Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy to be Home

I have spent some time getting back into my naked life and I must say that I really do miss being nude while I am on the road. I mean, I get naked the minute I am behind closed doors of course, but it is just not then same thing.

I also have spent several hours re-acquainting my self with my bath tub! Only a tiny (and I do mean TINY shower in the trailer. (Think almost airplane bathroom size.)) So I have been luxuriating in the hot bubbly waters of my tub almost every evening.

Also the feel of a warm, working horse under my naked ass is always a wonderful sensation that I cannot partake of while I am on the road either so that has been a big part of my daily activities since I got home this time. As well as some good old fashioned outdoors masturbation! I tell you girls there is nothing like the feeling of the sun warming your pussy while diddling yourself by the pool. I love it!

While I am home the feel of soft, supple girl skin accompanied by the fragrant aroma of moist pussy has been filling my evenings as well as Kim has come by to see me 4 times since I have been home. It is an exciting time to be pressed beneath such a wonderfully sensual woman. I truly don't think I can remember a time when making love to a woman has been more urgent and more satisfying as this past week has been.

One more week here at home and it's back on the road for three weeks for two shows that are quite a ways away and will require me to arrive a couple of days early so the horses are well rested. This time I will remember to pack my favorite little Lelo vibrator. (I had left it at home on my night table this last time. A blonde moment for sure! I won't be forgetting it next time I can tell you!)

So for those of you that enjoy keeping track that means that I have not had on one single stitch of clothing for 6 days now! WooHoo!! I just love it!

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  1. I understand completely Melody for as you are well aware I go naked all the time too... Hope to meet with you online before you have to hit the road again... Welcome home hun!