Friday, August 31, 2012

Now That's a Great Surprise!!

So this afternoon I'm working in the stalls making things comfy for the horses when I hear voices outside coming up the path to the barn! WTF?! I keep a pair of overall shorts in the barn for just such an eventuality, they don't exactly cover everything, (My boobs aren't completely covered and they are pretty damn short.), but they are good for emergencies. I quick like a bunny slide into them just as shadows appear at the barn door.

It was then I realized that I needn't have bothered; into the barn comes my boss, my sister Cloe and my Mom!!! I actually screamed! My boss said that she must have startled me if I was wearing clothes which made everyone laugh pretty hard!

Turns out that after a tough month and a half on the road my boss decided that I needed a break, so she secretly has flown my mother and my sister here! In 2 hours we will be on the way to a wonderful vacation city in the West for several days of play and relaxation! My boss is covering the whole trip and the four of us are going to have a wonderful time I'm sure.

I'm sure you all understand why I won't say where we are going, some of you that I have known for a while know that I enjoy our destination immensely. I promise I will share all of the details with you, my online friends, when I return.

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Act out one of your own fantasies this weekend because I have a feeling I will get to live one of mine. ;) At least I'm going to try.

Party Naked!!

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