Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fact of Life

I love people. I love getting to know a person's eccentricities their likes, their dislikes, their perversions. (Especially their perversions!)  ;)

But I truly hate humans as a group. The way the mob thinks, or rather doesn't think, the way they drive and especially the way they act in the "name of God"!

Funny how people can hide behind their religion isn't it? I recently was approached by a small group of women while I was in town treating my self to a rare and in my opinion hard earned meal at the local dining establishment. I don't go to restaurants very often, once maybe twice a month, so it is always something special for me.

Well I was sitting there in the cafe, laptop on the table waiting on my food when these four ladies came over to me and asked very politely if they could join me for a moment. Well I didn't see the harm in it so I closed my laptop and offered them a seat. Very properly turned out ladies in their middle to late 30s, maybe early 40s but I kinda doubt that. They didn't look 40 anyway.

One woman I will can Linda acted as spokeswoman for the group while everyone else basically just agreed and nodded their heads a lot. After one or two ultra polite questions of how did I like the town and how was I doing Linda came right to the point. She said that they had heard that I walked about the ranch "in a state of undress" and was wondering if this were true or not.

Truth being the best option in all such matters I said that yes I did, that I had been a nudist my entire life and that working in the nude was far more comfortable than being clothed. I think you can imagine the looks that comment generated for these women. I don't think they were ready for me to answer yes to their question.

I asked them why it was important to them just what I wore while working at a private ranch, miles from any neighbors and secure behind our fence. I was rewarded with bluster, accusations of my sexual promiscuity and accusations that I would corrupt their children and their "christian" town. I was flabbergasted! What kind of stupid people are these?!

I then asked how they knew I was a nudist to begin with. (There are only a very few people that know I am a nudist in town. My feed guy, he'd never tell anyone. The farrier, no chance he would say anything and risk loosing out on seeing me, and getting the occasional blowjob to boot. ;) And my two riding students and since we have masturbated together I figured they were safe as well. That's all. Oh except my boss of course.) The response to that question was stunned silence, exchanged looks and more bluster.

They skipped it and went right on to their point, which was that they didn't think it was acceptable for me to be in town alone, that my proclivities made me too inclined to be "tempting" the men folk. (I almost said something about finding her ass particularly attractive, which in actual fact it is, but I figured that I had best not give them any more ammunition against me.) I almost laughed at her! Instead I simply told her that if she had some issue with me that perhaps she should take it up with my employer, someone the entire town knows by the way, because she was aware of my nudism and approved so long as I was alone.

More silence and exchanged glances took place. Ah ha! "You've already spoken to my boss haven't you?" I asked, "That's who told you I was a nudist isn't it?!" More awkward silence. Well now I am in a position of strength, so I said "Look, I am not hurting you nor am I tempting your husbands and you can't keep me from coming into town. This isn't Alabama in the 1950s after all. And besides, you shouldn't knock nudism until you've tried it. Besides, even Adam and Eve were nudists until they sinned, God isn't ashamed of naked people, only people like you are. But I'll make you a deal, you don't bother me or try to convert me to your tight-assed church and I won't try to convert any of you to nudism. OK?"

They just sat there and stared at me, then at each other and then at me for several seconds. It seemed like hours. Then I said "Now if you'll excuse me I would like to eat my lunch alone." A few more moments and then one of the quiet ladies said "Yes, of course. Please excuse us." and they stood up as one person and left me alone.

I could not believe it, but at the same time I could. It was the very reason I have been so careful in this stupid little town not to mention my lifestyle, not to let others see me nude unless I felt I could trust them not to tell the town paper, or the town gossip. I was protecting myself and my employer so it is unbelievable to me that it was in fact my employer that let slip about my nudity. Personally I expected one of my riding/masturbation students to have been the leak.

When I spoke to my boss yesterday and told her of this little meeting she was so apologetic it just made me grin! She said she had been just chatting with someone who was going to come out to the ranch "sometime" this week whenever she had the time free and my boss simply said that she should call the ranch first before going, to give me a chance to put some clothes on. It was a simple comment, off hand and unconsidered. The person she was talking to had asked her "You mean she runs around out there naked?!" and my boss just said "Well sure." She didn't even think twice about it.

But the woman she had been talking with was one of the quiet ladies from the group that met me at the cafe, and she had then told one friend who told another and another yada yada yada. Pretty soon a group of women from the church had gotten together and decided to do something about me before I singlehandedly turned their town into Babylon itself.

So in celebration of my encounter with the local tight-asses I am sitting here in my home, blissfully naked, one leg tossed comfortably over the arm of the sofa, typing this entry into my diary and feeling the wonderfully soft, moist folds between my thighs. Rejoicing in the warm dampness, the shivers that roll up my legs and back as I softly touch my nakedness. I don't think these ladies have EVER felt the wonderful sensation that their own fingers can cause within the depths of their flesh. They are most likely the sort that still feel masturbation is immoral and a sin, something to be stamped out by degrading people who practice it. The sort that feel guilty after they have partaken of this blissful and magical feeling that even now is causing my legs to shake and my ass to be sitting in a pool of my own juices.

A shame that really, that Linda really does have a spectacular ass!


  1. Good comeback with the Adam and Eve thing!!!

    1. Thanks dear, it made good sense to me anyway.