Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Special - Part 1

Well I had a nice weekend to be sure! We had a horse show in Sacramento, CA over the weekend and while it wasn't a long way from home it was far enough!

I actually rode in this one so it was a no blue jeans weekend during the show for me. I had to wear my best patch pants and my knee high boots, and my boss bought me a new stretchy shirt that is a beautiful blue and completely covered in sequins! It is awesome, thanks boss!

Picture this if you will, black knee high boots, very shiny too I love my boots! Tan riding pants with great leather patches inside the thighs, this wonderful new shirt and my black riding helmet. At the risk of sounding vain, I thought I was a pretty fair looking competitor all things considered.

I rode two days out of three and actually got a third place in my class and some important points for my boss!

After my first ride I was standing by the rail watching the rest of the group and was approached by an older man from a ranch (he said) in Kansas. Asked me all sorts of questions like he was going to offer me a job. Well I told him I was sorry but I wasn't looking to change employers just now and he was sort of put out. You know how people can be when they think they are the center of things and you show them they're not.

So he tipped his hat (Yes people still do that in the horse world) and went about his business.

Later on when I rode my second and third passes I noticed him both times by the rail where we leave the arena. I figured he was watching other girls like he said he was watching me. Well after my last ride I saw him in the barn while I was brushing out the horse I rode, he was leaning against the wall and obviously watching me.

I flushed actually. I was amazed this guy didn't have some major bimbo on his arm. He was very good looking, tall, a bit grey, lean. The sort you find with some vacuous siliconed vaginal life support system next to him. So I was flattered. I finished what I was doing, picked up my saddle and walked right over to him.

"Hi" (Isn't that a great line?) "What are you watching?" He said he thought that it had been obvious what he was looking at but I am not above fishing for a compliment. He said "You have a nice seat" talking about the way I sit in the saddle, I guess he was trying to be polite and not too forward. I said "Thanks, you should see the rest of me sometime." (I don't know, was I being a bit obvious?) I said, "Walk with me, I'll show you."

Now I think I had his attention at this point but I can't exactly be sure. ;) He walked with me though. We went back to the trailer where I put my saddle and bridle and other assorted stuff away, locked the back and turned to him with a totally straight face and said "So, what do you think we should do now?" (Yeah, I was being obvious.)

He actually sort of stammered, it was so cute, and he said that maybe we could get a drink or something to eat. I took his hand, smiled at him and lead him over to the steps of the trailer. I went up two steps turned around so I could look him in the eyes more or less and kissed him! It wasn't a little peck, just sort of softly sucking on his lips, it was quick. He looked at me afterwards then he kissed me, a fully involved, spit swapping, tongue wrestling, melt your toes and dampen your panties kind of kiss! He fell right into it too. Oh my he kissed good! I was properly breathless.

I had moved closer to him and was holding him as tightly as I could without breaking something. He was practically holding me in the air while he kissed me. (Have I mentioned that I am not a tall girl?) I asked him if he would like to come inside, meaning the trailer and he said yes, more than once. Clever I thought, I like that.

The moment He had closed the door behind him I had his shirt off of him and was working on his belt. He chuckled and asked if I were in a rush to get someplace to which I replied "Yes I am and you're taking me there!" He just smiled. He had no idea that it had been more than a month since I had a real, honest to goodness man to play with and also no idea that I had been fingering myself silly 6 times a day for two straight weeks! I was ready to feel a real cock.

He let me strip him completely, he wore bikini panties that were patterned, they were pretty but I was after what they contained, so off they came in one motion! Very nice. He had a lovely hard penis, not a monster of porn type cock but not the willie of a cold 13 year old either. Just a nice honest sized man that was ready to meet me. I kissed him again, it was either a moment or an hour I can't really be sure. Once I regained my composure a bit I kissed his cheek, and his chest (several times actually. A strong chest with salt and pepper hair.) his belly, and then I moved to the side and kissed that space above his dick that was covered by a soft mat of dark hair. (You know the spot don't you?)

I let my fingers trace down his legs on the outside, then I used my nails and softly came up the inside of his thighs almost touching his manhood but not quite. I don't know what was in his mind, but taking my time like this was driving me crazy! And I was still dressed! After a bit I came to the top of his thighs with my nails and then softly cupped his balls in my left hand. Soft hair and skin, and they moved slightly to the touch. My right hand I drew across the length of his penis, at the tip I again used my nails to trace the tip then went down to his balls again.

When I finally closed my right hand around his cock I heard him breath deeply, so I slowly stroked him a few times top to bottom, covering the tip completely with my hand at the top and pressing down against his balls at the bottom of each stroke. Then I just swallowed his whole dick into my mouth, closed my lips around it and sucked. My nose was in his soft hairs, my hands cupping his balls so gently and I slowly began to slide up his cock until the tip came out of my mouth and I was only kissing the tip. Then I took a breath and slowly went back down, licking with my tongue as his hard cock slid back down my throat.

I was coming back up the second time when I heard him gasp, felt his balls contract in my hand then begin to pulse when I felt the first jets of warm sweet cum filling my mouth! But I had to take a breath so I continued up until only the tip of his dick was in my mouth. A quick breath but when I opened my mouth he squirted again before I could swallow his first so it spilled out of my mouth and onto my new sequined shirt. I swallowed hard! I gave his balls another squeeze and more lovely man juice was my reward! I was able to keep up with it though and wasted no more of his precious juice on my clothes.

I sucked and massaged him for some time until his cock became soft and limp in my mouth and no more cum could be milked from his tired manhood. With it still in my mouth I squeezed his ass with one hand and his balls with the other, I licked his cock clean of his cum then pressed my face against him, my nose near his meat, and gave him a mighty hug.

(The rest of this story is for another post.)


  1. OMG why are you so far away Mel? you are an answer to a man's prayer. I am missing you in yahoo hun. Love Pete

    1. Thanks Pete sweetie. You're a doll for sure. I hope you have a good time with this and Part 2 of this story as well.