Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank the gods for small vibrating toys!

I received a rather special gift while we were in the hospital from my lovely lover Kim, it is a small wireless vib toy from a company called Lelo. Kim thought it might come in handy given my limited mobility and as usual, she was right on the money about this!

I mean this little heaven maker is absolutely quiet unless it's turned up to max and I don't think I could I stand up if it were turned up to max if you take my meaning.

I had been using it right there in the hospital and the nurse came in to take my vitals and I was near to climaxing! Well you can imagine the look on her face when she took my pulse, she never said exactly but you could tell she wasn't ready for my pulse to be that "elevated". Naturally we had to tell her the cause of the anomaly and Kim turned it off then smooth as you please reached under my hospital nighty and withdrew our little purple friend. She wiped it clean and handed it to my nurse.

She was looking at it and asking questions when Kim turned it on in her hand and began to play with the settings. Natalie's eyes went wide and she got this conspiratorial smile on her face and she said "I have to have on of these!" When Kim told her where she had bought it she knew exactly where the store was and added that she had been there lots of times.

We ended up trading e-mail addresses and I have received an e-mail from her every day this week. Today she even went so far as to tell me she had gone out and purchased a toy just like mine and could not wait until arriving home to try it out! Apparently she got into her car after leaving the store, and slipped the egg into her apparently already wet pussy. She then proceeded to try and drive home. Well thankfully she wised up before having a thunderous orgasm while actually driving! She pulled into a shopping center parking lot to let things take their course. Twice!

After that initial experience she vowed never to use it again except when safely at home or with someone else  to supervise. Yes, this toy is THAT good! Beats my old silver egg all to hell! Tell your wife, your girlfriends, your sisters and you Mom! They ALL will want to have this miracle of modern technology!

(I looked at the manufacturer website and I couldn't find it there! Imagine! However, Eden Fantasys has a great page and a very thorough video review as well, check it out!)

And yes, she and I have already made arrangements for a "date" for when my shoulder isn't quite so painful anymore.


  1. sigh....i wish i had your email id. I have a crush on your blog. Weird? ;)

    1. Well I don't think it's weird dear, and you can have my e-mail address. It's I had thought it was in my profile, but it might not be. I'll look.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you.