Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A simple question really

I received an e-mail from a friend on babblesex, he asked me very simply "what turns you on?". Well I got to thinking about how to answer that question and I remembered a wonderful afternoon not too very long ago that turned me on quite a bit, so I told him the story.

In the telling of the story I got well, turned on and I had to slip my fingers into my pussy and make myself happy just remembering what had happened. Yum!

I decided that if an email could get me turned on enough to just stop what I was doing and masturbate like mad then it was probably a good enough story to share with my friends on line. You tell me, here's the e-mail as I sent it to my friend...

"Hmm, what turns me on? Well, of course there is no simple answer to that question. Lots of things.

Soft music, good food, good friends are all things that turn me on. But if you want to know what makes my pussy wet and my skin tingle then it's even harder.

For instance, I was working one afternoon not long ago in the barn. Now I should tell you here if you don't know already that I am a life long nudist. I go naked more days than I dress, even when working the horses. So the feel of being naked is not the novelty to me that it is for most folks.

So I'm in the barn working one day brushing one of the horses and I am standing on a small step so I can reach her neck, but I must still lean against the horse to reach all the way up her withers. (I am only 5'3" by the way.)

Well the feel of the horse's skin pressing against my mound and my tits suddenly got me all hot and tingly. Now I have felt the horse against me a million times, but this time it just started pushing all the right buttons. I pressed more firmly against the animal and sort of raised my self on my toes and then down and up and down...

I was aching! So I sat down right there in the barn, with the horse still tied right there and began massaging my lips making sure I didn't touch my clit, that will finish it for me in seconds, I wanted to feel this for a while!

I was there like 10 or 15 minutes, eyes closed legs spread as wide as I could get them open, rubbing my self silly when I felt that urge building inside me, I needed to release it, I needed to cum!

I slipped two fingers into my very damp pussy and let my thumb find my clit, BANG! I convulsed once as it hit me and I squirted hard, it probably would have gone 6 or 7 feet but the horse was standing there, she took the brunt of my orgasm all down her side. I squirted 3 or 4 more times and then that feeling ebbed away.

I love the warm flush I get just after I cum hard like that, and because of how I am constructed of because I have been a sex slut all of my life I can have that feeling a lot every day!

So to answer your question better I guess I never know what's going to turn me on. There are for sure some things that work every time, like having my ears kissed or my hair washed, but others, it a toss up.

Does that help at all? Excuse me now I am going to go finger myself silly real quick, telling you about that has got me going..."

And fulfilling a promise to a terrific fan of my blog here are some pictures to add to the mood.


  1. MMM Mel darling not only did that email get you going but I swelled with pride between my legs reading it and also could not keep my hands off especially with the addition of the pictures to look at just a pity they were not of you love. Still waiting for you to get back to see me flood for you on cam oxoxoxo

    1. We keep missing each other Pete. No, still camera of my own and I am beginning to question the safety of that anyway. But that's a topic for another time I think...

      Wet kisses on your lips and head dear. ;)

  2. Great story, and lovely pics.......

    1. Thanks dear. I'm glad to see you keep up on my diary. Kisses...

  3. I can't help getting turned on from all your sexy stories. All of them get me horny (which isn't hard to do) when I read them. It's good to see you back on and glad that asshole got what he deserved.

    1. Thanks Marcus, for both comments.