Friday, July 13, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part I

Ever since I moved here two years ago I have sworn not to get personal with any of the locals since the population of this entire town is smaller than my high school in Houston. I didn't want to run the risk of causing any problems for my employers with any of my antics. I mean these people are seriously pulling my bacon out of the financial fire so I owe it to them not to be a matter of talk amongst their neighbors.

But today was another matter all together.

Today a young girl from town (I'll call her Amy but that's not her name.) came out again for her riding lesson. I have been teaching her how to ride jumpers for almost a month now when I've been in town. She really is very talented and a very quick student. (She's the very best kind, the kind that LISTENS when you tell her something.) And she has a terrific seat.

(Now now, it really is a riding term, let's have no dirty comments. Or at least only a few! lol!)

Any way, this girl is a local and despite the fact that she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met I have made absolutely no move towards seducing her. She's a local and that's the rule so I have been the consummate professional around her in every possible way. I don't think I have even told her much in the way of personal info that didn't pertain to horses and riding.

Today after riding we were in the barn I was rubbing down my saddle while she curried her horse and just chatting away. She was telling me about this boy she had gone to her prom with, (oh did I say how old she was? Well, you can probably figure it out.), and how clumsy the evening was post-dance. Seems he had never had the opportunity to be that close to the real thing and he was understandably nervous. Of course she being equally inexperienced they both ended up being both embarrassed and frustrated.

I told her not to fret over it, that it was a common part of of being that young and that she should keep trying because it was definitely worth the effort. She giggled and said Yeah and went back to brushing her horse. After a while she asked me about kissing and if I liked to kiss and how so, and here's where I made my mistake, I told her. I described how I like slow, soft, deep kisses that evolve into more urgent, passionate wet kisses that melt your knees and make your body ache to be touched. The kind of kiss that makes spots on your body burn and cry out to be naked and touched. I think I may have used a bit too much enthusiasm in my description because she was leaning against the stall watching me as I filled in the details of how wonderful a good kiss can be. She sighed and said "that sounds wonderful." I knew I was in trouble right away.

"Well" I said "you learn how to kiss through lots and lots of practice and you should always take advantage of a good opportunity to practice." I really was only thinking of her kissing the boys she went to school with I swear! I had no intention of implying anything at all. It was against the rules! But then she asked the obvious question; "Have you ever kissed a girl that way Melody?" What could I do but tell her the truth? I have to be true to myself even at the expense of my own rules. "Yes, lots of times actually." Then came obvious question number two; "Would you think it's ok to show me?" AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Now what??!!??


  1. First all, rules are to break sometimes but... Melody..., baby, at that time ¿ what?... please, tell me all in detail !!!
    Awawawww !!!! Perhaps I'm imagining next page too much hot !!!
    Greetings !

  2. Well I wasn't going to post the rest but if you folks think I should then I will. Give me some time though, I will write it all down for you on Monday when I get home. Kisses!

  3. Yes Mel we are waiting for all the intimate details!!!