Friday, November 30, 2012

A Vacation Story

I was 19 I think, maybe 20 staying with friends on Marathon Key in Florida just being a young Texas girl on vacation. My  friend Jamie (NHRN) and her family had a lovely house there and so we were staying there instead of at a hotel near a beach which we could never have afforded anyway. :) We were just being tourists, shopping but not buying, laying on the beach (in swimsuits sadly)  and swimming you know the drill I think.

Well one night we decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner then to a local bar that was renowned for not caring how old their patrons were, especially in the early season like it was. Not a lot of customers to chose from if you follow me. I remember the grouper sandwich I had was so unbelievably good that I kept talking about it after we had left the restaurant.

It was warm, we were both wearing loose shorts and halter tops, Jamie's was straining because she has 36dd boobs where I only have 36a sized boobs. Jamie is taller than I am by almost 6 inches, she's almost 5'7" and I of course am only 5'2". Sometimes I think the whole world is taller than I am but I know that's bs. :) So when we walked into this local bar we received some glances from the men around the room. Of course that might have been simply because we were the only females in the place.

We picked a table and a nice but older man came over and asked us if we had IDs, we just smiled and said no we didn't and he said "OK, what would you girls like?" We ordered a couple of fruity drinks and he went off to make them, I giggled after he left because I had believed that we could pull it off but Jamie had been sure. We sat there at our table pretending to be older, sipping our fruity drinks and watching the guys shoot pool when I realized I didn't have much in the way of cash left and Jamie had none at all. So when the bartender brought a second round for us I was concerned. Jamie nods at me and says, no problem and gets up from the table and goes over to the pool table.

She proceeds to ask the boys if any of them would be willing to play pay for our drinks if we were to pay that person back in a more personal manner. She didn't have to ask twice, the first guy just went over to the bartender and paid our tab and came back and asked how we would pay him back. Well Jamie took him by the hand and led him into the ladies room, in about 5 minutes she came back wearing an evil grin I loved to see and pretending to be wiping her lips. The guy came back out in another minute or so, I guess he had to pee. He walked past Jamie, patted her butt and picked up his beer.

Well the other were very interested now and by the time we had drunk about half of our second round the bartender came out with another for us and another guy had paid for them. Taking my cue from Jamie I took him into the ladies room as well. I just pulled his pants off as soon as we were inside, he was mostly hard already and I only had to hold his balls for him to become completely hard. I then wasted no time with finesse but just started sucking him off. Deep throating him then sucking on the tip then sliding up and down his rod, balls in my hand the whole time. He didn't last long and rewarded me with a nice mouthful of warm man jizz. Yummy. I licked him clean and kissed him once then went back out to the bar.

What I found when I came out took me by surprise. Jamie had another guy's pants off completely and he was sitting on a table while she sat in front of him in a chair sucking his cock and massaging his balls. Her halter top was on the floor and the other guys were gathered around watching hungrily. I was staring at this when the guy I just drained walked out behind me and was taken up short just as I was. After a moment I said "she really does have nice tits doesn't she?" He just looked at me then at Jamie and then at his friend's blissful look as his cock was swallowed whole then drawn back out.

The bar had maybe 15 or 20 people in it and they were all no watching what was going on at the table in the corner. The bartender came over and asked me if she was going to do this for everyone because this was his bar and he didn't want any trouble yada yada yada. I said I thought we could arrange something so he left us and went to the front door and locked it placing a sign in the small window on the door. (I found out later this sign said closed for private affair. How true was that?!) Then he just nodded to me. Well with the door locked I figured what the fuck and was out of my clothes faster than a pig can fall in slop. :)

I walked over to the guy closest to the current action, rubbed his cock through his pants and took him to another table where I removed his pants and knelt down in front of him and began to suck his cock as well. The guys in the bar cheered there was the sounds of tables moving, chairs scraping across the floor and stuff being tossed around like when you throw your shoes into the corner of the room. Well that was exactly what it was, when I looked up there were two queues forming up of guys busily getting naked.

Well here we are 2 naked girls in a room full of men that are also rapidly becoming naked behind a locked door with more booze than we can ever consume and I'm thinkin' "This could be bad, or it could be bad-ass!" So after my number 2 shoots his wad I go over to Jamie before she can take on her own number 3 and she said not to worry and that she actually knew bartender and everything was cool. So I said "what-the-fuck?!" and then asked the room "who's next?"

We had a really bitchin' time I can tell you, we got very seriously drunk and very seriously covered in cum. I was surprised though that not one single guy tried to fuck either of us. We had lots of guys eat our pussies and we gave blowjobs to everyone in the room, some more than once but not once did anyone try to fuck us. I guess that they all just really needed a good blowjob and to lick some young wet pussy.

I know that towards the end of our little party, when there were naked guys passed out around the room and we were sucking random cocks to see if they would respond being that drunk. (Some did, most didn't) I distinctly remember that at some point Jamie and I were on a table in a tight 69 with guys sitting around us jacking off. I felt like I was in a porn movie and I guess that's why it was so much fucking fun, because I had always wanted to be the center of this much attention and had not been before this. It was a wonderful night and despite being drunk as a skunk I remembered a lot of it. We were filled in on a lot more of it by Jamie's friend the bartender a couple of days later over lunch. Turns out he doesn't drink but he does like to watch, and it turns out that he really liked Jamie, they've been married for 5 years now.

I need to go back to Florida for a visit I think...


  1. Damn, I have definitely been visiting the wrong parts of Florida!!!!!!

    How 'bout a heads up next time you're going....I'll buy the first round!!!! ;)

  2. Cum visit Florida again...I would love to take you to the bar

  3. Does my dad know about this?! Because he has never said anything about you being this wild. We have to spend more time together!!!