Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Lovely Sunny Day

I have been working my biscuits off lately so I figured I needed a little break yesterday just to sit back with a beer or two and soak up this beautiful weather. I have been seeing a lot of my friend Kim recently and she has been really a sport when it comes to working here in my world of horses and sweat and dirt. She always laughs at me when I have to stop and put on clothes to move hay bales or bags of feed and then strip off again as soon as the dirty work is done.

This place is really a god send for someone like me that prefers to leave my clothes in the closet. And the past few days have been awesome weather wise. My nipples only getting hard now when Kim would kiss them or I would tease them instead of because it was friggin' cold! ;)

Kim has been helping me with the horses during the day and with my orgasms afterwards and it has been a lot of fun to have another naked body around all day to talk to and rub against. I think she was startled when she found out that I actually do work in the nude, I think she thought I was exaggerating or something, well she knows better now!

Yesterday we decided to knock off early and go sit by the pool with a cold beer or two and just enjoy the open air on our naked bodies. We were mid way through our 3rd beer when someone walked out of the house and on to the deck we were basking on with our beers. "Good afternoon Melody, who is your friend?" I hear behind us, I spun around in my chair so fast I almost gave my self whiplash! I was relieved immediately though, it was Mrs. ******, my boss and the lady that owns the ranch where I live and work.

"Oh hi ******, this is my friend Kim, she the one who called while we were in Texas." Which got a smile and a nod towards Kim, "Nice to meet you Kim." I was concerned that the family was with her so I made to put something on and she told me not to bother and that she was alone. Kim was kind of nervous but handling the sudden appearance of my boss while lying naked by her pool fairly well. She said she was planning on being there for a few days and asked if her horse was ready to practice a bit. Of course she knew that she would be, I mean after all, that is the whole reason I live here. She told Kim to just relax and enjoy the sun and went back into the house.

Kim started giggling after ****** went back inside and said she nearly wet her self when she saw who it was. (Kim had never met her before but I have several pictures of ****** in my place of her and her horses so she knew what she looked like, well and the picture I have included here is part of my own screensaver. <evil grin>) Kim had finally calmed down again and was again prone in the sunshine on her tummy sunning her pretty bottom when the door opened again and out comes ****** with a tray, 2 beers for Kim and I and a scotch rock for herself and she is completely naked! I loved it!

"Mind if I join you?" so nice and casual, I chuckled and said "It is your house ******." Kim was going mildly nuts but I kept her calm as ****** gave us our beers and pulled up a chaise next to me and simply said "I have been waiting to be able to do this Mel, I'm glad you two were here today." "Any time at all ******. I will join you when ever you want to relax."

Well we sat there sunning ourselves, rubbing each other down to prevent the evil sunburn, drinking and chatting like three old friends. I know it was a major step for ******, first to be naked in front of someone other than me, second to be willing to actually rub lotion on two totally naked women, one a complete stranger and third, to spend that much time just relaxing and giving herself over to pleasure. She's a very busy type of person as you might imagine. She joined me today in nudity today in the barn as we groomed and worked the horses, she said a little while ago how nice it was to be able to be naked with me while we worked. (I was so flattered.)

We got dressed and had dinner in town together tonight and she talked and talked, asking me questions about what it has been like living as a nudist, growing up that way, that sort of thing. We didn't talk about sex at all but that is probably the next thing she'll ask me about I think. I hope so, I'd love to talk to her about it. She's going to be here until Monday when she has to go to New York for something or other, Saratoga I think she said. She asked me if I was comfortable having her working in the nude with me, which I totally am of course, so she is going to join me in the morning post feeding time and we will be nude again. I am looking forward to it so much that I am suffering from "squishy thigh syndrome" I'll have to go take care of that right now...

Doesn't she have GREAT legs? You should see her naked! I am hoping that she'll let me use her camera to take some pictures of her, she really is beautiful, and 55 years old too! Wow!

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