Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Blast from the Past---

I was chatting online not long ago with a friend and he was asking me about having sex in public, (One of my favorite things!), and I was telling him about a little impromptu escapade that a friend of mine and I had in a bar in Florida once about 6 years ago. Telling him this story got me all worked up and I found that I was diddling myself in the remembrance of it. So I thought to me self; "Self, you should post this on the blog page."

My problem was that I had intended this page to be a current diary of sexual escapades and had not thought that something from so long ago was appropriate, so I asked a few readers their opinion. Without exception they said "Post it!!!" So here it is, I hope you enjoy it...

I have had public sex lots of times. One time that flashes to mind a friend of mine and I were in this bar in Florida without a penny to our names, so we were giving blowjobs for drinks. ;) Buy us both a drink and one of us would suck you off. It was a fun evening! But this one guy who had one of the larger dicks I have seen had gotten 3 blow jobs already, one from me and two from my friend and he was asking for something else.

Well my friend wasn't going to let him slip that monster cock up his ass any time soon so I told him he could slide it into my pussy right then and there if he bought the entire bar a round of drinks.

In about 30 seconds I was naked, bent over a barstool with this guys sliding a huge cock into my pussy and giving the bartender a blowjob while the entire bar watched! We fucked like that for maybe 10 minutes before he shot is 4th load of the night into my pussy. (Seemed like an hour at the time! I thought I was splitting in half!)

Well while this was going on my friend was taking bids as to who was going to be next into my wet pussy. Again the price was a round for everyone there. The bidding was brisk I am told, I was consumed by what was happening to my pussy.

The second guy fucked me on a table, and the third guy wanted me to ride him while he lay on the table. The forth guy liked the barstool idea.

This entire time everyone is drinking and cheering and touching us and despite the fact that I didn't think there were a lot of gays in the bar my friend had a nice line formed up in front of him as he doled out blowjob after blowjob.

Some people had come in while this was going on, only one couple left. Everyone else simply joined in. It was a wild night indeed.

Because of all the willing participants in this little romp I myself was covered nearly head to foot in cum, running down mt chest, oozing from my pussy, and there was a fair sized puddle of it an and around the table we had been using. Gross? Perhaps, but at the time it was a wonderful feeling. I had to laugh at my friend as he had cum in his hair and dripping from his lips and looked like someone from a porn video, it really did make me laugh!

I have had other public sexual encounters, and other multi-person sexual  parties, but never anything on this scale. To this day neither of us has any clue as to how many men we were with that night. One thing is certain, we had plenty to drink!


  1. Tha was the hottest story I ever heard, I've been jacking off for like 45 minnutes and I came halfway through this and one stream of cum hit me rght in the ear. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you honey, I love to hear it. :) That is why I love to share them!