Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Special (Part 2)

So I was laying there pressed firmly against my Kansas ranch owner's chest, his soft, recently sucked dry cock in my hand just loving the feeling of it when I noticed again that I was still completely dressed! I asked him if he would like to see the rest of my "seat" and he laughed a very genuine (and in my mind a very sexy) laugh and said he would very much like that.

I stood up and he kept a hand on me as I stood, his palm moving to another part of my body as I stood and began to turn. He had a rather alarmed look on his face and asked me if I was alright. Now I felt very fine indeed having just enjoyed a large wonderful load of man cum and was confused by this question. He simply glanced down at me and started to be embarrassed, so I looked down. My jodhpurs were soaked from my crotch to my knees and so I began to giggle. I told him "Think of this as a compliment honey, that's how much I enjoy being kissed by you" and I smiled at him.

"That's all from your pussy?" he asked me in a rather surprised tone and I had to say sure it is, and I told him about my hyper-sensitive clitoris and the fact I squirt like a fire hose. He raised his eyebrow at me in a "really?" sort of way so I asked him if he wanted me to show him what I was talking about. Well can we guess what his answer was to this question? Exactly right, he said yes he would.

So I sat him down on the bed and I began stripping off. (Finally!) He helped me out of my boots, (boot jacks scratch so I don't like to use them), and he said he was surprised that I had nothing on under my riding clothes and I told him that panties ruin the look of my pants and the shirt won't allow a bra in any case since the back is completely open.

I did a little dance in front of him to get his approval, he touched the scars on my left side but said nothing about them, smiled at me and told me he thought I was very pretty. (Always a good way to make me horny, I guess I am more vain than I care to admit.) I took a toy out of my travel bag, a yummy little device that resembles a wand with a bulge at one end and sat directly across from him and put my feet up on either side of him. He now had an unfettered view of my naked, smooth shaved pussy and leaned back a little in my chair.

Before I turned my toy on I tossed him a towel out of my bag as well saying that he might need it. I spread my already moist lips apart and slipped a finger inside just to get the juices flowing. Flipped the toy on and began to rub the gently buzzing head all around the outside of my labia. I slipped the head inside my pussy and drew little circles just inside myself and the flood began almost at once.

He told me he had never seen a woman masturbate before and he was fascinated, but it was clear that he had never seen so much liquid come from any pussy any where. (Someone told me once that this was a weird biological feature and that I should see a doctor about it but I say fuck that! I like my puddles!) I told him it was normal for me to make lots and lots of lube and not to fret.

It was not long before I was lost in that oh so familiar feeling I have when pleasing myself and I leaned back and allowed myself to to just go with the feeling. In a few minutes I arched and squirted right towards him! I got him wet to be sure but it wasn't a huge orgasm.

The plus side of it all though was when I opened my eyes again he was laughing and stroking himself. His cock was very firm actually, I was really surprised so I did what any red blooded American girl would do, I went over and sat on his cock!

I had his cock inside me so fast I think even he was startled. but I just rocked back and forth letting his hard member fill my pussy up. I rocked and twisted my ass and sort of ground my dripping wet pussy on to his manhood, I knew he wasn't going to last long so I just kept rubbing my clit against him while I made sure to keep him deep inside my pussy.

It never takes very long for me to reach an orgasm to begin with, but riding him this way got me there almost at once! I gasped and there was my messy orgasm all at once. (I'm glad there isn't anything that be ruined by getting wet in the trailer!) It was wonderful and I just kept rocking back and forth on his steel, getting him wet from the cock on down.

It took a few more minutes of rocking and twisting and moaning and squirting before he finally came again, filling me up with warm slippery man cum. This is a lovely feeling but when I have cum this hard I am not keeping anything inside me at this point and as soon as he got a bit soft he slipped out of my soaking wet cum filled kitty.

I sat there on his lap, my arms wrapped around his neck, our mixed juices flowing out of me and running down his leg and making a puddle on the floor for maybe 10 minutes.

He finally said that he wanted me to come to dinner with him, so we got up and I cleaned him and myself off and got dressed. He said that a person was meeting us about buying a couple of horses but that we'd go to dinner right afterwards. I was OK with that since it has happened to me before when having dinner with my boss, business first. No biggie.

We walked in to the restaurant a few minutes later and his buyer was already there having a drink and waiting for us. I nearly fainted! (Are you there already? Have you guessed?) Yes, my boss is sitting there waiting for us, big grin on her face. "Nice dress Melody" she says all relaxed and comfy like. I was speechless for a moment then I turned to him and said "You might have told me it was her." I mean really, I was all nervous not wanting to mess up his deal and all.

So, I had some seriously wet and cozy sex AND I get two new horses to train. Turns out to be a nice way to end a weekend.

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