Monday, July 16, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part II

Well today we had another lesson, she is keeping her seat very well in the easier jumps but she still has a lot of work to do, but that is what they pay me for after all. We were all business today in the arena but things changed again when we went back inside the barn to groom and put up the horses.

Friday as you may remember Amy had asked me if I would show her what I meant when I described to her what sort of kiss I liked. I knew it was a bad idea but did I mention that she flipping gorgeous? I relented, (You knew I would didn't you? What can I say, I'm weak.) Well it was a start and stop sort of affair until I suggested that she just let me drive and just go with it.

I wrapped my arms around her loosely so as not to startle her and planted a soft, open mouth kiss on her, sucked her lower lip, licked her lips, played with her tongue, I stroked her hair and traced the line of her ear with my finger, softly, slowly drawing her into me as we stood there. After quite a while I stopped, she was properly breathless as was I, and I said "That's how I like to kiss." Then I smiled, spanked her butt once and went back to grooming my horse.

She stood there for a moment then said simply "Wow. I liked that".

We talked more about the kiss and about boy-girl things, (did I mention that she's not yet 18?) and lots of other stuff as well while I showed her the proper way to oil her saddle to keep it from drying out. All the time thinking to myself "What did you just do?!?!" I know better than that! Well maybe this would be the end of it.

No such luck!

No sooner were we back in the barn than there she was standing right next to me looking all sexy with her hair sweaty and a good sweat stain on her riding pants and shirt just looking at me with that look in her eyes. I attempted to skate past it by reaching past her to get a currycomb off of the shelf behind her but she drew a deep breath as I reached past her and I knew she was smelling me, man was I in trouble!

"Listen Amy, maybe we should just chock up Friday as an extra lesson and forget it." I suggested. "Oh, no problem," she says "it's just that I was talking to my girlfriends over the weekend," (Exactly what I did NOT want to have happen!!) "and they think I should see what else I can learn from you." I said "No, see that is want I don't want to have happen. Do you see it wouldn't be good for it to get around town that I go around kissing underage girls? I could get into a ton of trouble, and so could my boss."

"Not a prob" she says, "What do you think would happen to me? It's a small town you know." Don't I ever?!?! "It's just that my BFF liked the way I kissed her on Saturday and I told her I learned it from you. She said we should see what else you'd show us." I giggled a little and said "'BFF' Amy, really?" She turned instantly red and I was completely ashamed of my self for saying it. She was trying to be cool and I had shot her down, damn I'm stupid sometimes. I just complicated my life twice!

I apologized profusely, gave her a hug and suggested that we finish with the horses, we could talk afterwards. That served to get past my blunder in our conversation but the kiss was still out there, hanging. Well we finished, put the horses and the tack away,gave them a light feed and went upstairs for a glass of something to drink. She said that her "BFF" Kate (also not her real name) was coming to pick her up because her mom had gone into Lodi and would not be home until later in the evening. (Time for me to ask an obvious question), "Is this the same girl you were kissing on Saturday?" When she said that it was I found an opportunity to maybe nip this in the bud. "Do you think she would like to stay and talk awhile?" I asked. "I know she will" she said. Good. I could emphasize to both of them how important it was to keep this all to them selves.

Kate showed up not quite 20 minutes later and we got something cold to drink and settled in my living room. I told them both how important my job was to me, how I needed this job so I could pay off my bills and have a place to live. They both swear they understand. But then Kate asks right out of the blue; "Melody have you ever had sex with a girl?" What the hell?! "Yes I have, lots of times." "So are you gay then?" "Well no Kate actually, I like both boys and girls. Does that shock you?" Her answer shocked me! "No, not at all." Really? I was wondering where this conversation was headed when she proudly announced that both she and Amy were bisexuals. I know I came to this realization very early in my life, but I am a major exception I thought. Not many people after all can lay claim to a childhood like mine; a world of naked Barbies on horseback with naked GI Joes running around as I played with my sister and brothers also naked as Jaybirds.

So I was now hooked, "Have the two of you ever done anything together then?" Amy spoke up and said "Only kissing and touching, but I don't think we're doing it right." Again, WTF? "What do you mean by 'Not doing it right?'" Turns out they were convinced that what they had seen in the porn videos on her brother's computer was what real women did together. I couldn't help it, I laughed.

"No dear, not really." I managed to say and laugh at the same time, "But I understand why you might think that." "Have either of you ever been with a boy?" was my next question. Again the just kissing and touching thing and again they didn't believe they were doing it right. Porn again. Egads! I love porn as much as anyone but this is silly.

Well Amy looks me right in the eye and said that they had been talking since last Friday and they had decided to ask for my help. Well what the heck can I do? Then it dawned on me!

When I was very young my mother took me aside one day and told me all about sex and sexuality and taught me about the pleasures of masturbation. Her gentle words of encouragement and her taking the time to show me where things were and what they felt like have served me faithfully my whole life. Since my accident a couple of years ago when I lost all of my "mommy parts" I have been lamenting the fact that I could never return the favor to my own daughter. Now here was an opportunity to do real and permanent good for two girls at once!

"Do you girls masturbate?" I asked, It made me smile that both of them were embarrassed by the question, but they both did say they did. "Do you have orgasms?" was my next obvious question. This was met with questioning looks and one very quiet "I guess so." I was right! Parents really need to begin encouraging masturbation instead of making it something dirty that their kids are forced to practice in secret!

I went and fetched a couple of hand mirrors, (Yes I really am that vain!) and came back and sat across from them. and handed one to each. I asked "Are you sure you want me to help you?" Two nods and a yes. "Then you mustn't tell anyone that I have. Agreed?" Again the nods. "Alright then we are all friends here and a promise is good enough."

I stood up and began unbuttoning my shirt while the two of them just stared at me a moment. I said "Come now ladies, up you get." They stood. "Now, off with your clothes, I am going to introduce you to your very best friend in the whole world. Your vagina!"

(To be continued, my fingers are tired.)


  1. Waw Melody, I knew that it would be hot and intriguing because your writing is progresive and, little by little, takes all my interest. All true,
    introducing the fingers in very best friends in the whole world is ever to explore a sweet vagina, or inside some delicious ass, giving spit from mouth to mouth, eating intensely balls and dick... yes, I coincide, introducing all this great friends it's one of the best gift for life !
    Well... I'm dying to know about your next episode !
    Kisses & congratulations !:)

  2. WOW Melody I sure would love to be able to be "a fly on the wall" so to speak or peeking out from a hiding place to watch your next lesson sounds like you are in for a "wonderful" time. I agree with you my love masturbation (as you know my favourite pastime) should be off the taboo list and be something that is shared together nothing beats a good mutual masturbation session togther. Come visit me for one together again soon. Yes!!