Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Live and In Person!!

So when I am alone, which is often, and I feel a little tingle I am fortunate that I am able to address the feeling right away. This means that I can, and indeed frequently do, address that particular feeling several times every day. But I was thinking about it today and began to realize that not everyone would be familiar with how this actually feels so I thought that I might attempt to share this with you all.

To begin with it is important to know that all sorts of things will start my motor running. Vibration is a sure and certain trigger. Leaning against the washer during the spin cycle, riding the little John Deere quad we use on the ranch, riding horses of course and once last year I was sitting on a fence watching my bosses daughter ride when we had a little earthquake, that was cool! But it is not just the obvious things like these that will flip my trigger, there are lots of other little things that get my mind moving in a sexual direction and starts that wonderful itch between my thighs.

For instance, rain. When ever I am outside in the rain my pussy just seems to love that. Seeing two horses nuzzling each other always does it too. Something about the soft loving manner that this happens I find truly arousing. Underwear shopping. Watching people in the mall always gets me going too. The act of simply talking about sex and sexy things will ALWAYS make me want to touch my self without fail.

That being said the next thing to do is to describe how it actually feels when I masturbate. This seems quite a bit more difficult so for this portion I have enlisted the help of my lovely assistant Kimberly! She will write down what I say as I describe for her what I am actually feeling while I am masturbating. Sounds good right?

Hello all, I will simply be quoting what Melody says here so here goes...

I am naked already so we can dispense with the normal strip tease fondling that I go through when I am in fact dressed. I am lying on my chaise, a soft towel under my butt and so lovely helpers on the table beside me. Fingertips under my neck and down my body, slowly, softly. The sensation is like when you get goose-bumpy all up and down your whole body. As my fingers flow under my breasts and up in between them it causes me to catch a breath. Stopping a moment to inhale I lay the palms of my hands on my boobs. It is warm under my hands and cooler everywhere else. OK, not everywhere. Squeeze softly with both hands, as if a lover is caressing my breasts, close my eyes and softly massage my boobs, never lifting my hands. You know that feeling you get when someone starts rubbing your shoulders when you're not ready for it? You draw in a deep breath and then slowly relax into the feeling. Ahhhhhh

My left hand remains on my boob, cupping it, keeping it warm while the right has reverted to fingertips again. Slow circles it draws around my navel, down the scar that runs straight down from the bottom of my rib cage to just north of my vagina. It's a thin, soft scar but you can feel the dots on both sides where the staples were. I shudder when I do that. Running my fingertips softly up both sides of the scar then back down again, makes my toes curl on my right foot.

Between my thighs is getting warmer, no I haven't touched it yet, a damp warmth that I can feel on my thighs and running down under my ass cheeks. Run my fingers down my right leg makes my right side shiver and want to contract. Move my left hand to cover my pussy completely and stroke the inside of my thighs with my right. It causes me to close my eyes even tighter and almost gasp. It is a toss up which is warmer, my hand or my kitty. My hand is getting damp though so my kitty must be winning. I squeeze my hand a bit so it squeezes the outsides of my pussy. I feel dampness on my fingers and palm.

Roll on my side so I can touch my bottom, I have a soft bottom. Fingertips again under my ass cheek, I feel that in my pussy. Give my ass a squeeze, like a hug for my butt.

Yes, she can be silly!

Rubbing my mound now, I shaved this morning so I am very smooth, soft, makes my knees weak as I rub across the top of my pussy. Rub down between my legs, it is wet and hot and slick. My eyes are closed again. It is hard to talk and to do this! I touch my clit so softly and my body jerks.

She's not kidding jerks! She came off of the couch like half a foot just now!

Spread my legs wider, off both sides of my chaise, a little oil on my mound. Feels warm as it runs off of my mound and down between my legs and down my slit. Rubbing it in. Warmth spreads, inside of thighs very wet from oil and my own juice. Two middle fingers, one on either side of my lips, rubbing up slowly, then down slowly. Touch my clit with my thumb. Ring finger and index finger rubbing sides of vagina, middle finger drags through the middle, splitting my lips, slips inside sometimes. Shoulders shaking

Sorry folks this isn't going to work so let me sort of be your color commentator during this part. Melody is naked lying on this shaped couch rubbing her pussy lips between her fingers, slipping one inside her pussy every few strokes. She is incredibly wet but not just her snatch is wet, she is sweating like a lumberjack! Her entire body is covered in drops of sweat and she is breathing very fast and shallow.

She just slipped 3 fingers inside of that gorgeous pussy of hers and is pressing down on her mound with the palm of her hand. That grinds her clit against her hand and I can tell you feel wonderful! Guys, that is why we girls like to be on top, we can press our buttons against you as we grind. She is rubbing fast but not too fast yet, 3 fingers buried to the hilt in her pussy!

I just walked around her and sat directly in front of the action, she has 4 fingers inside almost and is rubbing her clit with her thumb, sort of rolling it under her thumb so it pops out and then is pressed under and pops out... You get the idea. I can't tell you exactly what she is feeling but her hips are rolling and she is panting now. I gather it feels good. One hand on her tits again, squeezing kinda hard too, the skin is red near her chest and white between her fingers. There is a noticeable puddle under her beautiful ass and her pussy is shiny and red as are her legs! 

Ragged breathing now, bucking her hips, she has changed breasts (I wonder if she knows that) the one she was holding has a bright red hand mark on it! Gasping heavily now, she's not said a word for like 15 minutes, and I can see why! She is rubbing her clit now with the tips of 3 fingers, quickly back and forth sort of sort of in a circle at the same time. It looks like she is pressing fairly firmly. Is she breathing at all?!?

Oh! That was spectacular!!! She just squirted about 5 feet! And it was a thick stream too, not like when I squirt at all! Wow! There is juice running out of her well worked, very red pussy, you can see why she always uses a towel!! Her breathing is coming back to a pant at least now. She is so fucking hot!!!

It is an hour now since Kim finished typing this. After I started breathing again she knelt in front of me and softly and sensuously licked my pussy first clean the back to a wet mess! I have cum three times since we began our little live escapade and I have returned the favor as well. Kim's orgasms always taste like oranges to me, I'm not sure why but they do. She says that mine taste like sweet sea water to her, I guess I'm ok with that. :)

I am sorry that I didn't manage to complete what I started and describe my entire experience for you, I really wanted to. Perhaps another time though.

I would like it very much if some of you might try to describe what masturbation feels like for you though. I know I am very interested and I am sure our fellow reader would like to hear about it as well. (Especially you boys out there. I would love a good description of what your hard cock really feels like both just being there and what it feels like to have it in your hand, stroking. Do you use lube? What kind? Are you a dry stroker? Do you look at porn while stroking? The girl next door in her yard? Or are you just a good stroker with only you imagination?

Share with us won't you please?

Yes folks, it's me.  ;)


  1. great post, love the intricate details you allow to be shared of your experience

    1. Well that is the point isn't it honey? I mean after all, I masturbate much more than I get to have actual sex so I like to share the joy.


    2. it felt like being there and needless to say, I managed to stroke one out while reading this...

    3. I am so glad to hear it! I love to think of guys beating off thinking of me. Makes me wet just mentioning it. In fact I think I'll go play with my pussy and make her squirt, seems like a good thing to do!


  2. I can't wait to read more sexy, hopefully maybe we can have soem babble playtime

  3. Hey Melody, I have becum quite a fan of you and your blog. I thought I'd chime in on this one, since you asked.

    I usually masturbate about twice a day. Often it's a dry stroke with just my imagination in my bathroom. My sister and her kids live with me so it's difficult to get time to myself some times. My sister has caught me masturbating and playing on the computer a few times. She doesn't much appreciate it unless she's very drunk.

    Anyway, when I get a chance to experiment, I enjoy trying different kinds of lubes. I've found that soaps and shampoos tend to sting afterward and lotions don't last. Nothing replaces good, old fashioned massage oil. And even a dry stroke gets some relief with my precum.

    I do a lot of masturbating with my imagination. I picture women I know or have seen. Some times they're women in porn I've watched, but usually they're real women I've crossed paths with. I drive a truck frequently through several universities in Philadelphia. This has been a great source of inspiration.

    I role play in my mind through different scenes. Usually these scenes play out over several masturbation sessions, some times lasting weeks on the same scene before I finish it. These scenes usually involve several women and run the ring on locations and sexual acts we perform. In one lengthy scene I secretly caught a group of high school girls regularly meeting by a stream way back on my property to have sex. I spied for a while before I decided to interject myself by showing up before them and letting them catch me masturbating. Another scene had my sister inviting her girlfriends over to throw me a birthday party, which she videoed. In another scene, I caught my sister online and joined her in some online sexcapades. My most recent scene is of a college student jumping in the back of my delivery truck with me, pulling the door down mostly, and two of her friends watching under the door for a while before joining in. This one has been going for about a week now.

    Of course I'm a huge fan of porn. I prefer sensual lesbian porn most. X-art and Lesbea are two of my favorite producers and I catch many of their clips on pornhub.com. I also love jerking off to a good blow job, tit job, or hand job.

    Written words can get me thoroughly hardened as well. I love to read erotica and blogs like this. By the way, Melody, you make me blow a load almost every time you post. This post got a few out of me ;) I especially enjoy stroking over a cyber sex session or a role play. I've always get off well over a story or role play involving incest, particularly brother-sister stories. My friend, Jamie, wrote one of these stories just for me about me and her. I'd be happy to share it if someone is interested. I can't tell you how many times I've blown my load reading that story.

  4. While these are all very fun activities to masturbate to, the one I absolutely enjoy most is doing it on cam over a messenger. I love watching and being watched. I love cumming on pics and recording it for someone else to enjoy. Unfortunately I haven't found many women who are into that sort of thing. I've met a few on babblesex.com, but genuine women online can be hard to cum by.

    So there's what straightens my cock on a regular basis. As for what I do with it once it's hard, here goes... My cock is just about 5 inches long, so my left hand fits nicely around it. I'm actually right handed but I always masturbate left handed. When I'm dry I usually make a ring with my thumb and index finger just below my head and work up and down my shaft, pushing up to my head, but not going over it. Once I get some lube, whether it's oil, lotion or just precum, I'll cup the palm and heel of my hand over my head, soaking my hand and begin taking full strokes with my fist. As I draw up I use my middle finger to catch the lip at the bottom of my head, popping up over the edge to slide on up. The palm of my hand rubs the bottom of my cock head, some time making it raw and sore.

    Assuming I'm not typing (like now), my right hand will be teasing my nipples. I know this sounds strange for a guy, but I love having my nipples teased. My right hand may also move down and wrap around the base of my cock, palm down with my cock between my middle and ring fingers and my thumb pressing into my pelvis like a woman might grind down on me. A third place you may find my right hand is down by my balls, toying with them, teasing my tate, or rimming my anus. Now I'm completely straight, but I absolutely melt at having my ass played with and even fingered.

    Some days I only have time for a quick jerk or two and I have to finish. But on some occasions (like tonight) I can masturbate for a couple of hours before I explode. Of course this is mixed in with quite a bit of typing and chatting. That's how I can go for so long, it's not a steady masturbation. When I do finally explode, I usually get 4 or 5 nice warm shots. Every once in a while I'll recoup and go at it again for a bit.

    Melody, thank you for this chance to share something I thoroughly enjoy and for your blog. You've done an amazing job with it. I hope you and the others have enjoyed my rantings and I look forward to hearing from you some more.

    ~John Harding


  5. Well to share my masturbation stories if you will.
    I first relax. Take breaths and relax. I masturbate when i go to bed and when i wake up. I lay down and close my eyes. Usually put my arm over my eyes so i sink into my fantasy.
    Then I imagine. Imagine a scene a person or if I get the chance read ur blog. I have masturbated many times to your blogs. They turn me on. They r so....vivid and amazing. Thats beside the point.
    I don't use lube or anything. I will grab my cock and beat it. Slowly at first. Then faster and faster. Sometimes if I'm dry i will play,wit the head. Just rub it.

    I will masturbate for minutes. Thelongest I have masturbated was an hour before I came. And boy was it a mess. Sometimes ill switch hands but its rare.

    I have masturbated many times to your blogs many a time. Thanks for makin these blogs dear ;) hope to share an experience

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