Friday, August 24, 2012

Really People?!?!

Well my faith in the human race went down another few points this afternoon...

I have been writing my blog and chatting on line about my sexual exploits because it is fun to tell people about my crazy life, it is fun to meet new people like Pete and Sheldon and all of the other wonderful friends I've made, and it is fun to post pics of myself and my favorite porn shots. Conclusion; I am doing it for the fun of it!

But for some fucking reason there are people out there that just can't understand that. Because I like to parade around naked that makes me a what? A whore? A bitch? A slut? A dumb cunt? None of the above folks, it makes me a nudist.

Yes, I LOVE sex. I love sex with strangers too, but on MY terms. Does that make me a whore or a slut, for some people the answer is yes. They are wrong.

Today, some dumb ass who had been chatting with me online decided that since I cyber-sexed him on chat that he would show up here and get a taste of the real thing. I was coming into the barn with one of the horses and here stands this guy, about 25 years old buck-ass naked, with this stupid fucking grin on his face and one of my lunge whips in his hand. I asked him who the hell he was and what the hell he was doing there.

He said he was here to teach me a thing or two. Being in a bit of a compromised position I went along with the situation for a few minutes until I had the horse put away and I was near the office door. I just walked into the office, locked the door and pressed the alarm button.

The cops were there in about 10 minutes and he was still standing in the barn naked with a whip in his hands, expecting me to come back out of the office. I couldn't believe it. No idea how he got in past the fence, but for a couple of minutes there I was pretty damn scared.

The police have recommended that I stop chatting sexually with men online. I am not sure I can do that, I have too much fun at it. But maybe putting this out in the open will hold the problems off...

If I have been chatting with you on Yahoo or Babblesex, great I love both places. But just because I do does NOT give you a green light to look me up in the real world! Ever! If I want to meet you I will arrange that with you, in a public place. Never, never, never, never will I ever invite you to my own home/place of business and if you turn up there only one thing will happen. You WILL be arrested. Guaranteed.

Speculate all you want to as to where I actually do live, but if you show up on my door step I WILL call the cops. I promise. We have a wonderful alarm system here, so don't risk it and be happy to know me online. If you can't handle that restriction then move along. Got it?

I mean jesus, how stupid do you have to be to turn up in my barn naked? What was he thinking, that I would just say "Hey great a naked guy, let's have sex!!!" ? How fucking stupid is that?


  1. Melody, I'm sorry this idiot did that stupid thing. I am glad you have that alarm system.
    I hope to chat with you someday. I just have not run into you on a chat yet.........I remain hopeful.....

  2. OMG Melody what a moron I mean as you know and we have shared I have dreams about being with you for real... but come on this is a make believe world online not that I would say no to a meet wiht you except being half a world away makes that difficult to imagine lol... Mmmmm dont be put off by him hun stay with us and come visit me soon it has been too long since I had you watch me cum buckets for you. Love Pete