Monday, April 9, 2012

Stopped for Fuel

We've stopped for gas and to give the horses a break from driving near Needles, CA so I thought I'd share a little something with my cyber-friends. In Flagstaff this morning before I started driving I thought I would try a little game. I have a pair of "exercise" balls for doing kegel exercises with, (and they work beautifully for that as well) but serve also as an awesome sexual toy. BenWa Balls is the common name for them. Every woman needs a pair of these little gems in her toy box!

In case you don't know about them, you insert them fully into your vagina while standing and practice gripping on to them with the muscles around your vagina. OK, but if you insert them while sitting and rock gently back and forth, Oh My! Well I got it into my blonde brain this morning that the motion of the truck on the highway might make these babies sing. BAD idea!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, it felt exquisite, but I was driving! After only a few minutes on the road I was forced to pull over. I got into the trailer so I could strip off and takes things out before I killed someone! Well of course my jean have a wet spot on them so large it looks like I pissed myself, so I hesitated, masturbated myself to an acceptable orgasm and changed pants. (giggle, I have to go panty-less now because I have no more clean panties. Oh, what a shame! Naked pussy on denim! Yum!!)

I got back in the truck and started it up when I noticed my ass was cold. Damn it! I got back out of the truck, went and got a towel to sit on, and then got back in the truck. Yup, the seat was soaking wet! Moral of the story, DON'T MASTURBATE WHILE DRIVING!!! (Actually seems pretty obvious huh?)

So I've had a bite to eat, horses are fed, watered and happy and I have told you all my little tale so it is back on the road for me. Another 6 or 7 hours I think to Fresno and I'll camp there. Then tomorrow just a short drive and we'll be home! Yeah!!


  1. LOL Brings back memories Mel! I used to get great joy in driving my car with no pants on and masturbate while driving along the highway and of course when I came alongside a tour bus or coach I always made sure I slowed down alongside giving the ladies sitting up a lot higher in the bus plenty of opportunity to look down into the car to see what I was doing....Very erotic!!!

  2. Why Pete, you dirty old man you! I love it!