Monday, July 30, 2012

Homeward Bound

A non-winning weekend in Colorado was still a great deal of fun on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a beautiful young groom with one of the other farms that has been at 2 other shows this year and he has been spending a lot of time watching me. This past weekend I had a touch of fun with him.

Friday afternoon after the show was over and everyone preparing their horses for the next day I noticed this young man watching me as I worked. I had decided to tease this young man but not to approach him because he is only 17 and I am trying to be a good girl. But a little view would do no harm so I decided to put on a show.

I took one of our jumpers to the wash stall and like the good lad that I knew he would be he made some excuse to himself to follow me down there. Now I don't thing that anyone can wash a horse and stay completely dry, but I was not going to even try. I took off my denim shirt leaving only my light blue cotton camisole shirt on top. "Was I wearing a bra?" I hear you ask, well no, I generally don't. I knew that as I got wet my shirt would become very transparent indeed.

Washing a horse is a bit like washing a tall car except that this car likes to move around while your washing it. It is an up and down, bent over affair that takes about 20 minutes. At one point I intentionally bent over to wash his legs so our friend would have an unobstructed view down my shirt. I spent a few extra minutes washing the horses cock so I could show our boy what my hands looked like wrapped around one. Let him think about that for a few hours. ;)

By the time I had finished I was completely soaked, not to mention the massive wet spot in my jeans that was warmer that the rest of my wet clothes were. I smiled and winked at our young friend and then just lead our horse back to his stall. Once I had him put away I made for my trailer to get out of my wet clothes and to have a nice cold beer and something to eat.

He was waiting for me outside my trailer holding a large yellow towel, a huge smile on his face. I didn't really want to chat so I just said howdy and moved past him towards my door. He said thank you very sheepishly while smiling and staring at his feet. "For what?" I asked, trying to remain cool. "For the um, well just thank you." I giggled and smiled at him, "my god" I thought, "I am such a silly slut!" but what came out of my mouth was, "Would like to come in and have a beer with me?" Any guesses what his response was?

Inside I pulled out a couple of beers opening both and I gave one to him. "I'm sorry but I gotta get out of these wet clothes." And he says "Oh" and started to get up when I told to simply sit down.

Now I don't know if I have described my trailer before but it's a horse trailer with a small cabin up front. And I do mean small. Two people inside is about the most you would ever want to try to stuff inside. If you stand in the center and stretch out your arms you can almost touch every surface. Not a huge place. I think he thought I was asking him to leave and he gallantly tried but I gave him a gentle push back into his seat. I then began to strip off what there was of clothing and in about 10 seconds I had become naked so fast he barely had time to register the fact in his brain.

I sat back down across from him and he just sort of gaped at me for a moment and then he collected his wits a bit and had a pull from his beer. "So, I'm Melody. Who are you?" Caught him off guard again, he managed to stammer out "Kevin" and I decided to push on ahead and I asked him a question I was sure he expected the least; "So Kevin, are going sit around like that or are you getting naked with me?" I don't think I have ever seen some one move so quickly.

Well we sat, naked and chatted and drank beer. We talked about the horse show, about the horses he was working, about our respective employers that sort of thing, but I kept making sure he could see my kitty by sitting with one leg out in front of me on the couch and the other on the floor, or by bending over at the waist when digging another beer from the fridge. He had an almost screaming hard on! I loved it!

When I sat down after fetching our 3rd beer I sat directly across from him so I could stretch out my leg and touch his dick with my foot. When I did this, I rubbed my toes on his balls, he groaned and shot a huge and I mean huge wad all over himself and my foot! I could not help myself, I laughed. But after a few moments I said "don't worry about it dear, I have been teasing you mercilessly." I got up and then knelt in front of him and proceeded to lick his belly, balls and cock clean. In the process his dick got hard again, like a steel rod so I gave him a slow, soft and proper blowjob and this time when he finally cam I didn't let a single drop escape my mouth.

Once he was clean again and his cock was softening in my mouth I let him slip out and I got up from in front of him and resumed my seat on the couch facing him. I took a nice pull on my beer then I leaned back, spread my legs as far as I can just looked at him. Before I could make a suggestion as to how he might pay me back in kind his face was buried in my smooth and very wet pussy. For a self confessed first timer he was really very good at this. "I watch a lot of porn" he said to me when I asked about it.

After just a few minutes of his concentrated attention on my pussy I surprised him one more time by squirting all over his beautiful young face! He was stunned I think but I explained to him what it was and how he might be able to get this same reaction from other women. He smiled at that thought, I think he filed this information away for future use. (I certainly hope so anyway.)

We had another beer and turned on the TV, he sat next to me in the corner of the little sofa in the trailer my head in his lap as I toyed with his soft cock and massaged his balls. We ordered pizza, when the guy came to the door I answered it with a towel wrapped around me that was far too short to cover everything. The pizza guy probably got an eyeful!

After we had eaten dinner it was time for him to eat me again, and for me to have some more of his young and happy cum. We played and sucked and licked each other all night until we were too damn tired to keep playing. It wasn't until the next morning when I was dressed and ready to start my day (5am in case you were wondering) that I realized he hadn't fucked me! Can you imagine?!

Well I will try to tell you all about Saturday night another time, right now I am going to make sure everyone is bedded down properly and then I am going to masturbate until I can no longer walk straight! We are in a KOA tonight on our way home, I hope I don't make too much noise...


  1. OMG Melody I got a "rock hard on" just reading about it... I wish your shows were not the other side of the world for I would be sure to make sure I met you at one of them.. looking forward to you being back on home ground so we can meet up on cam again hun ... Love Pete

    1. I feel certain we well hook up soon Pete. Am looking forward to a nice warm Pete-load!