Monday, July 30, 2012

Homeward Bound

A non-winning weekend in Colorado was still a great deal of fun on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a beautiful young groom with one of the other farms that has been at 2 other shows this year and he has been spending a lot of time watching me. This past weekend I had a touch of fun with him.

Friday afternoon after the show was over and everyone preparing their horses for the next day I noticed this young man watching me as I worked. I had decided to tease this young man but not to approach him because he is only 17 and I am trying to be a good girl. But a little view would do no harm so I decided to put on a show.

I took one of our jumpers to the wash stall and like the good lad that I knew he would be he made some excuse to himself to follow me down there. Now I don't thing that anyone can wash a horse and stay completely dry, but I was not going to even try. I took off my denim shirt leaving only my light blue cotton camisole shirt on top. "Was I wearing a bra?" I hear you ask, well no, I generally don't. I knew that as I got wet my shirt would become very transparent indeed.

Washing a horse is a bit like washing a tall car except that this car likes to move around while your washing it. It is an up and down, bent over affair that takes about 20 minutes. At one point I intentionally bent over to wash his legs so our friend would have an unobstructed view down my shirt. I spent a few extra minutes washing the horses cock so I could show our boy what my hands looked like wrapped around one. Let him think about that for a few hours. ;)

By the time I had finished I was completely soaked, not to mention the massive wet spot in my jeans that was warmer that the rest of my wet clothes were. I smiled and winked at our young friend and then just lead our horse back to his stall. Once I had him put away I made for my trailer to get out of my wet clothes and to have a nice cold beer and something to eat.

He was waiting for me outside my trailer holding a large yellow towel, a huge smile on his face. I didn't really want to chat so I just said howdy and moved past him towards my door. He said thank you very sheepishly while smiling and staring at his feet. "For what?" I asked, trying to remain cool. "For the um, well just thank you." I giggled and smiled at him, "my god" I thought, "I am such a silly slut!" but what came out of my mouth was, "Would like to come in and have a beer with me?" Any guesses what his response was?

Inside I pulled out a couple of beers opening both and I gave one to him. "I'm sorry but I gotta get out of these wet clothes." And he says "Oh" and started to get up when I told to simply sit down.

Now I don't know if I have described my trailer before but it's a horse trailer with a small cabin up front. And I do mean small. Two people inside is about the most you would ever want to try to stuff inside. If you stand in the center and stretch out your arms you can almost touch every surface. Not a huge place. I think he thought I was asking him to leave and he gallantly tried but I gave him a gentle push back into his seat. I then began to strip off what there was of clothing and in about 10 seconds I had become naked so fast he barely had time to register the fact in his brain.

I sat back down across from him and he just sort of gaped at me for a moment and then he collected his wits a bit and had a pull from his beer. "So, I'm Melody. Who are you?" Caught him off guard again, he managed to stammer out "Kevin" and I decided to push on ahead and I asked him a question I was sure he expected the least; "So Kevin, are going sit around like that or are you getting naked with me?" I don't think I have ever seen some one move so quickly.

Well we sat, naked and chatted and drank beer. We talked about the horse show, about the horses he was working, about our respective employers that sort of thing, but I kept making sure he could see my kitty by sitting with one leg out in front of me on the couch and the other on the floor, or by bending over at the waist when digging another beer from the fridge. He had an almost screaming hard on! I loved it!

When I sat down after fetching our 3rd beer I sat directly across from him so I could stretch out my leg and touch his dick with my foot. When I did this, I rubbed my toes on his balls, he groaned and shot a huge and I mean huge wad all over himself and my foot! I could not help myself, I laughed. But after a few moments I said "don't worry about it dear, I have been teasing you mercilessly." I got up and then knelt in front of him and proceeded to lick his belly, balls and cock clean. In the process his dick got hard again, like a steel rod so I gave him a slow, soft and proper blowjob and this time when he finally cam I didn't let a single drop escape my mouth.

Once he was clean again and his cock was softening in my mouth I let him slip out and I got up from in front of him and resumed my seat on the couch facing him. I took a nice pull on my beer then I leaned back, spread my legs as far as I can just looked at him. Before I could make a suggestion as to how he might pay me back in kind his face was buried in my smooth and very wet pussy. For a self confessed first timer he was really very good at this. "I watch a lot of porn" he said to me when I asked about it.

After just a few minutes of his concentrated attention on my pussy I surprised him one more time by squirting all over his beautiful young face! He was stunned I think but I explained to him what it was and how he might be able to get this same reaction from other women. He smiled at that thought, I think he filed this information away for future use. (I certainly hope so anyway.)

We had another beer and turned on the TV, he sat next to me in the corner of the little sofa in the trailer my head in his lap as I toyed with his soft cock and massaged his balls. We ordered pizza, when the guy came to the door I answered it with a towel wrapped around me that was far too short to cover everything. The pizza guy probably got an eyeful!

After we had eaten dinner it was time for him to eat me again, and for me to have some more of his young and happy cum. We played and sucked and licked each other all night until we were too damn tired to keep playing. It wasn't until the next morning when I was dressed and ready to start my day (5am in case you were wondering) that I realized he hadn't fucked me! Can you imagine?!

Well I will try to tell you all about Saturday night another time, right now I am going to make sure everyone is bedded down properly and then I am going to masturbate until I can no longer walk straight! We are in a KOA tonight on our way home, I hope I don't make too much noise...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Soft skin, warm to the touch.

Smooth, supple, resilient.

Tingles at the caress of fingertips.

Cupping my hand over the mound.

Fingers feeling the warmth, the dampness, pressing in.

Tight, moist gripping on my fingers

Drawing them slowly back to the light, the surface

Drawing moisture along the soft skin.

The button, the pearl, the gateway

A shudder, more tightness, relaxing,

Another shudder

A gasp

An explosion!

Wet, warm, wonderful...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part III

So here we are in my living room and I am naked very quickly (go figure) they both were a bit timid to be naked but they stripped off and for just a moment we stood there looking at each other. They were fascinated by my scars, asked how I had gotten them. We did a brief history lesson of my own life while they looked at the various damaged parts of me. I pulled my hair back from the side of my head and showed them the one that nearly took it all away. They were unprepared I think to see a woman as beaten up as I actually am.

I looked at the two of them, smooth, fresh and young both of them unblemished by freckle or scar. "Kate" has trimmed her pubic hair very closely to a small triangle pointing towards her womanhood, while "Amy" is still a natural girl though the edges of her hair are trimmed so she can wear her swimsuit. Both girls have attractive, round breasts and are basically built like cheerleaders. I was very jealous.

I sat down at the front edge of my chair facing them and they took my lead and both sat on my sofa and I asked if they had ever really looked at their own vaginas, closely I mean with a mind towards understanding. The answer, as it is for most women they say, was no. So I had them take their mirrors and examine themselves slowly and completely while I sat across from them and did the same so we could share what we were looking at. Once we got started they asked lots of questions. (Fortunately they never asked a question I couldn't answer.)

I had them explore their labia, and pull back the hood that covers their clitoris. I had them touch it, fell how it stiffened as they manipulated it, roll it between their fingers. I showed them that their clit was their love button, that they could (or someone else could) drive them wild by playing with it. They took their time feeling the sensations this generates. Kate said that a boy once was touching her while they were making out and had stumbled upon this wonderful little button but had no idea what he was doing and moved on to other things instead of continuing to touch it. A shame for both of them really.

Then I showed them were to find their g-spots. This isn't as straight forward as finding your clit as the spot is in a slightly different spot for every woman, but the search is well worth the effort. Amy found hers first and almost jumped up off the sofa. (The first feeling you get when you touch your G-spot is a bit like having to pee very urgently.) I told them that this was completely normal and to just keep playing, the feeling passes.

I found myself wondering if my mother felt the way I did then as she showed these things to my sister and I, and I found myself feeling very sorry for these two girls that their own mothers never took the time to share this with them. Granted we were much younger than these two when my mother showed us, but our family is a bit "different" than the average.

This initial exploration of our vaginas took about an hour and I am happy to report that they both managed to experience their first true orgasms right there on my sofa. I kept my self from having an orgasm because I didn't want to startle these two with the sight of me squirting across the room at them. We'll save that for later.

We chatted quite a bit afterwards, sitting naked together like kids around a campfire. They asked me about my first experiences and I was forced to explain rather more than I had planned on initially. I told them about being a nudist and about my mother doing for me exactly what I just did for them. I told them how I felt about being nude around people and I tried to make it clear that while I didn't see anything wrong with what we had just done and were still doing, their parents or their friends parents might not be quite so understanding.

After we had a bite to eat and had recovered a bit I asked if they were ready for seeing another woman's vagina close up. Amy and I got up on my kitchen counter and I had Kate pull up a seat right in front of us. Then I had Kate first look at her own pussy in the mirror again and then at Amy's and compare the two, and then compare both of them to my own. The questions began right away; Why did my pussy look so much fleshier than the two of them, why did my clit push out from under my hood while theirs stayed hidden, why was Amy's pussy so much wetter looking than either of ours, and how did I get my entire pussy so smoothly shaved while Kate had a "shadow" where her hair had been. They were very observant students really.

Kate's next task was a bit harder for her than I think she was ready for. She had to touch first herself, then Amy and then me. Exploring, looking for the G-spot, touching the clitoris, playing with the lips, opening them up and examining them slowly. Asking more questions. Then, after a while of her actively participating in this assignment it was time for her to change places with Amy. Amy had to do all of the same things that Kate did, and unsurprisingly she asked many of the same questions over again. She spent quite some time looking at my pussy but paid very close attention to her friend. They both were very obviously excited and the conversation had a lot of shy giggling as well as breathy gasps.

The question finally came up, had I had an orgasm as well earlier like they had, I told them no and the reason why I had held that back. This created an additional excitement and they both wanted to see this. So I resumed my seat on the chair facing the sofa and they both sat down, I noticed that they were pressed together on the sofa in front of me. I put my legs on the table and was softly rubbing the fleshy portions of my pussy, they were watching closely as they had been unable to do earlier since they had been examining themselves. I love an audience and it was only a very short time before that old welcome feeling washed over me from my feet up then down again and BANG! I squirted for them once, twice, three times maybe four it was wonderful! They were stunned. "Wow" says Kate, "and you can do that when ever you want?!" A breathless smiling nod from me. "Every time, and so can you probably." (Most women can actually, or so they say. I have met several that can.)

Now I looked over at them and they had been sitting touching legs, now they both had their legs open and were touching each other. I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my now soaking wet self while I watched two girls have their first sexual experience with each other. It didn't take long and it wouldn't win any awards from the porn industry but they both had successful orgasms and they had done it together. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was nearly 5pm and we had been upstairs now since 2. I had work to do, (There's always work to do.) and they needed to get home. They dressed, I didn't, and they gathered up their things. Hugs and kisses were exchanged (which nearly derailed the process of them leaving.) and I said good-bye to them at Kate's car, standing there in my all together. I would like to think that this has been an enlightening experience for both of them, I would like to think that they will carry this day around with them all of their lives the way I carry the same memory of my sister and my mother with me. I just hope I don't live to regret what has happened here, it was after all a journey of the most important type of exploration; the exploration of themselves and I am honored to have been there at the beginning of that journey.

Here's to your journey girls, (lifting my wine glass in toast), may your pleasures be many, frequent and diverse and may they always be at your own willing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part II

Well today we had another lesson, she is keeping her seat very well in the easier jumps but she still has a lot of work to do, but that is what they pay me for after all. We were all business today in the arena but things changed again when we went back inside the barn to groom and put up the horses.

Friday as you may remember Amy had asked me if I would show her what I meant when I described to her what sort of kiss I liked. I knew it was a bad idea but did I mention that she flipping gorgeous? I relented, (You knew I would didn't you? What can I say, I'm weak.) Well it was a start and stop sort of affair until I suggested that she just let me drive and just go with it.

I wrapped my arms around her loosely so as not to startle her and planted a soft, open mouth kiss on her, sucked her lower lip, licked her lips, played with her tongue, I stroked her hair and traced the line of her ear with my finger, softly, slowly drawing her into me as we stood there. After quite a while I stopped, she was properly breathless as was I, and I said "That's how I like to kiss." Then I smiled, spanked her butt once and went back to grooming my horse.

She stood there for a moment then said simply "Wow. I liked that".

We talked more about the kiss and about boy-girl things, (did I mention that she's not yet 18?) and lots of other stuff as well while I showed her the proper way to oil her saddle to keep it from drying out. All the time thinking to myself "What did you just do?!?!" I know better than that! Well maybe this would be the end of it.

No such luck!

No sooner were we back in the barn than there she was standing right next to me looking all sexy with her hair sweaty and a good sweat stain on her riding pants and shirt just looking at me with that look in her eyes. I attempted to skate past it by reaching past her to get a currycomb off of the shelf behind her but she drew a deep breath as I reached past her and I knew she was smelling me, man was I in trouble!

"Listen Amy, maybe we should just chock up Friday as an extra lesson and forget it." I suggested. "Oh, no problem," she says "it's just that I was talking to my girlfriends over the weekend," (Exactly what I did NOT want to have happen!!) "and they think I should see what else I can learn from you." I said "No, see that is want I don't want to have happen. Do you see it wouldn't be good for it to get around town that I go around kissing underage girls? I could get into a ton of trouble, and so could my boss."

"Not a prob" she says, "What do you think would happen to me? It's a small town you know." Don't I ever?!?! "It's just that my BFF liked the way I kissed her on Saturday and I told her I learned it from you. She said we should see what else you'd show us." I giggled a little and said "'BFF' Amy, really?" She turned instantly red and I was completely ashamed of my self for saying it. She was trying to be cool and I had shot her down, damn I'm stupid sometimes. I just complicated my life twice!

I apologized profusely, gave her a hug and suggested that we finish with the horses, we could talk afterwards. That served to get past my blunder in our conversation but the kiss was still out there, hanging. Well we finished, put the horses and the tack away,gave them a light feed and went upstairs for a glass of something to drink. She said that her "BFF" Kate (also not her real name) was coming to pick her up because her mom had gone into Lodi and would not be home until later in the evening. (Time for me to ask an obvious question), "Is this the same girl you were kissing on Saturday?" When she said that it was I found an opportunity to maybe nip this in the bud. "Do you think she would like to stay and talk awhile?" I asked. "I know she will" she said. Good. I could emphasize to both of them how important it was to keep this all to them selves.

Kate showed up not quite 20 minutes later and we got something cold to drink and settled in my living room. I told them both how important my job was to me, how I needed this job so I could pay off my bills and have a place to live. They both swear they understand. But then Kate asks right out of the blue; "Melody have you ever had sex with a girl?" What the hell?! "Yes I have, lots of times." "So are you gay then?" "Well no Kate actually, I like both boys and girls. Does that shock you?" Her answer shocked me! "No, not at all." Really? I was wondering where this conversation was headed when she proudly announced that both she and Amy were bisexuals. I know I came to this realization very early in my life, but I am a major exception I thought. Not many people after all can lay claim to a childhood like mine; a world of naked Barbies on horseback with naked GI Joes running around as I played with my sister and brothers also naked as Jaybirds.

So I was now hooked, "Have the two of you ever done anything together then?" Amy spoke up and said "Only kissing and touching, but I don't think we're doing it right." Again, WTF? "What do you mean by 'Not doing it right?'" Turns out they were convinced that what they had seen in the porn videos on her brother's computer was what real women did together. I couldn't help it, I laughed.

"No dear, not really." I managed to say and laugh at the same time, "But I understand why you might think that." "Have either of you ever been with a boy?" was my next question. Again the just kissing and touching thing and again they didn't believe they were doing it right. Porn again. Egads! I love porn as much as anyone but this is silly.

Well Amy looks me right in the eye and said that they had been talking since last Friday and they had decided to ask for my help. Well what the heck can I do? Then it dawned on me!

When I was very young my mother took me aside one day and told me all about sex and sexuality and taught me about the pleasures of masturbation. Her gentle words of encouragement and her taking the time to show me where things were and what they felt like have served me faithfully my whole life. Since my accident a couple of years ago when I lost all of my "mommy parts" I have been lamenting the fact that I could never return the favor to my own daughter. Now here was an opportunity to do real and permanent good for two girls at once!

"Do you girls masturbate?" I asked, It made me smile that both of them were embarrassed by the question, but they both did say they did. "Do you have orgasms?" was my next obvious question. This was met with questioning looks and one very quiet "I guess so." I was right! Parents really need to begin encouraging masturbation instead of making it something dirty that their kids are forced to practice in secret!

I went and fetched a couple of hand mirrors, (Yes I really am that vain!) and came back and sat across from them. and handed one to each. I asked "Are you sure you want me to help you?" Two nods and a yes. "Then you mustn't tell anyone that I have. Agreed?" Again the nods. "Alright then we are all friends here and a promise is good enough."

I stood up and began unbuttoning my shirt while the two of them just stared at me a moment. I said "Come now ladies, up you get." They stood. "Now, off with your clothes, I am going to introduce you to your very best friend in the whole world. Your vagina!"

(To be continued, my fingers are tired.)

Friday, July 13, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part I

Ever since I moved here two years ago I have sworn not to get personal with any of the locals since the population of this entire town is smaller than my high school in Houston. I didn't want to run the risk of causing any problems for my employers with any of my antics. I mean these people are seriously pulling my bacon out of the financial fire so I owe it to them not to be a matter of talk amongst their neighbors.

But today was another matter all together.

Today a young girl from town (I'll call her Amy but that's not her name.) came out again for her riding lesson. I have been teaching her how to ride jumpers for almost a month now when I've been in town. She really is very talented and a very quick student. (She's the very best kind, the kind that LISTENS when you tell her something.) And she has a terrific seat.

(Now now, it really is a riding term, let's have no dirty comments. Or at least only a few! lol!)

Any way, this girl is a local and despite the fact that she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met I have made absolutely no move towards seducing her. She's a local and that's the rule so I have been the consummate professional around her in every possible way. I don't think I have even told her much in the way of personal info that didn't pertain to horses and riding.

Today after riding we were in the barn I was rubbing down my saddle while she curried her horse and just chatting away. She was telling me about this boy she had gone to her prom with, (oh did I say how old she was? Well, you can probably figure it out.), and how clumsy the evening was post-dance. Seems he had never had the opportunity to be that close to the real thing and he was understandably nervous. Of course she being equally inexperienced they both ended up being both embarrassed and frustrated.

I told her not to fret over it, that it was a common part of of being that young and that she should keep trying because it was definitely worth the effort. She giggled and said Yeah and went back to brushing her horse. After a while she asked me about kissing and if I liked to kiss and how so, and here's where I made my mistake, I told her. I described how I like slow, soft, deep kisses that evolve into more urgent, passionate wet kisses that melt your knees and make your body ache to be touched. The kind of kiss that makes spots on your body burn and cry out to be naked and touched. I think I may have used a bit too much enthusiasm in my description because she was leaning against the stall watching me as I filled in the details of how wonderful a good kiss can be. She sighed and said "that sounds wonderful." I knew I was in trouble right away.

"Well" I said "you learn how to kiss through lots and lots of practice and you should always take advantage of a good opportunity to practice." I really was only thinking of her kissing the boys she went to school with I swear! I had no intention of implying anything at all. It was against the rules! But then she asked the obvious question; "Have you ever kissed a girl that way Melody?" What could I do but tell her the truth? I have to be true to myself even at the expense of my own rules. "Yes, lots of times actually." Then came obvious question number two; "Would you think it's ok to show me?" AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Now what??!!??

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A simple question really

I received an e-mail from a friend on babblesex, he asked me very simply "what turns you on?". Well I got to thinking about how to answer that question and I remembered a wonderful afternoon not too very long ago that turned me on quite a bit, so I told him the story.

In the telling of the story I got well, turned on and I had to slip my fingers into my pussy and make myself happy just remembering what had happened. Yum!

I decided that if an email could get me turned on enough to just stop what I was doing and masturbate like mad then it was probably a good enough story to share with my friends on line. You tell me, here's the e-mail as I sent it to my friend...

"Hmm, what turns me on? Well, of course there is no simple answer to that question. Lots of things.

Soft music, good food, good friends are all things that turn me on. But if you want to know what makes my pussy wet and my skin tingle then it's even harder.

For instance, I was working one afternoon not long ago in the barn. Now I should tell you here if you don't know already that I am a life long nudist. I go naked more days than I dress, even when working the horses. So the feel of being naked is not the novelty to me that it is for most folks.

So I'm in the barn working one day brushing one of the horses and I am standing on a small step so I can reach her neck, but I must still lean against the horse to reach all the way up her withers. (I am only 5'3" by the way.)

Well the feel of the horse's skin pressing against my mound and my tits suddenly got me all hot and tingly. Now I have felt the horse against me a million times, but this time it just started pushing all the right buttons. I pressed more firmly against the animal and sort of raised my self on my toes and then down and up and down...

I was aching! So I sat down right there in the barn, with the horse still tied right there and began massaging my lips making sure I didn't touch my clit, that will finish it for me in seconds, I wanted to feel this for a while!

I was there like 10 or 15 minutes, eyes closed legs spread as wide as I could get them open, rubbing my self silly when I felt that urge building inside me, I needed to release it, I needed to cum!

I slipped two fingers into my very damp pussy and let my thumb find my clit, BANG! I convulsed once as it hit me and I squirted hard, it probably would have gone 6 or 7 feet but the horse was standing there, she took the brunt of my orgasm all down her side. I squirted 3 or 4 more times and then that feeling ebbed away.

I love the warm flush I get just after I cum hard like that, and because of how I am constructed of because I have been a sex slut all of my life I can have that feeling a lot every day!

So to answer your question better I guess I never know what's going to turn me on. There are for sure some things that work every time, like having my ears kissed or my hair washed, but others, it a toss up.

Does that help at all? Excuse me now I am going to go finger myself silly real quick, telling you about that has got me going..."

And fulfilling a promise to a terrific fan of my blog here are some pictures to add to the mood.