Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Quick One

It has been a wonderful week since our show in Sacramento, the weather has been gorgeous beyond words, I have been naked now for almost 3 straight days! I just love it.

I was in the barn earlier and just was overcome with a wave of, well I don't know what to call it. I was working and singing and thinking about this past weekend and all of the sudden my palms were damp, I felt flushed and a very familiar tingle was running around between my legs.

I have often wondered if that is how guys feel when they get a hard on for no reason at all. But suddenly I had to do something about this feeling.

I was leaning against a stall and rubbing the heel of my hand over my pussy before I even knew what was happening. This gives me a bit of a tickle that makes me get all goose bumpy. I flash warm and almost every inch of me becomes damp, except for a few very important inches between my legs, they become very wet indeed!

The pressure of my hand on my mound makes my clit stand up and take notice. My fingers just naturally roam to the wettest spot they can find and begin doing things on their own. Five or six minutes later I was squealing and squirting on the barn floor, not even aware of why. (Don't you just love giving your self over to absolute pleasure?)

Oh my that was fun!


  1. Yes Mel love you are right on the ball as to how it feels when you get an unexplainable "hard-on" and just have to take it in hand so I know just how you felt. As you know I go naked all the time, Australian weather being very conducive to this and often find myself in a similar situation of before I know what I am doing finding my hand working on my growing staff until the moment of explosion and absolute pleasure kicks in. Love Pete

  2. Are you ever afraid of getting caught?

    1. No, not in a place like this. But out in the world when I'm masturbating under a table or touching someone else in a public place, yeah there is a bit of fear about being caught. Adds to the thrill really.