Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isn't It Lovely...

You know, I think that masturbation is a gift from the gods! No one around? Feeling in the need of a bit of release? Then drop those pants, lift those skirts and toss one off! (As a friend of mine down under says.)

I just love the feel of my fingers on my pussy, in my pussy, soaking wet from my pussy. (Really I just like the word pussy too. Such a warm welcoming word don't you think?) I just, not 15 minutes ago was chatting on line and had one leg over the arm of my chair and 2 fingers very busy rubbing my self into a frenzy. My clit is very touchy so I save touching it until I can take it no longer. I rub my clit for a very few minutes and I erupt in a flow of pleasure and pussy juices! I love this feeling!

I love toy too though. My favorite masturbation toy right now is from a company called Lelo. (Look them up, they are not cheep but they are SOOOO worth every penny.) I love to play with this toy in public, it is so quiet no one ever knows! One of them has a wireless remote and I love to give that to Kim and let her just toy with me. She can be very evil about it! Turning it up high as the waiter comes by to take our order...



  1. I love the word pussy to I also love to lick pussy and I must say your pussy looks mighty tasty