Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part III

So here we are in my living room and I am naked very quickly (go figure) they both were a bit timid to be naked but they stripped off and for just a moment we stood there looking at each other. They were fascinated by my scars, asked how I had gotten them. We did a brief history lesson of my own life while they looked at the various damaged parts of me. I pulled my hair back from the side of my head and showed them the one that nearly took it all away. They were unprepared I think to see a woman as beaten up as I actually am.

I looked at the two of them, smooth, fresh and young both of them unblemished by freckle or scar. "Kate" has trimmed her pubic hair very closely to a small triangle pointing towards her womanhood, while "Amy" is still a natural girl though the edges of her hair are trimmed so she can wear her swimsuit. Both girls have attractive, round breasts and are basically built like cheerleaders. I was very jealous.

I sat down at the front edge of my chair facing them and they took my lead and both sat on my sofa and I asked if they had ever really looked at their own vaginas, closely I mean with a mind towards understanding. The answer, as it is for most women they say, was no. So I had them take their mirrors and examine themselves slowly and completely while I sat across from them and did the same so we could share what we were looking at. Once we got started they asked lots of questions. (Fortunately they never asked a question I couldn't answer.)

I had them explore their labia, and pull back the hood that covers their clitoris. I had them touch it, fell how it stiffened as they manipulated it, roll it between their fingers. I showed them that their clit was their love button, that they could (or someone else could) drive them wild by playing with it. They took their time feeling the sensations this generates. Kate said that a boy once was touching her while they were making out and had stumbled upon this wonderful little button but had no idea what he was doing and moved on to other things instead of continuing to touch it. A shame for both of them really.

Then I showed them were to find their g-spots. This isn't as straight forward as finding your clit as the spot is in a slightly different spot for every woman, but the search is well worth the effort. Amy found hers first and almost jumped up off the sofa. (The first feeling you get when you touch your G-spot is a bit like having to pee very urgently.) I told them that this was completely normal and to just keep playing, the feeling passes.

I found myself wondering if my mother felt the way I did then as she showed these things to my sister and I, and I found myself feeling very sorry for these two girls that their own mothers never took the time to share this with them. Granted we were much younger than these two when my mother showed us, but our family is a bit "different" than the average.

This initial exploration of our vaginas took about an hour and I am happy to report that they both managed to experience their first true orgasms right there on my sofa. I kept my self from having an orgasm because I didn't want to startle these two with the sight of me squirting across the room at them. We'll save that for later.

We chatted quite a bit afterwards, sitting naked together like kids around a campfire. They asked me about my first experiences and I was forced to explain rather more than I had planned on initially. I told them about being a nudist and about my mother doing for me exactly what I just did for them. I told them how I felt about being nude around people and I tried to make it clear that while I didn't see anything wrong with what we had just done and were still doing, their parents or their friends parents might not be quite so understanding.

After we had a bite to eat and had recovered a bit I asked if they were ready for seeing another woman's vagina close up. Amy and I got up on my kitchen counter and I had Kate pull up a seat right in front of us. Then I had Kate first look at her own pussy in the mirror again and then at Amy's and compare the two, and then compare both of them to my own. The questions began right away; Why did my pussy look so much fleshier than the two of them, why did my clit push out from under my hood while theirs stayed hidden, why was Amy's pussy so much wetter looking than either of ours, and how did I get my entire pussy so smoothly shaved while Kate had a "shadow" where her hair had been. They were very observant students really.

Kate's next task was a bit harder for her than I think she was ready for. She had to touch first herself, then Amy and then me. Exploring, looking for the G-spot, touching the clitoris, playing with the lips, opening them up and examining them slowly. Asking more questions. Then, after a while of her actively participating in this assignment it was time for her to change places with Amy. Amy had to do all of the same things that Kate did, and unsurprisingly she asked many of the same questions over again. She spent quite some time looking at my pussy but paid very close attention to her friend. They both were very obviously excited and the conversation had a lot of shy giggling as well as breathy gasps.

The question finally came up, had I had an orgasm as well earlier like they had, I told them no and the reason why I had held that back. This created an additional excitement and they both wanted to see this. So I resumed my seat on the chair facing the sofa and they both sat down, I noticed that they were pressed together on the sofa in front of me. I put my legs on the table and was softly rubbing the fleshy portions of my pussy, they were watching closely as they had been unable to do earlier since they had been examining themselves. I love an audience and it was only a very short time before that old welcome feeling washed over me from my feet up then down again and BANG! I squirted for them once, twice, three times maybe four it was wonderful! They were stunned. "Wow" says Kate, "and you can do that when ever you want?!" A breathless smiling nod from me. "Every time, and so can you probably." (Most women can actually, or so they say. I have met several that can.)

Now I looked over at them and they had been sitting touching legs, now they both had their legs open and were touching each other. I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my now soaking wet self while I watched two girls have their first sexual experience with each other. It didn't take long and it wouldn't win any awards from the porn industry but they both had successful orgasms and they had done it together. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was nearly 5pm and we had been upstairs now since 2. I had work to do, (There's always work to do.) and they needed to get home. They dressed, I didn't, and they gathered up their things. Hugs and kisses were exchanged (which nearly derailed the process of them leaving.) and I said good-bye to them at Kate's car, standing there in my all together. I would like to think that this has been an enlightening experience for both of them, I would like to think that they will carry this day around with them all of their lives the way I carry the same memory of my sister and my mother with me. I just hope I don't live to regret what has happened here, it was after all a journey of the most important type of exploration; the exploration of themselves and I am honored to have been there at the beginning of that journey.

Here's to your journey girls, (lifting my wine glass in toast), may your pleasures be many, frequent and diverse and may they always be at your own willing.


  1. You have done those girls a great service. I hope the continue to learn. Great encounter, glad you shared.

  2. Well...I was afraid and finally is yes ...a very hot experience... and now, sweet sluty, thanks because my hand is totally fatigued :)
    Nice ! Congratulations!

  3. What a wonderful teacher you are Melody I only wish I had received somthing similar when I was at that tender age of self exploration instead of the clumsy efforts of a first time "wank" hidden behind closed doors.... how much more I know now in the art of self satisfaction which consequently I just achieved reading your encounter. Thank you. Now looking forward to your next visit to me so I can explode for you again. Love Pete