Friday, August 31, 2012

Any Ideas?


Now That's a Great Surprise!!

So this afternoon I'm working in the stalls making things comfy for the horses when I hear voices outside coming up the path to the barn! WTF?! I keep a pair of overall shorts in the barn for just such an eventuality, they don't exactly cover everything, (My boobs aren't completely covered and they are pretty damn short.), but they are good for emergencies. I quick like a bunny slide into them just as shadows appear at the barn door.

It was then I realized that I needn't have bothered; into the barn comes my boss, my sister Cloe and my Mom!!! I actually screamed! My boss said that she must have startled me if I was wearing clothes which made everyone laugh pretty hard!

Turns out that after a tough month and a half on the road my boss decided that I needed a break, so she secretly has flown my mother and my sister here! In 2 hours we will be on the way to a wonderful vacation city in the West for several days of play and relaxation! My boss is covering the whole trip and the four of us are going to have a wonderful time I'm sure.

I'm sure you all understand why I won't say where we are going, some of you that I have known for a while know that I enjoy our destination immensely. I promise I will share all of the details with you, my online friends, when I return.

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Act out one of your own fantasies this weekend because I have a feeling I will get to live one of mine. ;) At least I'm going to try.

Party Naked!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aaaaccckkkk! Politics!!

Ya know, the way things are going in this country maybe I'll just run off to another country. Hey Pete, do you have a garden shed down there I could live in til I find a job?!? :)

If I had the cash I would so move to Australia or New Zealand or someplace else that still has some sense!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Love Porn!!

Some of you already know of my deep love of porn, I have told you all about my extensive collection of images and have even shared some with my Yahoo friends.

I thought I would share some of my more favored pics with you folks here in my blog just for the fun of it.

These are of one of my favorite things in the whole world, a filled pussy! I love to fuck and feel the wonderful, warm wetness that is a properly filled pussy and I love pictures of it as well. Makes me have to touch myself, what about you?


I have tons and tons of pictures, tell me what you all would like to see and I will share with you what I have.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Really People?!?!

Well my faith in the human race went down another few points this afternoon...

I have been writing my blog and chatting on line about my sexual exploits because it is fun to tell people about my crazy life, it is fun to meet new people like Pete and Sheldon and all of the other wonderful friends I've made, and it is fun to post pics of myself and my favorite porn shots. Conclusion; I am doing it for the fun of it!

But for some fucking reason there are people out there that just can't understand that. Because I like to parade around naked that makes me a what? A whore? A bitch? A slut? A dumb cunt? None of the above folks, it makes me a nudist.

Yes, I LOVE sex. I love sex with strangers too, but on MY terms. Does that make me a whore or a slut, for some people the answer is yes. They are wrong.

Today, some dumb ass who had been chatting with me online decided that since I cyber-sexed him on chat that he would show up here and get a taste of the real thing. I was coming into the barn with one of the horses and here stands this guy, about 25 years old buck-ass naked, with this stupid fucking grin on his face and one of my lunge whips in his hand. I asked him who the hell he was and what the hell he was doing there.

He said he was here to teach me a thing or two. Being in a bit of a compromised position I went along with the situation for a few minutes until I had the horse put away and I was near the office door. I just walked into the office, locked the door and pressed the alarm button.

The cops were there in about 10 minutes and he was still standing in the barn naked with a whip in his hands, expecting me to come back out of the office. I couldn't believe it. No idea how he got in past the fence, but for a couple of minutes there I was pretty damn scared.

The police have recommended that I stop chatting sexually with men online. I am not sure I can do that, I have too much fun at it. But maybe putting this out in the open will hold the problems off...

If I have been chatting with you on Yahoo or Babblesex, great I love both places. But just because I do does NOT give you a green light to look me up in the real world! Ever! If I want to meet you I will arrange that with you, in a public place. Never, never, never, never will I ever invite you to my own home/place of business and if you turn up there only one thing will happen. You WILL be arrested. Guaranteed.

Speculate all you want to as to where I actually do live, but if you show up on my door step I WILL call the cops. I promise. We have a wonderful alarm system here, so don't risk it and be happy to know me online. If you can't handle that restriction then move along. Got it?

I mean jesus, how stupid do you have to be to turn up in my barn naked? What was he thinking, that I would just say "Hey great a naked guy, let's have sex!!!" ? How fucking stupid is that?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isn't It Lovely...

You know, I think that masturbation is a gift from the gods! No one around? Feeling in the need of a bit of release? Then drop those pants, lift those skirts and toss one off! (As a friend of mine down under says.)

I just love the feel of my fingers on my pussy, in my pussy, soaking wet from my pussy. (Really I just like the word pussy too. Such a warm welcoming word don't you think?) I just, not 15 minutes ago was chatting on line and had one leg over the arm of my chair and 2 fingers very busy rubbing my self into a frenzy. My clit is very touchy so I save touching it until I can take it no longer. I rub my clit for a very few minutes and I erupt in a flow of pleasure and pussy juices! I love this feeling!

I love toy too though. My favorite masturbation toy right now is from a company called Lelo. (Look them up, they are not cheep but they are SOOOO worth every penny.) I love to play with this toy in public, it is so quiet no one ever knows! One of them has a wireless remote and I love to give that to Kim and let her just toy with me. She can be very evil about it! Turning it up high as the waiter comes by to take our order...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Betcha Gotta Touch It!!

This has got to be the hottest, sexiest, most cum inducing amateur video I have seen in a very long time! And that is saying something!

I'll bet you can't watch all 8 minutes without touching yourself. I couldn't!!!

A Blast from the Past---

I was chatting online not long ago with a friend and he was asking me about having sex in public, (One of my favorite things!), and I was telling him about a little impromptu escapade that a friend of mine and I had in a bar in Florida once about 6 years ago. Telling him this story got me all worked up and I found that I was diddling myself in the remembrance of it. So I thought to me self; "Self, you should post this on the blog page."

My problem was that I had intended this page to be a current diary of sexual escapades and had not thought that something from so long ago was appropriate, so I asked a few readers their opinion. Without exception they said "Post it!!!" So here it is, I hope you enjoy it...

I have had public sex lots of times. One time that flashes to mind a friend of mine and I were in this bar in Florida without a penny to our names, so we were giving blowjobs for drinks. ;) Buy us both a drink and one of us would suck you off. It was a fun evening! But this one guy who had one of the larger dicks I have seen had gotten 3 blow jobs already, one from me and two from my friend and he was asking for something else.

Well my friend wasn't going to let him slip that monster cock up his ass any time soon so I told him he could slide it into my pussy right then and there if he bought the entire bar a round of drinks.

In about 30 seconds I was naked, bent over a barstool with this guys sliding a huge cock into my pussy and giving the bartender a blowjob while the entire bar watched! We fucked like that for maybe 10 minutes before he shot is 4th load of the night into my pussy. (Seemed like an hour at the time! I thought I was splitting in half!)

Well while this was going on my friend was taking bids as to who was going to be next into my wet pussy. Again the price was a round for everyone there. The bidding was brisk I am told, I was consumed by what was happening to my pussy.

The second guy fucked me on a table, and the third guy wanted me to ride him while he lay on the table. The forth guy liked the barstool idea.

This entire time everyone is drinking and cheering and touching us and despite the fact that I didn't think there were a lot of gays in the bar my friend had a nice line formed up in front of him as he doled out blowjob after blowjob.

Some people had come in while this was going on, only one couple left. Everyone else simply joined in. It was a wild night indeed.

Because of all the willing participants in this little romp I myself was covered nearly head to foot in cum, running down mt chest, oozing from my pussy, and there was a fair sized puddle of it an and around the table we had been using. Gross? Perhaps, but at the time it was a wonderful feeling. I had to laugh at my friend as he had cum in his hair and dripping from his lips and looked like someone from a porn video, it really did make me laugh!

I have had other public sexual encounters, and other multi-person sexual  parties, but never anything on this scale. To this day neither of us has any clue as to how many men we were with that night. One thing is certain, we had plenty to drink!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy to be Home

I have spent some time getting back into my naked life and I must say that I really do miss being nude while I am on the road. I mean, I get naked the minute I am behind closed doors of course, but it is just not then same thing.

I also have spent several hours re-acquainting my self with my bath tub! Only a tiny (and I do mean TINY shower in the trailer. (Think almost airplane bathroom size.)) So I have been luxuriating in the hot bubbly waters of my tub almost every evening.

Also the feel of a warm, working horse under my naked ass is always a wonderful sensation that I cannot partake of while I am on the road either so that has been a big part of my daily activities since I got home this time. As well as some good old fashioned outdoors masturbation! I tell you girls there is nothing like the feeling of the sun warming your pussy while diddling yourself by the pool. I love it!

While I am home the feel of soft, supple girl skin accompanied by the fragrant aroma of moist pussy has been filling my evenings as well as Kim has come by to see me 4 times since I have been home. It is an exciting time to be pressed beneath such a wonderfully sensual woman. I truly don't think I can remember a time when making love to a woman has been more urgent and more satisfying as this past week has been.

One more week here at home and it's back on the road for three weeks for two shows that are quite a ways away and will require me to arrive a couple of days early so the horses are well rested. This time I will remember to pack my favorite little Lelo vibrator. (I had left it at home on my night table this last time. A blonde moment for sure! I won't be forgetting it next time I can tell you!)

So for those of you that enjoy keeping track that means that I have not had on one single stitch of clothing for 6 days now! WooHoo!! I just love it!