Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A question...

Recently a reader expressed her concern with what to me is a totally normal aspect of my life and that brings up an ethical question. Should I discuss in this forum my sexual experiences with members of my own family?

The fact that my family has been sexually active with one another practically my entire life can startle and even shock people and actually produce feelings of revulsion and it made me consider that perhaps there are some topics I should just avoid all together.

I have no desire to have people not like me or what I write and so I want to be sure that the people that read my blog are not only turned on and entertained by what has happened to me and my friends but that they are left thinking "That sounds like fun, I want to try that myself." That makes people support you and come back to read more of what you write, and that's what I want.

So I come to you all to ask you your opinion to the following question(s); Are there topics that you would not want to read about here? Anything that makes you go "Ewwww, what was she thinking?!" Anything that if it occurs I just should not relate. or should I just continue writing the way I do being completely honest with my readers and not leaving out anything?

I will be keeping the stories from this past holiday weekend locked up until I receive a consensus of my readers. I am waiting for your opinions.


  1. I love your stories, and i think the best option may be to warn people that there are more taboo topics in the post if there are. i feel like that way you can post everything and anything you want, but keep your more sensitive viewers from seeing what they dont want to.

  2. Ok, I.checked back for a day or two on the other post and then kind of forgot so I'm.going to say what I think here, in relation to the post and this question. we all have our kinks and we should respect each others etc etc. However, we need to think about consent. No normal person wants somebody to endure the trauma of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse that harms them emotionally and damages them.for life and all that. I get that not everyone who has experienced sex from a young age feels that way about it. I don't think that you do, and actually never did, it was to make a point. I can even empathise to an extent, having not actually had sex with an adult at a young age but having had sexual experiences with older children. But that was your experience of it, and blogger offers very minimal age verification. A child that is having an experience we would all agree err on the side of damaging abuse could see this and think it's ok and worse, probably, an abusive pedophile sees it and thinks what they want to do is okay. This applies to any kinky blog, really. The difference is that even the most extreme BDSM blogs are about interactions between consenting adults. This involves a child. I don't think anything between consenting adults poses that same issue. Say for example, you wrote about something to do with bestiality, I'd have just mot read it and not commented. This I felt is different, and that's the only thin

  3. Good point actually. I do hope that I let people understand that I was never abused as a child and clearly my childhood was FAR FAR FAR away from the normal American childhood in some ways.

    Your comments sound like you may have some experience with this problem, if that is so I hope you will forgive my cavalier approach. As you say, that is clearly not my experience but I am the first to admit that the problem is a dreadful one.

    Child abuse SUCKS! Child abusers are the worst sort of bottom feed scum fuckers that ever were!! And what happens to child abusers when they reach prison is really too good for them.

    But you're right that there is no real safeguards here and I admit I should have thought more completely in that regard. But I think you can see how I might not have given it much thought.

    Because your comments have caused me to consider this problem I will make you a personal promise to consider this aspect of my sexual life and the possible context it could be taken in when I share in the future. What do you think?

    1. I think it's always good when people are prepared to listen to others and examine their own actions. I haven't personally been abused but I have studied the psychology of child abusers and child killers from a lay perspective. I just find it interesting, when a fetish goes way too far.

    2. I would think that could be very interesting...

    3. Sweetie, it's your blog...and if talking about these stories is what you want to do, you should. Trust me, if people don't like it, but are still commenting on it...then you've obviously got their attention! The idea of sleeping with mother has always been a naughty dream of mine...but we haven't done anything, except maybe a kiss hear and there...so your stories fill a need for me!

  4. I agree! It's your blog after all and your thoughts and experiences. What would gramm think if you caved in to pressure from others?

    Besides, I am learning a lot reading your blog. Think of me why don't you. <3