her left hand! All right! I turned to the birthday boy and kissed him as deeply as I know how, held him tight with one arm and squeezed his ass with the other. After the kiss I smiled at him and said "Happy Birthday." then I began to undo his pants as I slid to my knees in front of him. He was ready for me to be there, out pops a very hard 8" of manhood and I just slipped him right into my mouth. Mmmmm.

I was doing the best I could because this man was celebrating tonight, I licked the tip, sucked his balls, and fingered his ass like a true pro and when he shot his load I swallowed every last drop. When I had finished licking him clean I noticed our last two were standing next to us stroking their cocks with big grins on their faces so I took a note from Kim. I stripped off my clothes and lay back legs spread. One guy slipped his cock into my well lubricated pussy and the other gave me his cock for oral pleasure while I softly stroked Birthday Boys soft cock.

Various combinations of this arrangement took place all night. Both Kim and I fucked Birthday Boy and when all the boys were beat she and I sucked the cum from each other. It was a lovely evening and not what I was expecting at all. I fucked Birthday Boy one more time this afternoon before everyone else woke up, a more personal, sensual sort of sex that you don't get in a group. It was an orgasm for the books. We all had brunch in the hotel restaurant except two of the party who were very over due for their own homes. Then Kim and I went back to her place for a shower and some love.

I am sitting here a very satisfied little girl wrapped in a huge towel and probably glowing like a chem light. Kim has gone to the store for a few things for dinner so I thought I would share last night with all of you. Doing this makes me horny all over again so I guess I will put the laptop away and see if my fingers and my pussy still fit together. ;)

I just realized, we never ordered pizza...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Night

Well I am dressed in my sexiest pants, not too tight, but tight enough that you can tell I am not wearing any panties. ;) A wonderfully soft and loose silk blouse, some lovely fuck-me shoes and the one necklace I still own. Kim should be here any moment now and then we are going out to have some fun. Look out Lodi cause we're coming to shock you!

Yeah, Like this...
She has even suggested that we might order pizza later! ;)

I hope you all have fun tonight!